What Is Gourmet Coffee? (A Quick Guide)

Last Updated on November 16, 2021 by John Moretti

If you’ve ever sat down and enjoyed a cup of coffee from a local artisan coffee store, you’ve had gourmet coffee. Excitingly, an increasing number of us are now able to enjoy specialty coffee. Specialist coffee retailers and artisan coffee shops are now popping up right across the world, and we love it!

Gourmet coffee is coffee that is made with specific, high-quality beans – namely arabica beans. It usually contains added complementary flavors and is made with an extreme amount of dedication and precision. There are various ways you can make your own gourmet coffee.

But what is gourmet coffee, exactly? What makes it different from a bag of coffee beans from the grocery or a cup of coffee from one of the world’s largest coffee chains? Here’s a brief rundown of what gourmet coffee is and how to make it at home.

What Is Considered Gourmet Coffee?

gourmet coffee

The phrase “gourmet coffee” encompasses not just the coffee beans themselves but also all of the components, activities, techniques, and experiences that go into making that particular sort of coffee. 

From bean selection to skillful roasting to adding a distinct flavor to the finished product. Gourmet coffee is the outcome of a multi-step, highly specialized procedure.

Definition Of Gourmet Coffee

Gourmet coffee is coffee that has been made with only the highest quality beans, with the addition of complementary flavors that enhance the scent and flavor of the coffee. 

The real coffee flavor, texture, scent, and stimulant impact are still intact, but with a hint of another flavor, such as mint, chocolate, or nearly any other flavor you can imagine. 

Difference In Coffee Beans

Add to the above the subtle differences in flavor and texture of coffee beans from different areas of the world with different temperatures and elevations, and you have the ultimate gourmet coffee mix. 

Only the highest-quality arabica coffee beans are termed gourmet, and gourmet coffee is made from these beans.

Farming And Roasting Process

It must also be grown, hand-picked, and produced to the highest standards to be considered a gourmet coffee. These requirements include high ethical standards in the areas of labor, agriculture, and the environment, as well as the most rigorous agricultural and production techniques. 

Artisan coffee makers take the roasting process very seriously, as it is both a highly technical and artistic procedure. The particular measures performed are frequently kept a carefully guarded secret. 

The coffee’s flavor and texture must be much better than normal when it comes to the final drink. From the plant to your cup, every step of the coffee’s journey must fulfill exacting criteria. It’s all about quality.

How To Choose The Best Gourmet Coffee Beans

how to choose gourmet coffee

Arabica coffee beans have the most amount of flavor of all the coffee beans. As a result, they’re usually the beans used to make gourmet or specialty coffee. Because the oils inside the coffee beans are the source of the flavor, you should buy them whole rather than pre-ground to receive the full flavor of the gourmet coffee beans. 

These beans begin to lose part of their natural taste as soon as they are taken from the roaster. 

Look for premium coffee beans stored in airtight containers, or better yet, get them unroasted or from local stores that roast their own unique coffee beans. This method will guarantee that you get what you want.

With so many options, it’s easy to become perplexed about whether you should purchase a strong or mild taste. You should be aware that the taste intensity of the coffee bean is simply one factor to consider while brewing a cup of coffee.

What Influences The Flavor Strength Of Gourmet Coffee Beans?

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Gourmet coffee is specifically made to tickle the tastebuds while still giving you your daily caffeine kick. There are a few considerations to take note of when choosing coffee beans, as some things can alter the taste or strength of your coffee.

Amount Of Water Used

The amount of water you use to prepare your coffee is the most important factor in determining whether the coffee is strong or mild. A variety of gourmet coffee beans can have a distinct, powerful flavor. 

As you experiment with different coffee bean varietals, the type of grind can have a direct impact on flavor.

Grinding Process

The distinctive flavor and taste of gourmet specialty coffee are also heavily influenced by the bean grinding process. You’ll also need to use a high-quality coffee maker to brew the coffee. 

As soon as you begin grinding the coffee beans, the flavor begins to fade due to oxidation. It’s critical to utilize freshly ground coffee beans as soon as possible after grinding. This will guarantee that you get the most out of the flavor.

Where Can You Start With Making Your Own Gourmet Coffee?

You can start your gourmet coffee journey by visiting several local artisan coffee shops. Professional baristas will be on hand to assist you. They may suggest the sorts of coffee beans you might like most, as well as the best manner to prepare them to your liking. Some people like milkier coffee beverages like lattes and cappuccinos, while some prefer espresso (a single, powerful dose of black coffee).

After you’ve gained a bit more expertise and figured out the flavors and coffee styles you prefer, you might want to try it at home. 

You’ll need the necessary tools, such as an espresso machine or maker, and you’ll need to buy coffee beans. This is not a decision to make impulsively! Investing in decent coffee-making equipment is a big decision that should be carefully considered.


Gourmet coffee is so much more than your average cup of joe. It’s made with highly specialized tools, perfectly roasted beans, and exotic complementary flavors. You may learn more about this art from experienced baristas at your local artisan coffee shop.

Specialty coffee is a fascinating world, so if you’re just starting to explore this area, know that you’re in for an incredible adventure.