Turkish Coffee Vs. American Coffee (What’s the Difference)

Last Updated on April 3, 2022 by John Moretti

The world of coffee is diverse and beautiful. Every coffee-loving country has its own take on this beloved beverage, and there is nothing that unites people like a good cup of coffee. Two unique styles of coffee that are becoming increasingly popular are Turkish coffee and American coffee, but how do they compare?

Turkish coffee is a small drink that is brewed with very finely ground coffee and spices in a small coffee pot over an open flame. It is very intense, aromatic, and is severed unfiltered. American coffee is drip-brewed and served in large vessels. It is less intense but much easier to drink.

Turkish coffee and American coffee are completely dissimilar in many ways, but they do also share some similarities. These coffee types are both iconic and becoming more and more widespread. Let’s take the time to examine and compare these two types of internationally loved coffee drinks.

Turkish Coffee Vs. American Coffee

What is the Difference Between Turkish and American Coffee?

1. Brewing and Intesity

Turkish coffee is brewed in a small metal pot over an open fire. This coffee is brewed very strong with very finely ground coffee. The coffee grounds are spiced with cardamom, which produces a unique coffee flavor and an intense aroma.

American coffee is typically brewed in a drip coffee maker and produced in very large volumes to be drunk in large quantities. This coffee is weaker than Turkish coffee, much less aromatic, and has less flavor, but it is a much more easy-drinking coffee than Turkish coffee is.

2. Drink size

Comparing these two types of coffee is difficult because they are so different. American coffee is a little weaker but easier to drink and comes in large sizes, while Turkish coffee is smaller but much stronger, spiced, and far more interesting. 

Every aspect of these types of coffee is different. The brew method, the drink size, the coffee grind size, the flavor, the intensity, the aroma, and even the cup that these coffee types are served in are all different.

However, both of these coffee types are very enjoyable, and each has its own place in the international coffee community.

Closer Look at Turkish Coffee

Turkish Coffee

In all the world of coffee, there is nothing quite like Turkish coffee. This drink is internationally renowned for its unique brewing method and the intense flavor of this type of coffee.

This style of coffee is very old, and there are traditional and modern brew methods and recipes, but they are all iterations of the iconic Turkish coffee.

Turkish coffee is a small, strong coffee that is brewed with very finely ground coffee, even finer than that used for espresso. This coffee is brewed in a small brewing pot called a cezve and served without filtering the coffee.

This coffee is traditionally spiced with cardamom seeds ground with the coffee beans. This gives the coffee a very strong and very unique flavor. This coffee is aromatic and intense, but it is a flavor experience unlike any other.

Turkish Coffee Brewing

Brewing this coffee is done over an open flame. Ground coffee is added to the single-serving cezve coffee pot, and warm water is poured in. the opt is placed over an open flame, and the coffee is brewed until almost boiling.

Just as the coffee begins to boil, it is removed from the flame and poured into a ceramic cup for drinking. The ground coffee is poured into the cup along with the drink, and the coffee is only drunk when the grounds have completely settled to the bottom of the cup. 

This drink is usually served with something sweet to eat and is enjoyed throughout the day. Turkish coffee can be served with sugar is not typically served with any additives.

Closer Look at American Coffee

American Coffee

American coffee is likely more well known throughout the world than Turkish coffee. This style of coffee defines many coffee drinkers’ perception of the beverage and is the standard in many places.

The coffee that is generally considered to be American coffee is drip filter coffee. This coffee is the standard all over America and many other countries and is typically brewed in drip batch brewers that produce multiple cups worth of coffee at once.

American coffee is made with either Arabica and Robusta blended coffee beans or with pure Arabica coffee beans. American coffee is typically brewed quite strong and served as hot as possible.

Black Drip Coffee

Most coffee of this type is enjoyed black, with milk, cream, or sugar, but it is also fairly common for these additives and sweeteners to be mixed into the brewed coffee in the cup according to personal preference. 

This type of coffee is drunk throughout the day and typically in relatively large quantities. American coffee is more focused on convenience, availability, and quantity rather than the process of brewing and enjoying a cup of coffee.

Should You Order Turkish Or American Coffee?

Coffee Menu

If you happen to be in a place where both types of coffee are served, should you order a Turkish coffee or an American-style coffee?

Well, the answer depends on what your coffee preferences are and what kind of day you are having.

Turkish coffee is perfect for the lover of strong coffee and those who enjoy adventurous and exotic-tasting coffee drinks. This drink is to be sipped slowly and enjoyed at leisure, rather than drunk quickly while on the go.

American coffee is served in large vessels and is very easy to drink. This coffee goes well with milk and sugar and is ideal for a coffee on the go. This coffee is not typically the drink to sit down and sip, but rather for a rushed day when a surge of caffeine is a welcomed boost.

This coffee is best for the person who enjoys coffee that is less strong, larger, and more accessible. Turkish coffee is for the coffee drinker who has time and who enjoys intense coffee.



Turkish coffee is a small, intense, aromatic coffee that is heavily spiced, served without filtration, and brewed in a cezve over an open flame.

American coffee is large, black, drip-brewed coffee that is less intense and generally not particularly aromatic. This coffee is served in large vessels and is typically enjoyed on the go.

Every aspect of these types of coffee is entirely different, but they are both beloved in their own nations, they have made an international impact, they are served all over the world and mark the coffee culture in their own homelands. 

Both of these types of coffee are important for the international coffee community.