How To Tamp Espresso Without Tamper? (The 3 Ways)

Last Updated on May 18, 2022 by John Moretti

Espresso is the most precise and most challenging form of coffee brewing. This type of coffee brewing is difficult to get right, and producing a delicious tasting espresso shot is more challenging than brewing any other type of coffee. One of the most important aspects of a successful espresso brew is tamping, but what if you don’t’ have access to an espresso tamper? Can you tamp without a tamper?

Tamping without a tamper can be achieved by using an object that is flat or convex and fits within the portafilter. Using a shot glass, a spice bottle, a spoon, a pestle, or your thumb can be an effective way to tamp ground coffee for brewing espresso. These methods are better than not tamping. 

Tamping is important in espresso brewing, and without it, it is very difficult to achieve good extraction from the brew. Without compressing the ground coffee evenly, the water will not flow evenly through the coffee. This raises the challenging question of what to do if you do not have a tamper on hand? Can you get away without tamping the coffee, or can you use something else to tamp with? Let’s find out!

How To Tamp Without A Tamper

Tamping Ground coffee beans before brewing espresso is one of the most critical processes within the brew. Tamping is part of what is known as ‘puck prep,’ and how the puck of coffee is prepared before pulling the shot directly determines the success of the brew. 

Tamping is the act of compressing the ground coffee evenly within the portafilter before brewing to press all of the ground coffee together. This squeezes out any lumps in the coffee, places all of the coffee evenly within the ports filter, presses out much of the air space between the ground coffee, and allows the brewing water to flow evenly through the puck of ground coffee. 

tamp espresso

Without tamping, the water will find channels through the coffee and flow through them without contacting all of the coffee evenly. This results in an in-even extraction where some coffee is over-extracted, some coffee is under-extracted, and some coffee is not extracted at all. 

This is a poor way to brew espresso, and the resulting shots will taste sour and bitter simultaneously while also tasting empty, weak, and unbalanced. It is always best to tamp espresso before brewing. 

For this reason, it is important to find an alternative to tamping if you do not have a tamper on hand. Let’s explore some of the ways to tamp without a tamper to ensure that your espresso tastes delicious. 

Use A Flat Object

The best way to tamp ground coffee without a tamper is to use a flat object that will fit within your portafilter. The object does not have to fit perfectly, and it does not have to touch all of the inside walls of the ports filter basket, but it should be of a reasonable size to compress the coffee as evenly as possible. 

A good example of an object to use is a large, flat-bottomed shot glass, a flat-bottomed demitasse cup, The lid of a spice bottle, or even the back of a large wooden spoon handle if you have one. 

The key is to provide even pressure across as much of the ground coffee as possible without putting too much pressure in one particular place. The item used should not be too small, and it should not have any protrusions, or the coffee will not extract well after it has been compressed. 

Use A Convex Object

If no flat-surfaced object can be found, certain convex objects can be used as well. Some tampers are convex in shape, so this is not an unheard-of tamping method. 

So long as the coffee is compressed evenly, a convex object will work fine for tamping coffee before brewing espresso. 

Some examples of viable convex objects include a pestle from a pestle and mortar set, a soup spoon, or even a toy ball that is small enough to fit into the portafilter. This type of tamping will require some creative ingenuity, but if you find something that will do the job, it should tamp without any problems. 

Tamping is not a complicated process, but it should be done as evenly as possible for the best possible results. For this reason, if anything other than a tamper is used, one must take care when tamping the coffee to try and tamp it as evenly and firmly as possible.   

Use Your Thumb 

The last list on alternative tampers is something that almost everyone has on them at all times. Using your thumb to compress the ground coffee within the ports filter is another viable option for tamping if you do not have a tamper with you. 

This method requires a careful approach, but it is possible. Tamping with a thumb must be done in careful stages, pressing into one section of the coffee at a time, moving around the basket, increasing the pressure with every cycle, and pressing evenly until the coffee is well-compressed evenly throughout the espresso basket. 

This method is somewhat unorthodox, but it is effective if you take your time and press all of the coffee as evenly as possible. 

The coffee must simply be compressed to be tamped, and anything that can press the coffee down evenly will work well. Be sure to use careful and precise techniques when using a thumb, as it is unlikely to fill the entire port filter for even tamping in one press. 

Is Tamping always Necessary?


If you do not have the use of a tamper for preparing an espresso puck, is it possible to skip tamping M score brewing? Is tamping always necessary?

The truth is that espresso can be brewed without first tamping the ground coffee. However, this espresso will not be very good. The act of espresso brewing is possible without tamping, but the resultant coffee will taste quite terrible by most coffee lovers’ standards. 

If you enjoy espresso, if you like the way it tastes, or if you know what good espresso should taste like, in-tamped espresso will be nothing but disappointment in a cup. 

Without tamping, the coffee will not extract evenly, it will not brew well, and it will be impossible to dial in a good-tasting espresso shot. 


At the end of it, if you drop it, have an espresso tamper, and try to find some other way of tamping the coffee before brewing. This is always better than no tamping at all and will result in a far better-tasting coffee than not tamping at all. 

Find the right object to fit into your portafilter before tamping to get the best results possible. Taking a few minutes to tamp before brewing will ensure that your espresso is delicious and not disappointing at all.