Can You Make Whipped Coffee Without Instant Coffee? (Steps)

Last Updated on May 21, 2022 by John Moretti

Whipped coffee, also known as Dalgona, is a coffee drink that has been trending as of late. Whipped coffee is a mixture of coffee and sugar whipped to a mousse-like consistency and served over a glass of cold milk. Dalgona is traditionally made with instant coffee. However, as many people don’t like the taste of instant coffee, a question has arisen, can you make whipped coffee without instant coffee?

You can make whipped coffee without using instant coffee. The key to getting whipped coffee lies in the sugar to coffee ratio. The coffee to sugar to water ratio should be 1:1:1. Therefore, you can use brewed coffee or espresso to make whipped coffee.  

Suppose you have never attempted to make whipped coffee before. In that case, you might be wondering how it is made, what utensils you need, and if you can substitute any other ingredients in the recipe. We are here to answer those questions. This article discusses the method for making whipped coffee without instant coffee and what substitutes you can use for any ingredients. 

whipped coffee without instant coffee

Making Whipped Coffee Without Instant Coffee

Although the Korean Dalgona has taken the world by storm, many other countries have a form of whipped coffee, such as South America, Greece, and India. Whipped coffee goes by many names, but the recipe is mostly the same in all countries. Whip instant coffee, hot water, and sugar together until the mixture forms soft peaks, and serve it over cold milk.

However, as many people don’t like instant coffee, the question of whether you can substitute brewed coffee for instant coffee when making whipped coffee has arisen. After being tested by various bloggers, YouTubers, and coffee enthusiasts, the answer is – Yes! You can substitute brewed coffee for instant coffee when making whipped coffee. 

The key to getting perfectly whipped coffee lies in the sugar content. As the coffee mixture is whipped, the sugar granules dissolve, which gives the mixture shape. The same principle applies when making a meringue. 

Instant Whipped Coffee

To make the perfect whipped coffee, you must use equal parts coffee and sugar. Although this seems like a lot, you cannot reduce the sugar content, or the coffee will not whip properly. However, there are ways to make the coffee less sweet, as discussed later in this article. 

Instant Coffee Substitutes for Whipped Coffee

Now, you might be wondering what coffee you can use to substitute instant coffee when making whipped coffee. Fortunately, many coffee makers have tried and tested this, and there is a definitive answer. So here are the substitutions for instant coffee when making whipped coffee.

Never use freshly ground coffee beans to make whipped coffee. The result will be bitter and have a grainy texture. In addition, if you don’t like a bitter taste, don’t use strong coffee, as the whipped coffee will have an intense flavor. 

Utensils to Make Whipped Coffee

Apart from coffee and granulated sugar, you will need the following utensils to make whipped coffee.

  • A medium-sized mixing bowl
  • A handheld mixer
  • A spoon
  • A glass

Although it is possible to make whipped coffee using a fork or whisk, it will take incredibly long to get meringue-like peaks when mixing by hand. Therefore, it is recommended that you use an electric hand mixer for this process. It should take about five to eight minutes of continuous mixing to get the best consistency. 

The 4 Steps To Make Whipped Coffee

Whipping Coffee Foam

Once you have gathered the ingredients and utensils, you can make the whipped coffee. Ensure the coffee is at room temperature, or the sugar will melt, and the coffee will not whip properly. This is how you make whipped coffee:

  1. Place equal parts coffee and sugar into a medium mixing bowl. Don’t use a small bowl or mug as the mixture expands when whipped.
  2. Whip the mixture until soft peaks form with a handheld mixer. This should take about five to eight minutes. Move the mixer in a zig-zag motion.
  3. Fill a glass about three-quarters of the way with cold milk. You can use hot milk for a warm beverage or add ice cubes to make an iced coffee. Use a clear glass for a more aesthetically pleasing drink.
  4. Use a spoon to scoop the whipped coffee mixture onto the milk. Before drinking, stir the mixture thoroughly through the milk, and enjoy!

Tips For Making Perfect Whipped Coffee

Honey And Instant Whipped Coffee

Although you should get a good result by following the steps above, there are additional tips you can also follow to improve the taste and texture of your whipped coffee. Here are some tips to make perfect whipped coffee.

  • Use more or less milk. If you prefer a more robust coffee flavor, you can pour less milk into the glass. However, if you like your coffee weaker, add more milk. 
  • Add coffee to the milk. For an even stronger glass of whipped coffee, add an extra shot of espresso to the milk before scooping the whipped coffee on top.
  • The more you mix, the less bitter the coffee will taste. The coffee will continue to get sweeter and less bitter the longer you whip the mixture. Therefore, whip the mixture slightly longer if you don’t like bitter coffee. 
  • Whip the mixture longer for a longer-lasting effect. The more you whip the mixture, the stiffer it will become. Therefore, if you want the whipped coffee to remain aerated for longer, whip it longer than the recommended five to eight minutes. 

Questions About Whipped Coffee

Apart from these tips, people often ask some other questions regarding whipped coffee. To spare you the trouble of doing additional research, we have the answers to these questions below.

Can You Substitute Sugar In Whipped Coffee?

Yes, you can use any granulated sugar substitute. Don’t use liquid sweeteners as they will not have the same effect. However, powdered or granular sweeteners should work fine.

Can You Use Hot Milk In Stead Of Cold Milk?

Yes, you can use hot milk to make a warm whipped coffee. However, the whipped coffee will not hold up when placed over hot milk. You will have a latte effect with some foam on top rather than a mousse-like consistency.

Can You Use Decaffeinated Coffee For Whipped Coffee?

As caffeine doesn’t affect the process, it can be assumed that decaffeinated coffee is an acceptable substitute for regular coffee when making whipped coffee. However, the only way to find out if it will work is to try it. 


Whipped coffee is a popular drink, and many people have tried to make it at home. While some don’t like to use instant coffee, you can rest assured that other coffee, such as brewed coffee or espresso, will work just as well for making whipped coffee. Ensure that the sugar to coffee ratio is correct and use a handheld mixer to create the perfect glass of whipped coffee.