Can You Make Tea In A Moka Pot? (Step By Step Guide)

Last Updated on February 19, 2022 by John Moretti

Moka pots are one of those household items that seem to serve one purpose and one purpose only. However, Moka pots can do more than simply make coffee. So, can you make tea in a Moka pot?

You can make tea using a Moka pot. However, the flavor will not be the same as a cup of tea prepared in a teapot. The taste will often be stronger and more intense. As a result, many individuals may dislike the taste of tea made in a Moka pot. Adding milk or sweetener can help adjust the taste.

Knowing if you can make tea in your Moka pot will only get you so far. You also have to be knowledgeable on how to make the tea. So continue reading to become one step closer to making that Moka pot tea.

Can You Brew Tea In A Moka Pot?

Like I’ve mentioned before, the Moka pot is one of those items that seems to serve only one purpose – making coffee. But as I have stated previously, this device can do more than make coffee. It can make tea too! However, a note of caution: tea made in a Moka pot will not taste nearly the same as the tea steeped in a teapot. 

Brewed tea in a Moka pot will often taste more robust and powerful than tea brewed in a teapot. So, for this reason, many people report disliking the taste of Moka pot tea. Sure, there is such a thing as a terrible cup of tea, just as there is a bad cup of coffee. 

A cup of tea’s quality is determined by the type of tea leaves used, water temperature, and the amount of time brewed. Also, the type of flavoring used makes a difference, i.e., milk, sugar, honey, etc. 

So, just as some people dislike black coffee, maybe those who didn’t like the taste of Moka pot tea brewed the tea for too long or just needed to try different flavors. 

On the other hand, perhaps the taste simply did not work for them. We can’t know for sure. However, there’s no way to really know if Moka pot tea will work for you without trying it, right? 

How To Make Tea In A Moka Pot

Below, I’ve listed some helpful steps to help you make your Moka pot tea.

1. Have Your Moka Pot Ready 


First things first, make sure your Moka pot is ready. Pretty straightforward, right? However, you’ll want to make sure that your Moka pot has been thoroughly cleaned beforehand to remove all residue of coffee. We do not want a strange blend of tea and coffee for our end result. Yuck. Once this is done, we’re ready to move to step two.

2. Fill The Moka Pot Base With Water

water filling

This step is fairly self-explanatory. You need to fill the Moka pot base with water. But what temperature water should you use? Cold or Hot? Many manufacturers would almost certainly advise you to use cold water for this step – primarily for liability reasons. 

However, some people prefer to use pre-boiled water since it saves time on preparing the coffee, or in this case, tea. It is up to you what temperature water is to be used. But sticking to the manufacturer’s guidelines will always be the best option.

3. Choose Tea For The Moka Pot 

tea leaves

Now it’s time to choose our tea. Let’s start by saying that not all teas are made equal. That is to say; not all teas can withstand high temperatures. Choosing teas such as green tea, for example, may not be a feasible option since boiling water can burn these teas, creating a bitter beverage. 

There are, however, stronger teas on the market. For instance, black and rooibos teas can withstand high temperatures without losing their flavor. As a result, selecting high-temperature withstanding teas for the Moka pot might be a better option.

4. Fill The Moka  Pot Container With Tea 

Here’s where you put the tea leaves in the container. So, is it better to use loose or ground tea leaves? Well, even though many people have said they’ve used loose tea leaves without issues, others have said it can cause problems and damage to the Moka pot. 

This is because loose tea leaves expand when heated, causing a clog in the Moka pot and increased pressure. But, of course, this clog is dependent on the amount of tea leaves used. So, if you would prefer to err on the cautious side, ground tea leaves are the way to go. 

You can always prepare your own ground tea leaves if you don’t have some on hand. Simply put the leaves in a blender. Turn it on. Blend, and then pour everything out. You should see that your tea leaves have greatly reduced in size. 

Proceed to fill the Moka pot container with the ground tea leaves. Be sure not to overfill the container when doing so. Finally, level out the tea leaves before proceeding to the next step.

5. Replace Moka Pot Spout And Place On Stove

Make Tea In A Moka Pot

Re-attach the top part (the spout) and place the Moka pot on the stove. The stove should be on medium to high heat. Leave to brew

6. Pour The Tea Into A Cup

When the tea is ready, it should begin to bubble over. Make sure you don’t let your tea boil for too long. Your tea may taste bitter if you leave it for lengthy periods of time. Pour your tea into the desired cups once ready.

7. Add Flavor To The Tea And Serve

Make Tea In A Moka Pot

This is the moment to get creative; add your preferred milk (full-fat, skim, almond, oat, etc. ), sugar, or leave the tea as is. It is all up to you. 

As previously said, some people may find the original form of Moka pot tea to be unappealing. So, if this is the case, consider adding some more flavor to the tea. Once finished, serve the tea, relax and enjoy.


Making tea in a Moka pot is certainly possible. However, it may not be for everyone. Consider adding some extra flavor to adjust the tea to your preference. A Moka pot is surely a different way to prepare tea, and as a result, the flavor is different too.