Where To Buy Nespresso Pods? (The 5 Options)

Last Updated on September 16, 2021 by John Moretti

Five Options to Buy Nespresso Pods:

  • Online retailers
  • Amazon.com
  • Several retailers across the country
  • Physical Nespresso boutiques
  • Nespresso Club via Nespresso.com

Acquiring a Nespresso machine to fulfill your caffeine craving is one thing, but knowing where to buy the pods to make our favorite brew is also essential. 

These machines have been increasing in popularity, and the demand for the pods are high, but there are still many sections of the country where purchasing them at a physical outlet might be a bit difficult.

Recently, Nespresso has been setting up boutiques across the country, mainly on the East Coast, so its customers can have an improved experience.  

We did the research for you and have found all the places from retail stores to Amazon to buy your Nespresso pods. This guide includes all you desire to maximize your Nespresso OriginalLine or VertuoLine experience.

Nespresso Club

The Nespresso Club is a group of folks linked by Nespresso ownership, and marketed as “the ideal coffee experience.” You can join the Club for reasons like:

  • Queries about capsules, etc., personalized customer assistance is available.
  • Ordering is simple and convenient via the site, mobile app, or phone.
  • There are a variety of pick-up and delivery choices available.
  • For registered devices, fixes, recommendations, and techniques are available.
  • Invitations and special offers
  • Newest information
  • Nespresso Magazine is a bi-annual coffee magazine published by Nespresso.

What is the difference between a Nespresso boutique and a Nespresso store?

Nespresso systems are about refinement and convenience. To that aim, they have created the notion of “boutiques,” which allow customers to explore and sample Nespresso’s extensive pod selection as well as purchase accessories, espresso machines, and capsules.

Nestle claims that there are roughly 700 Nespresso boutiques worldwide, with 54 locations in the United States. Some are retail stores, while others are simply kiosks. To find one near you, use Nespresso’s boutique locator.

Retailers Who Work With Nespresso

We can purchase Nespresso pods from authorized partner stores in addition to boutiques. There are thousands of retail options across the country, like Dillard’s, Macy’s, and Bed Bath & Beyond.

Options Available on the Internet

There are several locations to buy Nespresso pods online, but Amazon has the best prices. The following are the best-selling pods on the internet’s largest shop right now.

Capsules that Nespresso doesn’t make

Capsules from the Nespresso brand aren’t the only option. Using a third-party pod, including some from the following sellers, can save you up to 40¢ per serving (far over 100 dollars per year).

Nespresso does not promote any of the following pod suggestions, and they are only compatible with the OriginalLine espresso machines.

  • Caffesso
  • Jones Brothers Coffee
  • Gourmesso 
  • HiLine Coffee 

We can purchase Nespresso at a discount. Even if you choose one of the non-Nespresso capsule makers listed above, ground coffee is still the cheapest option.

Espresso has a technology that allows customers to replace a pod with their ground or pre-ground coffee for a fraction of the cost.

Reusable Pods at a Low Cost (OriginalLine)

The reusable, refillable Nespresso capsules are for sale on Amazon. These capsules are exclusively compatible with Nespresso OriginalLine machines, and they come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages:

Advantages of Reusable Pods

  • Please choose your favorite coffee, whole bean or pre-ground, and reuse it to save money.
  • It includes a scooper that can also act as a tamper.

The Drawbacks of Reusable Pods

  • I am trying to get all of the moist grounds out of the pod after extraction is time-consuming.
  • To make matters worse, the brush that comes with it is of poor quality and has frayed bristles.
  • Because the capsule must be smaller than a single-use capsule by design, it can only store so much coffee.

You should assess the benefits and draw your conclusions, but I recommend giving them a shot.

The “Make Your Own” reusable capsule kit is available for users of the VertuoLine machine with a high Amazon rating.

Reusable premium pods (OriginalLine)

You can also try Sealpod’s Stainless Steel reusable pod for OriginalLine machines, which is similar in idea to the cheap reusable pods above.

For a 40 dollar investment, you only receive two stainless steel pods, but it’s unquestionably a better-performing product. A 5-pod package is also available for a higher price but a reduced per-pod expenditure.

The kit also includes 100 foil lids for resealing the stainless steel pods, and we can purchase more foil lids for roughly 12¢ each.

Foil Lids That are Resealable (VertuoLine)

There is still a prospect for VertuoLine equipment owners! My-Cap manufactures reusable VertuoLine compatible filters and foils for pods already used.

It isn’t a reusable pod that you can fill with whichever coffee you like. You must have already used a VertuoLine capsule, which you can then refill and reseal for multiple usages. 

Also, the business recommends that you utilize it right away rather than refilling and storing it for later. These capsules work, and there are testimonials to back it up.

Nespresso VertuoLine vs. OriginalLine

Nespresso manufactures two versions of its coffee machines, comprising the OriginalLine that makes only espresso and the VertuoLine that brews both coffee and espresso. Each espresso machine utilizes distinct capsules.

Difference between the Nespresso Coffee Makers


You can expect to brew as much as a seventeen-ounce-cup-sized coffee from the VertuoLine espresso machines. That is because it has a customizable brewing feature. 

The machine is tech-friendly, with technology designed to scan the capsules. VertuoLine capsules range in price from 90¢ to $1.25 per capsule.

Meanwhile, the VertuoLine capsules are more expensive, and there are no cheaper types or options through third-party companies.

It also utilizes Centrifusion (quick turning) to extract the coffee, uses no pump, and the water temperature for extraction is lower than other machines.


There are five brew sizes available on OriginalLine machines: 3.7-ounce lungo, 1.35-ounce espresso, and 0.85-ounce ristretto. Not all equipment has all three options–most only have the lungo and espresso sizes–however, none of them go higher than a 3.7-ounce lungo.

That isn’t to say that an OriginalLine espresso machine can’t make coffee, just not in the traditional sense, but you can make an Americano.

OriginalLine capsules range in price from 70¢ to 85¢ per capsule.

A Look at Nespresso Pods Effects on the Environment 

Single-serve coffee has been a godsend to coffee lovers looking for convenience, but it has a tremendous environmental impact. So, what should we do to solve the problem?

The best answer is to avoid single-serve pods or capsules and instead buy the reusable pods mentioned above. What are the advantages?

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Daily use is less expensive.
  • You get to choose which coffee you want to use (and how much of it).
  • Why aren’t there more people who do it?

The Ecolaboration Program at Nespresso

With the stated goal of recycling 75% of all capsules sold, Nespresso has possibly the best pod recycling program globally. Customers can put all of their used capsules in specially designed recycling bags and return them to any Nespresso boutique for pickup.

Although the actual recycling takes place in Canada, Nespresso assists its clients in the United States. We can return capsules to any of the following areas, according to Nespresso:

  • Nespresso Boutiques Have Collection Points
  • You’ll find TerraCycle collection points in retail partner locations around the United States.
  • In the continental 48 states, via UPS through Nespresso’s mail-back service.
  • Sur La Table and Williams-Sonoma are two compatible retail partners.

Bottom Line

Now that you know the types of machines and the pods they use, in addition to the five options you have for purchasing Nespresso pods, I do hope you can rest easy knowing that your following pods are just a click or quick drive away.

Don’t forget the cheaper alternatives available and, of course, the importance of utilizing the recycling options. Enjoy!