Siphon Coffee Vs. French Press (Comparing Brewing Methods)

Last Updated on January 15, 2022 by John Moretti

Siphon coffee and French press, two amazing machines; one of them creates outstanding flavors and one that every home cannot go without! Let the “war of the coffee makers” commence!

French press produces a delicious cup of coffee. However, a cup of Siphon coffee contains more flavors. Siphon coffee takes more time to prepare and clean compared to French press coffee. Siphon coffee is better for entertaining. French press is better to quench your morning coffee cravings. 

Siphon coffee and French press are highly recommended products to purchase. Read on to discover your perfect purchase. 

Siphon Coffee Vs French Press

It is All About the Looks

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder with these two coffee machines! In my opinion, the Siphon coffee machine is beautifully designed compared to the French press coffee maker. A quick pop-up fact, before our time (in the 1800s, to be exact), it was discovered that boiling coffee can burn the flavor. 

Siphon Coffee machine

Glass is the primary material used in the Siphon coffee machine and the French press coffee maker.  However, their designs are also what distinguishes a Siphon coffee machine versus a French press coffee maker. 

The Siphon coffee machine possesses minimal parts (for me, this is always a plus because I tend to lose things easily). However, it is a tad bit more complex to operate than the French press. The Siphon coffee machine is designed in two parts.

Part one of the design is the lower half. The lower half contains a heat source that is going to do the job of boiling the water. Just above the heat source is what is known as “the lower bulb.” Above this bulb sits part two. Part two is the “upper glass cylinder.” The “upper glass cylinder” comes with a cloth filter

French Press coffee maker

The French press coffee maker design is completely different in comparison to a Siphon coffee machine. The French press machine has a handle on its exterior, and it comes with a stainless-steel filter and a carafe made entirely out of glass. 

Siphon Coffee Vs. French press: Functioning

Due to the two machines being designed distinctive, how you operate both is very different. I have attached two video clips below so that you can physically view how each machine functions.  Here are my thoughts on the functionality of a Siphon coffee machine versus the functionality of the French press:

The Siphon maker takes time, and therefore when entertaining people, this exciting machine will impress your guests! Your guests will be impressed with not only the brewing process but also the decadently delicious taste. However, when the party is done, all I can say is good luck cleaning the machine. 

Click the link below to view a video clip on how to function the Siphon coffee machine: 

The French press coffee maker is convenient at its finest! The French press coffee maker, in my opinion, can be called “the energy boosters of all coffee makers.” The cost-effective French press is easy to function and even easier to clean! However, it does not obtain the flavors of Siphon coffee and may leave an aftertaste of coffee grounds if it is not plunged correctly. 

Click the link below to view a video clip on how to function the French press coffee maker:

The 3 Additional Advantages of Siphon Coffee 

Siphon Coffee machine

In no particular order, here are three more advantages of what a Siphon coffee machine can offer in comparison to a French press maker

  1. Sensory – It is all about the experience with the Siphon coffee machine. There is no “wow-factor” when using a French press
  2. Personal – You can personalize your coffee intake by adding as little or as much coffee as you please while still receiving the smoothest and tastiest cup of warm goodness. You can personalize your coffee intake with a French press; however, the smoothness and delicious element will be lacking
  3. Smell – Personally, one of my favorite smells in the world is the smell of coffee. Unlike the French press, Siphon makes your home smell “coffee infused.” 

The 3 Additional Advantages of French Press

In no particular order, here are three more advantages of what a French press maker can offer in comparison to a Siphon coffee machine:

  1. Portability – French press can be used at home or even when you go traveling. You can only use a Siphon coffee machine at home. It is too complicated to leave your home. 
  2. Stronger – For those of you out there who love their coffee strong, then French press is for you. Compared with Siphon coffee, the French press is the one for you if you prefer black coffee.
  3. Space – The French press maker is not as big as the Siphon coffee machine. Hence, a French press maker is a space saver while a Siphon coffee machine takes up space
French Press coffee maker


Both Siphon coffee or French press have their benefits and downfalls. It all begins with you and what your personal preferences are. If you prefer a coffee machine to be big, fancy, and with a certain “Jene Sequa,” then the Siphon coffee maker wins the “war of the coffees. “

However, if you prefer a space-saving, easy to wash and clean, portable coffee maker, then the French press maker wins the “war of the coffees.”