The 9 Tips On How To Sell Baked Goods To Coffee Shops

Last Updated on May 16, 2022 by John Moretti

So many people enjoy having a freshly baked item with their coffee. Therefore, if you have good quality baked goods that you wish to sell, a viable revenue source would be to sell your goods to coffee shops. 

To successfully sell your baked goods to coffee shops, you must be well prepared before approaching them. Below, you will find 9 tips on preparing and successfully selling your baked goods to coffee shops.

1. Identify Coffee Shops That Might Buy Your Baked Goods 

Look for coffee shops in your area that might not be selling baked goods yet. These may be shops that have opened recently, for instance. You can also look at coffee shops that sell baked goods, but perhaps not the type of goods you have to offer.

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A coffee shop already offering a wide variety of baked goods may not be willing to sell more at this point. However, as your brand grows and the demand for your product increases, these coffee shops may also become future clients.

2. Find Out What Baked Goods Coffee Shop Customers Want

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Once you have identified potential coffee shops, find out what kind of baked goods the customers of these shops want. You can achieve this by surveying the customers residing in the vicinity of the shops. Knowing what customers want will increase your potential for sales significantly.

Also, find out how many survey participants prefer baked goods with their coffee. You can use this information to help convince a coffee shop with reservations about selling baked goods. Approaching a coffee shop with solid market research will also let them know that you are knowledgeable and can help them increase their revenue.

3. What Baked Goods Can You Offer That Competitors Do Not? 

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Establish what your competitors are offering and what they are not. Is there something they are offering that you can do better? During your survey, were there any goods the majority of the participants said they want that your competitors do not currently offer? Are these items you can provide?

Answering these questions will help you pinpoint gaps in the market, allowing you to create a niche. In turn, this will help you to gain a competitive advantage over other baked goods suppliers in the area. 

4. Think Of Questions Coffee Shops Will Have About The Goods

Before meeting with coffee shop owners/managers, take some time to think about what they may want to know. Think of as many questions as possible and prepare a well-thought-out answer to each. Address these questions during your sales pitch, eliminating the need for the owner/manager to ask them.

If you do not do this, you may end up being asked questions that you might not have an immediate answer to. As a result, you may stutter or stumble, which may negatively affect your chances of selling your baked goods to the shop.

5. Think Of Reservations Coffee Shops May Have Ahead Of Time

Take some time to think of potential reservations coffee shop owners/managers may have that will make them hesitant to buy your baked goods. Then construct arguments you can use to convince them to overcome these reservations.

For instance, a coffee shop may not be selling baked goods yet and might be worried that the goods will not sell. If your survey found that most participants want baked goods with their coffee, you can present the owner/manager with these results. You can also show them the survey results about the kinds of baked goods customers want and let them know you can supply them.

6. Prepare A Good Elevator And Sales Pitch For Coffee Shops

An elevator pitch summarizes what you can offer in a presentation of 30 seconds or less. The pitch aims to make the potential client want to know more. A well-constructed elevator pitch will help convince the client to listen to the rest of your sales pitch.

When constructing your sales pitch, include as much relevant information as possible. Use your market research and address any questions you think the coffee shop owners/managers may have. Also include information on what you can offer that is different from your competitors.

7. Set Up A Well-Presented Website And Social Media Page

A good website and social media page will prove helpful in selling your baked goods to coffee shops. After meeting with them, you can refer the owners/managers to these sites. It will help create a good and lasting impression. It might also be helpful in the decision-making process of the coffee shop.

It will be worthwhile to seek professional help and guidance to assist you in building a reputable online presence. A well-presented website and social media page will also enable you to reach more potential coffee shops you may not yet know about.

8. Produce Brochures That Showcase Your Baked Goods Well

Prepare a well-designed brochure that showcases the baked goods you wish to sell and that you can leave at the coffee shop. It will refresh the memory of the owner/manager at a later stage when they have time to reflect on your proposal. It will also prevent them from confusing your sales pitch with that of a competitor, as they might deal with numerous sales pitches in a short time.

Also include your contact details, as well as the links to your website and social media page on the brochure. It will assist the owner in easily locating your contact details, website, or social media page when they are ready to consider buying your goods. 

9. Bake Samples For Coffee Shop Owners And Customers To Try

Prepare several samples of the baked goods you wish to sell. Offer these samples to the coffee shop owner/manager to taste and make sure that there are enough samples for their customers to try as well.

Also, be sure to present your baked goods in good quality, well-designed packaging. The better your baked goods look, the higher the likelihood that customers will want to taste them. Allowing them to taste your baked goods will be a key factor in convincing coffee shops to buy these goods.


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While it is important to reach out to coffee shops and make them aware of your baked goods, it is even more important to be well prepared before doing so. Doing market research and preparing a proper sales pitch will be key to your success. 

Having a well-presented website and social media page will also boost your chances of selling your goods. It is also important to let the coffee shop owners/managers and customers taste your baked goods, as this will be one of the most determining factors coffee shops will consider.