Smeg Vs. Breville Espresso Machines (Which Is Better For You?)

Last Updated on May 24, 2022 by John Moretti

Smeg and Breville are among the most well-known household brands these days, and both produce a range of quality products and appliances. However, the new range of Smeg espresso machines has led many to consider buying one over the more well-established Breville machines, so which brand makes better espresso machines?

Smeg and Breville espresso machines are both good machines. Breville is more trusted, has a wider range, and the machines are more versatile. Smeg has a small range, and the machines are less functional, but look good and will add style to any kitchen. Overall, Breville espresso machines are better.

Comparing the espresso machines from these two manufacturers is important because machines from both companies carry a reputation for high-quality products and good value for money. Let’s take the time to directly compare the espresso machines made by Smeg and Breville to help you determine which espresso machine brand is best for you.

Smeg Espresso Machines

Smeg has built up a name for itself over the years as one of the most stylish appliance manufacturers. The machines built by Smeg are as attractive as they are functional, and the high price tag of most Smeg products is typically justified by unique designs and high quality.

However, Smeg does not have a very extensive espresso machine range. The range produced by Smeg was once larger than it is now, but the current lineup of Smeg espresso machines only includes two models.

The two currently available Smeg espresso machines are the Retro Bean-To-Cup and standard Retro espresso machines. Both of these machines are exceptionally well made and relatively powerful, considering their small size.

Home Espresso Machine

The Retro Bean-To-Cup also called the BCC02 range, is a very functional little espresso machine. This machine is equipped with a built-in bean grinder that is capable of grinding espresso-fine, automatic capabilities that can be pre-programmed to pull espresso shots for you, and a powerful steam wand for creating espresso-based milk drinks.

The BCC02 can automatically create six espresso beverages, including traditional ristretto, espresso, and americano drinks, as well as a more diluted, longer version of each drink. This drink selection is controlled by a one-touch digital menu.

This machine also features a hot water dispenser, a large bean hopper, a large removable water tank, water hardness adjustment, pre-heating functionality, auto-rinsing, a removable drip tray, and a descaling indicator, and the coffee dispenser is height adjustable. 

This espresso machine is an excellent option for any home and is capable of making any espresso-based drink easily. This is a true espresso machine, as it I capable of producing 18 bars of pressure, which is well over the required 9 bars of pressure required for brewing espresso.  

The other range of Smeg espresso machines is the EFC01 range, or the standard 50’s Style Retro range. This is a small espresso machine with limited features, but it is more than capable of producing good espresso drinks.

This small machine is powerful for its size, easy to use, and features many desirable abilities such as milk steaming, temperature adjustment, water hardness adjustment, variable brew sizes, and an impressive pressure capability of 15 bars.

Overall, both of the Smeg espresso machines available right now are good little machines that are worth considering if you are buying a new espresso machine for home use.

Breville Espresso Machines

Espresso Shot

When looking for a good espresso machine to use at home, Breville is bound to be a brand that you consider heavily. There is almost a bigger name in the home espresso machine game, and Breville is well-known for producing very high-quality machines.

Unlike Smeg, Breville has a very extensive range of espresso machines. This is mostly because Breville focuses on coffee machines above any other appliance and has invested decades into perfecting its range of machines.

Breville produces a range of automatic, super-automatic, ultra-automatic, coffee pod, and fully manual espresso machines that are all built to the very high Breville quality and efficiency standards. 

The espresso machines produced by Breville are some of the most advanced, most durable, and most affordable machines of their kind that have plenty of built-in innovative espresso machine features.

There are too many espresso machines in the Breville range to list them all here and to comprehensively cover their features, so it is well worth the time to look at the range yourself to explore the many options provided by Breville.

One thing we can say is that there is almost no equal to Breville espresso machines, especially the high-end models, and no one buying a Breville will ever be disappointed with what they get for their money.

How Do These Machines Compare?


Comparing espresso machines from Smeg and Breville is difficult because of the limited range produced by Smeg. To overcome this challenge, let’s compare the two Smeg machines with similar machines from the Breville espresso machine range.

The best machines to directly compare from the Smeg and Breville espresso machine ranges are the Smeg BCC02 compared to the Breville Barista Touch and the Smeg EFC01 to the Breville Bambino Plus.

The reason why the BCC02 and Barista Pro are the closest comparisons is the fact that these are both automatic espresso machines that have one-touch capabilities allowing the machine to brew pre-programmed drinks automatically.

The advantages of the Smeg machine over the Breville are that the BCC02 is more attractive, smaller, and has a higher brewing pressure that may result in more consistent espresso shots. However, the Barista Touch is far more versatile, has automatic milk steaming capabilities, and is much better value for money.

The Smeg EFC01 and the Breville Bambino Plus make a good comparison because they are both very small machines with basic capabilities while still being very functional and powerful for their size. 

The Smeg machine offers more espresso brewing features, and the Breville machine offers more milk-steaming features. The Breville Bambino Plus has automatic milk steaming features with variable temperatures, but the EFC01 has the ability to alter the brew size and even the hardness of the brewing water used for pulling espresso.

All of these machines are excellent choices, but regarding the smaller machines, the Smeg EFC01 is better for espresso, while the Bambino Plus is better for espresso and milk drinks. The Smeg BCC02 is more stylish and good-looking than its Breville counterpart, but the Barista Touch is a far more functional machine.


At the end of it, Breville produces overall better espresso machines, but Smeg machines look better on the countertop and are slightly easier to use. If you are looking for a more functional machine that offers more for the money, then Breville is the better option.

However, if the form is more important to you than function, then the Smeg machines will not disappoint. Both companies produce exceptional espresso machines that will be at home in any barista’s kitchen!