The 3 Options On What to Do With an Old Espresso Machine (Tips)

Last Updated on April 4, 2022 by John Moretti

So you’ve probably come here after stumbling across your old espresso machine; The presence of cobwebs and dust definitely emphasizes the word ‘old.’ So now what? I’ve gathered some of the top things you can do with an old espresso machine, so you don’t have to. 

You can do many things with an old espresso machine. Selling your espresso machine at a consignment or pawn shop can provide additional money. Also, you can consider donating the espresso machine at your local NPO or trade it in for a newer model or another item.

You can do a lot with an old espresso machine, but figuring out which option works best for you is another story. Continue reading to learn which solutions could be the best match for you.

What To Do With An Old Espresso Machine?

1. Trade-In Your Old Espresso Machine

Okay, so this one’s a bit of a far stretch. Do you recall the story of the man who traded a single red paper clip for a house? If not, let me clarify something – he did not exchange a paper clip for a house. The property owner would be insane to do such a thing. 

Instead, I mean, this man engaged in a series of online trades, which eventually led to him being a proud owner of a two-story farmhouse in Saskatchewan, Canada. For instance, the exchanges consisted of trading a paper clip for a pen, then a pen for a handcrafted door-knob, then a door-knob for a camping stove etc., etc. 

Using Espresso Machine

Sounds too good to be true? Well, it is, as crazy as it sounds. So if you have the grit to do this sort of trade or are looking for something creative to do, this may be an option for you. However, I know that this kind of trade just isn’t for most people. Luckily, other options stay true to the theme of ‘trade.’

For instance, chat with your friends or family to see if they’d be prepared to trade you something in exchange for your espresso machine. You may just end up with something quite interesting as a result. Keep in mind, though, that trades are dependent on the condition of the objects. 

So if your expresso machine is still in good condition or is worth a lot of money, despite its age, be sure to mention this to give it a good sell. Additionally, several stores and establishments will accept your espresso machine as a trade-in. 

Espresso Machine for Home Use

However, in these cases, the deal is to purchase a new item at a reduced price in exchange for your espresso machine. Naturally, these deals also depend on the condition of your espresso machine and what the establishment requires for trade-ins. 

Therefore, make sure you check the requirements thoroughly, as some establishments may accept older equipment while others may not. Likewise, some establishments may accept broken machinery for trade-ins while others may not.

2. Donate Your Old Espresso Machine

Coffee machine donation

An old espresso machine may be a good candidate for donation. Many NPOs and establishments will more than welcome your donation. For instance, you can consider donating it to your nearest Goodwill shop, charity store, or homeless shelter. However, donations are often dependent on the condition of your item. 

Some stores, such as Goodwill, may reject a donation (although they very much appreciate all the donations they receive). This is because donating broken or unusable items often render the items unsellable. As a result, instead of selling your items, the store will now be responsible for disposing of them. 

These extra costs and efforts will take energy away from the store. In any case, if your espresso machine can be easily repaired, like with a torn cord, consider repairing it first before donating. Of course, this solution is only feasible if the repair costs are low. 

However, if you’re willing to invest a little, it might just be worth it. Donating your espresso machine can mean that others can get a taste of coffee bliss in the morning and may aid in cheering up their morning.

Coffee Machine in The Box

As your coffee machine is electrical, you can’t simply throw it in your garbage container. Apart from the fact that it is illegal in many places to dispose of electrical equipment in household rubbish bins, many municipal waste collection systems are not equipped to handle WEEE. 

This is due to the danger posed by large electrical equipment. Many electronic goods contain lithium-ion batteries. When tampered with or crushed, these batteries can explode or create a fire. Additionally, hazardous substances might also leak from electrical equipment, posing a risk to both the environment and human health. 

So, even if it is not unlawful to dispose of electrical equipment in garbage containers in your area, consider disposing of the item in alternative ways.

Many municipalities offer e-waste removal systems that deal with and recycle electronic goods. Additionally, many private companies provide e-waste removal services too. Although, be sure they’re accredited and allowed to handle e-waste disposals and recycling.

3. Sell Your Old Espresso Machine

Coffee machine sale

There are many places to sell your espresso machine. However, your espresso machine needs to be working in order to sell it. Also, the age and condition of the machine will determine how much it is worth. So, if your espresso machine has a lot of dents and is quite old, don’t expect to get a lot of money for it.

You can, however, consider repairing your espresso machine before selling. Making sure your espresso machine is in good operating order and has a good exterior will boost your chances of getting more money for it. You can sell your espresso machine on Craiglist, Facebook Marketplace, or other online sites. 

Be wary of scams, though, and always take caution when dealing with strangers online. Never meet internet buyers alone, or give out personal information unless you have to. Additionally, you can sell your espresso machine at pawn shops or consignment shops. 


Many things can be done with an old espresso machine. However, keep in mind that many of those choices are dependent on the machine’s functionality and condition. Either way, there are surely options that will suit you best.