Can You Use Your Own Coffee With Nespresso? (A Quick Guide)

Last Updated on April 23, 2022 by John Moretti

Nespresso coffee machines are convenient, easy to use, simple to maintain and clean, readily available, and offer a wide range of coffee to choose from. These factors are why Nespresso machines are so popular. However, there is a problem with this type of machine – they can only be used with specific coffee pods. Is it possible to use your own coffee with a Nespresso machine?

You can use your own coffee with a Nespresso machine. Refillable and reusable pods are the best way to do this. Reusable pods are available for all Nespresso machine varieties. Other options include using pod refill kits and using compatible pods provided by local coffee roasters.

Using Nespresso pods is one of the most convenient ways to make coffee at home, especially if you prefer espresso-style drinks. Using these pods can get expensive, and some users experience a lack of variety when using Nespresso pods. Let’s learn how to use your own coffee in a Nespresso machine, removing the need to use Nespresso brand coffee pods.

Can You Brew Your Own Coffee In A Nespresso Machine? 

Nespresso machines are among the best home coffee makers out there. These coffee machines are very easy to use, and they produce excellent coffee. The only drawback to using these machines is being forced to use Nespresso-brand coffee pods.

This is particularly true for the Vertuo Nespresso machines, as the pods for this type of machine have a built-in bar code that lets the machine know how to use the pod and if the pod is authentic.

The trouble with being forced into using pods like this is that they are expensive, especially if you use a Nespresso machine as your exclusive long-term coffee maker. Using coffee pods also produces a lot of waste, and the entire Nespresso range is not available in every country, which leaves some Nespresso machine users with a lack of coffee variety.

All of these problems are commonly experienced among Nespresso machine users, and many find themselves wondering if there is a way to brew coffee with a Nespresso machine without using particular Nespresso-brand pods?

The truth is that it is possible to use your own coffee with a Nespresso machine. In fact, there are multiple methods to do so for every type of Nespresso machine. 

Let’s explore the most convenient and cost-effective ways to use your own coffee to brew with Nespresso coffee machines, regardless of the type or range of your Nespresso machine.

Reusable Nespresso Machine Pods

The best way to use your own ground coffee in a Nespresso machine is to invest in reusable Nespresso machine pods. These pods are made by third-party companies, and they are designed to be compatible with the brewing mechanism of Nespresso machines.

There are reusable pods available for every machine in the Nespresso range, including the bar-coded Nespresso Vertuo pods. 

These pods are made from metal or plastic, and they fill well into the machine, aligned with the appropriate holes and brewing mechanisms.

Simple open the empty coffee pod, insert your own ground coffee into the pod, seal it closed, place the pod into the machine, and brew as normal. This process is as simple as using regular Nespresso pods, but it has a few benefits and drawbacks.

Using pods like this means that you reduce waste significantly. Disposable coffee pods are one of the biggest areas of waste in the coffee industry, and using reusable pods reduces this waste significantly.

However, you may find that your coffee tastes a little weaker than when using original Nespresso pods. If this is the case, simply grind your coffee finer, and pack it in tighter. This should bring the brew closer to Nespresso-style espresso.

Reusable pods are slightly more difficult to use, and they can be challenging to clean and maintain, but they will drastically reduce the overall long-term cost of owning and operating a Nespresso machine.

Nespresso Coffee Pod Refill Kits

Another option available to Nespresso machine users is to buy a Nespresso coffee pod refill kit. These kits help increase the lifespan of each individual coffee pod that you use, drastically reducing waste. However, this method does not work for as long as reusable pods, nor does it work as well.

Using a Nespresso coffee pod refill kit is simple. These kits provide resealable tabs to stick onto the pods to reseal them. This allows the used coffee to be removed from original Nespresso pods, fresh ground coffee to be inserted, and the pod to be resealed.

These kits turn standard Nespresso pods into reusable pods, which prevents issues that may be caused by the lack of certain pod features, such as readable barcodes.

Nespresso pods are not designed to be used in this way, which means that they can only be refilled and reused a handful of times before they begin to perish, at which point they must be discarded. 

Using a kit like this is easy, but it does require replacing the resealable tabs, buying new seals when you run out, and buying a set of Nespresso pods to reuse in the first place.

Compatible Coffee Pods

Another way to change the coffee that you can use in a Nespresso machine is to use coffee pods produced by third-party coffee companies that are compatible with Nespresso machines.

This is a good, and very convenient option if you want to use a better coffee variety than that provided by Nespresso, but it is as wasteful as using the original pods.

Nevertheless, if there is a coffee that you really want to brew that is not provided by Nespresso, simply find out if the coffee roaster who produces the coffee has the ability to package the coffee into Nespresso pods.

This is a growing trend among larger coffee roasters, which provides coffee enthusiasts a way to brew coffee from their favorite roastery in a Nespresso machine.

Not all roasters have the ability to pack their coffee into Nespresso compatible pods, but those that do are willing to do so for a fee. 


Using your own coffee in a Nespresso machine is possible. The best way to use your own coffee in a machine like this is to use reusable coffee pods that are compatible with these machines. This type of pod allows you to put your own ground coffee into the machine for brewing. These pods are available for all Nespresso machines.

Finding a way to use your own coffee in a Nespresso machine can be a challenge, but once you find a way that works for you, you may never go back to using disposable Nespresso pods. Take the time to experiment and explore various options, and you will never be disappointed by your Nespresso machine coffee again!