Why Are Espresso Machines Expensive? (The 3 Reasons)

Last Updated on January 3, 2022 by John Moretti

As a fellow coffee enthusiast, I find it very important to make the perfect cup of coffee when my day starts. Part of this is having an espresso machine that works well and won’t let me down. However, espresso machines are usually quite expensive, and you may be tempted instead to go out and buy your fix for the day. 

The main reason why espresso machines are expensive is the high-quality materials that they are manufactured from. These materials are usually stainless steel, metal, or brass. Other aspects such as the proper high-quality equipment also contribute to the cost of these specific coffee machines. 

An investment in an expensive espresso machine may be of interest to all those who value a perfect cup of coffee. Essentially, better espresso machines can better capture the taste and aroma of good-quality coffee beans. 

why are espresso machines so expensive

3 Features That Make Espresso Machines Expensive 

There are 3 main features that add to the cost of espresso machines

1. Quality of the materials

The quality of the materials that the espresso machine is made up of contributes a great deal to the expensive nature of the machine. The materials are typically stainless steel, metal, and brass. 

These materials are essential to use as they are what cause as they facilitate the optimum brewing of coffee and also ensure the longevity of the apparatus. 

2. Temperature adjustment and stability

The temperature is an essential feature in making a good cup of espresso. It must be stable and be in the correct range (approximately 195 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit). Hence, the quality of the equipment that is responsible for temperature stability must be high, for example, the boiler. 

This will ensure the material’s longevity, which is exposed to high temperatures at a daily rate. A temperature regulator is a feature that you can now adjust. This is important for good espresso because coffee brewed at a too high temperature will lose its flavor and burn the coffee, whereas too cold water will produce a weak, watery coffee. 

Another advantage of controlling the temperature is that you would be able to make many espressos simultaneously. This is useful if you have company so that everyone can enjoy their coffee together. 

3. Pressure and profiling

Constant pressure, within certain limits, is an essential function of a good espresso machine. The pressure stat must be of good quality for the pressure to stay constant. In more expensive models, this is a feature that you can control by selecting your own pressure, monitored by a pressure gauge.

This is, of course, only possible with better technology – hence the price hike.  The pressure will provide you with the richness and crema of coffee that coffee enthusiasts know to be one of the most important aspects of espresso. 

Some additional features that affect the cost of espresso machines are the brand names of the machines, the continuous research and development that go into improving the equipment and having a digital display. 

The digital display helps tremendously with several functions, such as cleaning programs, maintaining temperature stability, timers, and diagnostics. Some well-known brands include Nuova Simonelli, Rancilio and La Marzocco. 

Adding to the fact that most espresso machines are handmade, it makes sense that they are so expensive. Not only are you paying for the high-quality materials, but also the lengthy and detailed process of making them. 

How Much Do Espresso Machines Cost?

espresso machine cost

Concerning the price of the machine, there is considerable diversity among. On average, simpler models of espresso machines can range anything from 150 to 600 dollars. 

However, if you want to look into the more expensive ones, it would be 1200 dollars and up. These are also more popular, most likely due to the quality of coffee they can produce and the durability of the actual equipment. If you want to splurge, then 2000 dollars would have to be in your budget.  

Although these machines are expensive, it is important to realize that the product gives you the possibility of creating a perfect coffee cup. Other variables also play a role, such as the quality of the beans.  

This is probably contrary to a cheaper machine, which could potentially cost you even more if something breaks or you need more regular maintenance. 

Do Espresso Machines Require A Lot Of Maintenance?

espresso machine maintance

Espresso machines do require some maintenance. Just like any complex machinery, regular maintenance is an integral part of making sure your machine lasts longer, and your coffee tastes fresh every day. 

Fortunately, the maintenance and care process is not too complex, and after a few times, you will be able to do it quickly. It is essential to use good quality filtered water, as poorer quality causes build-up, which can be difficult to clean down the line. 

Also, make sure to clean the group head (the part where the ground coffee goes) and the steam wand as any coffee or milk leftover will cause build-up. This build-up will most likely affect the taste of the coffee.

Typically, an espresso machine will alert you when it requires more in-depth maintenance. This is great, especially for those that do not know much about the equipment and when it would need servicing. 

Should You Buy An Espresso Machine?

home espresso machine

Many coffee lovers firmly believe that only a machine can make a good espresso instead of other coffee makers. Considering the high one-off cost, you may wonder whether spending a lot of money and buying a home espresso machine is worth it. You may also consider buying a used espresso machine.

If you take care of the equipment and machinery, purchasing an espresso machine would undoubtedly be worth it. There would be many joyful cups of coffee awaiting you in the future.  

If you are a coffee enthusiast and take pride in making your own coffee, especially experimenting with coffee, then your espresso machine is the way to go. It’s also possible that you may save in the long run by making coffee at home rather than spending money on overpriced coffees at your nearest café.  

Advantages Of Buying An Espresso Machine 

making espresso at home

If you don’t have plenty of time to brew and enjoy your morning coffee, then an espresso machine may be perfect for you. Espresso machines are usually relatively easy to use once you learn how, and the whole process can take a few minutes, and the actual espresso is made in only 15 seconds. 

Some more advanced espresso machine models can make different types of coffees, which could better suit the needs of your family and friends. You can play around with the specific recipe you want, including the strength of the coffee, how much, and temperature. 


In general, espresso machines are expensive due to the quality materials used to manufacture them. These materials, usually stainless steel, brass, and metal, are required to create the ideal conditions to make the perfect cup of coffee. 

You may want to invest in a more expensive espresso machine for various reasons. Either you want to enjoy good coffee and perhaps learn a little bit more about the process, or you want to save some time and have a reliable coffee maker whenever you need it.