The 8 Best Turkish Coffee Grinders (Helpful Guide & Review)

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You need a quality coffee grinder to give you that extra fine grind you need to make that perfect cup of Turkish coffee. Let’s look at the best Turkish coffee grinders available.

Turkish coffee grinding is different from grinding coffee in other coffees. For Turkish coffee, you need a grinder that gives a very fine grind. Some of the best grinders are JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder, Pepper Mill Imports, Capresso Electric Turkish Grinder, Zassenhaus Espresso and Mocca Grinder, and Silva Manual Coffee Grinder.

A good quality coffee grinder for grinding Turkish coffee to give you the finest results is essential.  You want a model that is durable and well made.  Find out which Turkish coffee grinders made our list.

best turkish coffee grinders

What Features Should a Turkish Coffee Grinder Have?

Look out for a coffee grinder that is specifically made for Turkish coffee. Normal coffee grinders will not give that extra fine grind you need to make Turkish coffee. 

You might be torn between choosing an electric or manual grinder; generally, a manual grinder works best, but if you want a quick grinder, then an electric grinder is for you. I strongly recommend the manual grinder over the electric grinder because your coffee grind will not be as fine with the electric grinder. 

Turkish Coffee Explained

The coffee serving ritual in Turkey has a long and rich history and originated in the Middle East. Turkish coffee drinking is popular in Greece, Iran, and other European countries. 

Turkish coffee is made from a very fine grind of arabica beans and is famous around the globe for its strong taste and special preparation method. Turkish coffee is brewed in a cezve, a small coffee pot made from copper with a long handle. There are also electrical Turkish coffee makers.

Turkish coffee is made without using any filter.  The finely ground coffee beans are directly brewed in the water. Turkish coffee uses a precise ratio of water to coffee which is more concentrated than other kinds of coffee.

To make one cup of Turkish coffee:

Brewing on stove top
  • Mix one cup of water the same amount as your coffee cup with two heaped teaspoons of coffee.  If you like it sweet, add the sugar now while the coffee is brewing because the sugar is never added at the end with Turkish coffee.  
  • When the coffee bubbles and the foam rise to the top, remove it from the heat.  Let the foam subside and place it back on the heat again to wait for the foam to rise again.  Traditionally this can be done up to three times to guarantee a good foam.  Turkish coffee with no foam is unacceptable. 
  • When your coffee is made, let it rest for two minutes.  Resting the coffee for two minutes is important because it lets the coffee cool to a drinkable temperature and lets the coffee grounds settle at the bottom. 

Have your coffee with a glass of water and something sweet like Turkish delight sweets, and enjoy. 

What Is a Turkish Coffee Grinder?

A Turkish coffee bean grinder is typically a manual coffee grinder with the burrs tightly machined together to produce a finer grind, almost like flour.

The way Turkish coffee is brewed makes this fine grind important. Electrical coffee grinders cannot produce the finest coffee bean grind you need for a good Turkish coffee.

How Fine is Extra Fine for Turkish Coffee?

The 8 Best Turkish Coffee Grinders

When brewing Turkish coffee, the grind must be extra fine like a powder, finer than in a cup of espresso.

Unlike other coffee brewing techniques, coffee grinds will be consumed when you drink Turkish coffee, and coarse grinds just won’t do; you want the grinds to be as fine as powder.

Because of the extra-fine grind needed, most coffee grinders, manual or electric, won’t give you that extra fine grind.  That’s why you should buy a Turkish coffee grinder specifically made to give that extra fine grind so that you don’t sip coarse coffee beans. 

Grinding Coffee Beans for Turkish Coffee

The best Turkish coffee grinders are manual and need a hands-on approach, just like the name implies.  Fill the cylinder of your coffee grinder with your favorite coffee beans and start grinding the coffee beans to a fine powder, almost like the texture of flour.

Stop now and then, check on the beans, and continue grinding until the beans are ground until their finest.

How Big Should the Turkish Coffee Grinder Be?

Before buying a Turkish coffee grinder, think about how many cups of Turkish coffee you plan to make before you choose. 

Most Turkish coffee grinders are made only to make one cup of coffee at a time.  There are electric coffee grinders available that allow larger batches of coffee beans to be ground.  Electrical coffee grinders generally cost more than their manual counterparts.

Manual or Electric?

Turkish Coffee Grinders

Most people traditionally use manual Turkish coffee grinders for a finer grind and genuine Turkish coffee taste. There are a few electrical Turkish coffee grinder options out there to choose from if you have a household that prefers drinking Turkish coffee with you.  The electrical Turkish coffee grinders allow you to grind bigger batches of coffee at once. 

However, getting that extra fine grind with a manual coffee grinder makes Turkish coffee memorable is easier.

The Best Turkish Coffee Grinders to Buy

1. Zassenhaus Havanna Coffee Mill/Grinder, Brass

Zassenhaus Havanna Coffee Mill/Grinder, Brass

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  • This coffee grinder is made from polished brass and stainless steel that is stylish and offers the finest grind for the best Turkish coffee.
  • It gives a consistently even grind from coarse to powder for the best Turkish coffee.
  • The hardened, high-grade steel with the best cutting edges grinds the coffee beans gently; that allows aroma and flavor to remain.
  • The grinding mechanism of this coffee grinder is guaranteed for 25 years.
  • Zassenhaus is the leading manufacturer of manual coffee grinders and is widely regarded as the best in the world.

2. JavaPresse Whole Bean Manual Turkish Coffee Grinder

  • The JavaPresse Turkish coffee grinder has 18 adjustable grind settings.  These settings allow you to choose the fineness of your coffee grinds.
  • It is convenient, portable, and easy to operate.  The handle is removable, and when you use the grinder, it is super quiet, unlike the noisy electrical coffee bean grinders.  
  • There are no batteries or electricity needed for this coffee grinder.
  • This patented coffee grinder is made of excellent quality and tested through many inspections, making it five times more durable than other stainless-steel grinders.
  • This stainless steel coffee grinder is manufactured with a ceramic burr to give you an incredibly fine coffee grind. 

3. Pepper Mill Turkish Coffee grinder

Pepper Mill Imports Atlas Pepper Mill, Copper, 9"

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  • This coffee grinder is hand-made with excellent craftsmanship.
  • Its grinding parts are designed for grinding the coffee to the finest grind.
  • It has adjustable settings to grind the beans from fine to coarse.
  • This coffee grinder is durable with an all-metal body and a sturdy base for stability.
  • The handle is packaged inside the coffee grinder.

4. Capresso Infinity Stainless Steel Grinder

  • The Capresso electrical coffee grinder gives you the finest grind very quickly.
  • Using the slowest grinding speed creates less friction and heat buildup, which preserves the flavor and aroma of the coffee beans.
  • The upper conical burr can easily be removed for quick cleaning.
  • Capresso’s burrs are manufactured as matched pairs and made in Switzerland.  The motor offers a slow grinding action of under 450 RP for the finest Turkish grind.
  • This coffee grinder can offer you grinding for every kind of coffee.  Turkish, espresso, French press, pour-over brewers, and regular percolators can all benefit from this coffee grinder.  The coffee grinder has 16 settings that include extra-fine, fine, regular, and medium grind.
  • This coffee grinder is user-friendly and elegantly designed with heavy-duty zinc housing.
  • This grinder comes with an added safety lock system; it will automatically switch off when the coffee bean container is not locked.

5. UNOODER Manual Coffee Grinder

  • The built-in adjustable numerical digital dial allows you to set the fineness of the coffee bean grind. 
  • The fixed dual-bearing design and durable stainless steel conical burr coffee grinder make the grinding of the Turkish coffee beans fine.
  • It is very easy to clean and disassemble without tools.  A brush specially used for cleaning and removing coffee residue is included in the packaging. 
  • The UNOODER Turkish coffee grinder is an ultra-silent grinder that eliminates 95% of the noise electric coffee bean grinders produce.
  • If you have any questions or issues with the coffee grinder that the manual can’t solve, the company’s customer service department will give you a reply within 24 hours. 

6. Silva Manual Turkish Coffee Grinder

  • This Turkish coffee grinder gives you an ultra-fine grind without clumping or clogging the coffee beans.  If you have a French press, it will thank you for using this coffee bean grinder.  
  • The Silvia Turkish coffee grinder can be used with any model of restaurant coffee maker.
  • You can change the fineness of the grind easily; just give it a simple twist. 
  •  It is user-friendly; you do not have to open the grinder, change blades, or add attachments. 
  • The stainless-steel body of this coffee grinder gives it a sleek look and makes it resistant to wear and tear.  The ceramic burr grinder will never rust or develop corrosion for years.
  • This coffee grinder is a lot cheaper than the Capresso brands but equally matches the quality. 
  • Note: Some international products might have separate terms and may differ from local products, like fit, labeling, or instructions.

7. VEVOK CHEF Stainless Steel Burr Manual Coffee Grinder

  • The VEVOK Turkish coffee grinder has six setting levels to set your specific grind from coarse to fine, like; Espresso, Pour-over, French Press, Aeropress, Chemex, and Cold brew.
  • This manual coffee grinder has a stainless-steel burr that allows you to grind your coffee in 45 seconds, making it faster than most ceramic coffee grinders.  The glass container can hold 48 grams of coffee.
  • It requires no batteries or electricity, which makes this coffee grinder completely silent.  
  • The VEVOK stainless steel Turkish coffee grinder has an innovative design.  All parts of the coffee grinder have a one-year warranty; if the glass bottle breaks, the company offers service and replacement. 

8. Antique Turkish Style Coffee Grinder

  • You can find the adjustable grind settings inside the body at the bottom of the grinder.  You can turn the ring counterclockwise for a coarser grind and clockwise for a finer coffee grind. 
  • This coffee grinder requires no batteries or power to operate.  You can easily take this coffee grinder on your hiking, camping, or outdoor trips.
  • The coffee grinder is compact, with the handle folding and fitting inside. 
  • The metallic burr ensures durability and is of a high standard.  This coffee grinder comes complete with a metallic burr, a great feature of this affordable coffee grinder.
  • Cleaning is very easy but make sure you do not wash it in the dishwasher.  Just wipe the coffee grinder clean with a clean, dry cloth.


hot beverage

You need the best tools to bring out the best cup of Turkish coffee. Thus, you will need a Turkish coffee grinder to make a traditional cup of Turkish coffee.

The eight best Turkish coffee grinders I listed above should give you more than one excellent choice for a quality coffee grinder if you choose to pick one.  Some of the grinders match the tradition of Turkish coffee with an equally beautiful traditional design.  In contrast, others are more contemporary stainless steel with a sleek, fashionable design to fit any modern kitchen.

Generally, it is said to stay away from electric coffee grinders.  Still, I included the best electric coffee grinder if you are interested in grinding bigger batches of coffee ideal for commercial or multiple-family households.