The 5 Great Tips on How to Sell Your Used Espresso Machine

Last Updated on April 3, 2022 by John Moretti

Every espresso-lover that owns an espresso machine for home use knows that they will eventually want to upgrade the machine that they use. As the skills of a home barista increase, the machine they want to use becomes more advanced, which often leads to the sale of a used espresso machine for the sake of a new one.

To sell a used espresso machine, be sure to clean the machine thoroughly before listing it for sale, repair any damaged or broken components, use high-quality images for the listing, accurately note the machine specs and features, and ask for a reasonable price for the machine model.

There are some significant considerations to make when selling a used espresso machine, especially if you want to sell the machine quickly. There are ways to do it, and there are things to do that will help the sale happen more efficiently. Let’s explore the most important tips for selling an espresso machine. 

How To Sell Your Used Espresso Machine?

5 Tips For Selling Used Espresso Machine

Selling a used espresso machine can be a challenge, and for the uninitiated, it can be a daunting task. However, there are some methods and techniques that can help improve the process, help you receive more money for the machine, and help make the sale happen in less time. 

The less time the sale takes to go through, the less frustrating the process will be, and the more money you can make on the sale, the better. These reasons alone are enough to warrant learning some tips on how to sell a used espresso machine.

To help with your espresso machine sale, here are five tips for selling a used espresso machine:

1. Clean The Espresso Machine

Espresso Machine Cleaning

Among the biggest mistakes made when selling an espresso machine is selling the machine “as is.” This means that the seller has not gone through any trouble cleaning the machine or making it more appealing for the buyer.

This mistake typically leads to lower sale prices and less buyer interest, translating to a sale that takes so long that the selling eventually lowers the price much further than originally anticipated.

This can be avoided by simply cleaning the espresso machine well before listing it for sale. Run a few descaling cycles in the machine, clean the surfaces thoroughly, lightly polish any chromed or shiny areas, and be sure to remove any coffee stains or oil marks on the machine.

Coffee Machine Clean

This will make the machine much more appealing than otherwise, and it will give the machine an appearance of good working order. A clean machine also indicates to the buyer that the machine has been taken care of well, which means that it will still work well after they buy it.

Going through the simple process of cleaning the machine is the best way to sell a machine quickly and get the money that you want from the sale. 

2. Fix Any Broken Components On The Machine

Home Espresso Machine

The last phrase any prospective buyer wants to see when buying any secondhand appliances is the “some maintenance required” tag.

If something is broken on the espresso machine, provided it is not something major, and you are not selling the machine for spare parts because it is so broken, fixing the busted components will cost less than the increase in profit you will receive from the sale.

Most espresso machine components are not very expensive to buy and relatively simple to change, install, or repair on your own. This means that most espresso machine repairs are cheap and straightforward.

Coffee Machine Maintenance

Many people buying used espresso machines realize this and will try to negotiate the machine’s price down based on maintenance requirements, knowing that the problem will be easy to fix.

Replacing the components and making repairs yourself before the sale is a good way to avoid these negotiations and make more money on the sale. A fully functioning espresso machine will always sell better than a broken espresso machine anyway.

3. Use High-Quality Photographs Of The Machine

Coffee Machine

Another simple tip for selling a used espresso machine is to use high-quality, well-composed machine photographs for the sale listing.

This is a mistake that many espresso machine sellers make. Using poor images for the listing will result in poor buyer interest. Everyone always buys something that they are attracted to more than something that is unappealing, so using any method possible to make your machine more appealing is good.

The best way to do this is with good quality pictures that are taken at good angles with good lighting. Make your machine look good in the photos, and it is more likely to attract attention from potential buyers, which will ultimately translate to a quicker and smoother sale.

4. Research And List Specifications And Features

Coffee Machine Features

If you do not know or understand the specifications and features of the espresso machine you are selling, it is always good to find out what they are and list them correctly in the sale listing.

Most buyers looking for a used espresso machine have done some research and understand exactly what they are looking for. Without listing the exact specifications of the machine and the features it is equipped with, it is less likely to sell to someone who is looking for those features and specs.

The simple act of listing them is not difficult nor time-consuming, but it could translate to a much faster sale.

5. Know The Value Of The Espresso Machine 

Coffee Machine Value

Every espresso machine has a fair value for resale. Most buyers seeking a machine of this type will have some understanding of what a machine with the specifications they are looking for should cost.

With this in mind, the discerning buyer will overlook your machine if it is not priced fairly and may ignore the machine if it is too cheap, assuming that there is something wrong with the machine.

It is imperative to list the machine at a fair and reasonable price for these reasons. Do not charge too much, but also not charge too little. This will attract the right type of buyer to the sale and help everything progress smoothly.


At the end of it all, take the best way to make sure that your espresso machine sells quickly and that the sale goes smoothly is to take the time and put in the effort to make the listing good.

A good listing with good photographs of a well-cleaned and properly maintained machine selling for a fair price will sell very quickly. These are the best practices for selling used espresso machines of any kind.