Skinny Latte: What’s the Difference From a Normal Latte?

Last Updated on June 27, 2023 by Barry Gray

If you are familiar with this site and why it is here, you may have gathered that I’ve always been a coffee lover. 

That probably also means you are too! 

Today I want to look into the joys of the skinny Latte. 

Joys, you might ask? 

Well, for one, you can drink them and not add to your daily calorie count if that is your thing, plus enjoy a great cup of coffee. 

Many have known this for years. It’s hardly news, but getting an excellent skinny can be challenging. 

A skinny Latte is an Espresso blended with skimmed milk. It’s different from a normal Latte that comes with either full-fat or semi-skimmed milk. If it includes syrup, it will often mean a low-cal syrup to help keep those calories low. Also, non-dairy options can be used rather than regular milk.

Coffee is my passion, and so is food; in case you didn’t know, so sparing a few calories here and there makes perfect sense to me. This initially sent me off on the hunt for an excellent skinny Latte. 

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What’s Important With a Skinny Latte?

I want to keep the great taste of regular coffee, whatever a regular coffee is, with so many choices around. Still, I admit, a well-made Skinny Latte stands triumphantly against other coffees.

If a skinny Latte has been made well, using a few crucial tricks, it will taste just as good. Some even prefer it is less creamy. 

I often have both, a regular favorite, then a skinny Latte thrown in here and there. After all, there are times when it’s good to have a change from your normal way of doing things.

I do that because I like the taste, and it is sometimes more convenient. Everyone loves some convenience when it comes to different parts of their life.

How is a Skinny Latte Made?

espresso being prepared for skinny latte

A skinny Latte is made with skim milk instead of whole milk. This reduces the calorie count by a significant amount. 

A regular version has about 110 calories, while a skinny Latte has only about 77 calories. Saving 33 calories is a big deal if you have more than one a day, which adds up fast.

But I must stress you still have the same espresso at the root of the Latte. That part doesn’t change.

And yet, one thing you will often discover is there’s a taste difference between a skinny Latte and a regular version. But I will take you through some of the differences shortly.

The Differences Between Lattes

espresso being made for latte

There are a few different types of Lattes, and they all have slightly different ingredients. 

A regular Latte is made with Espresso and whole milk.

A skinny Latte is made with Espresso and skim milk. 

A decaf Latte is made with decaffeinated Espresso and whole or skim milk. 

A flavored Latte is made with espresso, milk, and flavored syrup, such as vanilla or hazelnut.

Of course, the taste of a skinny Latte is different from a regular Latte. Skim milk doesn’t have as much fat as whole milk, so it doesn’t taste creamy. 

I know this lack of that creamy taste can change everything for people. After all, you have gone out and either bought or prepared a coffee primarily made with milk, so most people expect that creamy taste.

But there are times when I actually prefer the taste of a skinny Latte. I’ll explain why that’s the case.

You still get that unique aroma and taste of the coffee; you can taste the coffee more because the creamy background has been toned down a little.

Basically, I feel a skinny Latte has the potential to allow the coffee to really come to life. The coffee flavors can burst through and dominate the drink with the milk only having the ability to slightly tone down the experience.

It’s also a lighter drink overall, so I will sometimes have one if I am having a big meal. It doesn’t feel as if it can just sit there in your stomach for too long, which can be a good thing.

Then if you are lactose intolerant, you can use lactose-free skim milk, or non-dairy, and suffer no digestive backfiring after enjoying your favorite treat. 

Tips to Make a Skinny Latte at Home

milk for a latte

So, how do you go about producing a tasty skinny Latte from the comfort of your own home? Well, I have a few tips on things you should avoid in order to prevent you making a mess of things.

But here’s the good news: It’s not that difficult to get a successful skinny Latte.

Things to Avoid 

I think you may be surprised at the first thing to avoid, as you shouldn’t use too much milk.

You might think that because Lattes are milky, and you are using skimmed milk, you have to add more to get a familiar taste. Well, the converse is true. 

The key here is for you to avoid drowning out the taste of the coffee. You want to highlight it instead. Skimmed milk is slightly more watery than regular milk, so bear that in mind. 

Another thing to avoid is making a mess of steaming the milk. Instead, it has to be steamed well as this is how you will make up for the lack of creaminess in the milk.

If you are making it at home, use an Espresso machine or other good coffee machine. If this is out of your budget, try a Nespresso or other device that will deliver a decent enough Espresso. 

Also, some pods or capsules are out there on the market that deliver that skinny Latte taste, so look out for them as another option.

Things to Add to Make Your Skinny Latte

You have a few tips on what not to do, but here are some excellent pointers on what you can add to your skinny Latte. 

First, use a good quality skim milk as not all milk is equal. Some skim milk is bland and very watery.

However, shop around as some skim milk will be creamier than you expect, so experimenting is key.

Another tip is to steam the milk properly. It should be bubbling and hot as it helps to add more of that richer, creamier texture to the coffee. Also, it’s just fun having some of that froth on your coffee, and it certainly adds to the overall experience.

This is where your milk frother will really come into its own. It will really boost your skinny Latte and you may not even notice it has been made with skim milk.

If you are not so worried about the calories, add a dash of cream to your coffee. It’s amazing how a small drop of cream can completely change the taste.

If you feel worried about the strength of coffee, then adding a double Espresso helps. It boosts flavor and certainly gives you a greater caffeine hit.

In addition, don’t forget about adding syrups to the coffee if you want to change the flavor. However, I know this is a personal thing, and not everyone loves syrup in their coffee.

Why Do People Love Skinny Lattes?

Aside from the obvious lower calories, some people prefer skinny Lattes over full cream Lattes. Let me explain why that can be the case.

The flavor of the coffee can be more robust in a Latte, as I mentioned earlier, so having less milk and more coffee in a Latte guarantees a great cup of coffee. It’s all about striking that balance, and also understanding the flavors you prefer in coffee.

So, if you are more about the coffee, and less about the milk, then a skinny Latte could be the perfect compromise for you.

My Personal Experience with Skinny Lattes

I have had some bad ones along the way; some were watery and flavorless. I felt like I was on a diet with some of them, which showed in the coffee. 

I felt disappointed and like I hadn’t had my familiar hit. 

I think it does come down to the quality of the milk. 

This is why you must try and give the spotlight to the coffee and get a good Espresso coffee with a punch. A good coffee will always manage to pull things through and give you a better skinny Latte experience.

It also comes down to personal taste. Some people prefer the milkier taste, while others still want the stronger coffee side. You can decide as you go along. 

My Recap on Skinny Lattes

Skinny Lattes certainly have their place on a coffee menu, and I’ve covered various points that I feel really stand out. So, here’s my recap on those key points for any individual perhaps still unsure about a skinny Latte and what it involves.

  • A skinny Latte is a Latte made with skim milk
  • It still contains an Espresso as the base
  • It has fewer calories than a regular latte
  • You can use non-dairy milk options as well
  • Make sure you steam the milk well, as it makes a difference
  • It won’t be as creamy as a regular Latte
  • You can still add syrups to your skinny Latte
  • It allows the coffee flavor to really stand out
  • Try to get a quality skim milk to preserve some of the milk flavor

I certainly think everyone should try a skinny Latte from time to time. I know it comes across as a diet drink, but change your mindset about it and see this as more about something that allows the coffee to come to the fore.

If you do that, then I think you will have a better overall experience with a skinny Latte. 

My Conclusion

Skinny Lattes are a delicious, low-calorie coffee treat perfect for people trying to lose weight or watch their calorie intake. They are also a good option for people who are lactose intolerant.

They taste good, allow the coffee to be the star of the show, and still deliver that same caffeine hit as before. Really, there’s not a whole lot to not like about a skinny Latte, which is why I think you should give it a shot.