Is a Self-Brewing Mug Worth It? (Pros and Cons)

Last Updated on January 30, 2022 by John Moretti

The melodic voices of birds greet you as you awaken from your peaceful slumber. You leave your bedroll to grab your favorite coffee. That’s when it hits you. Your favorite coffee is at home.

What wouldn’t you give for a nice and hot cup of coffee made from freshly ground beans, right? Well, there is a solution to that problem!

The solution comes in the shape of a self-brewing mug. But can it match up to the standards of a homemade brew? That’s what we’re here to discuss today. If you decide to purchase one, I have the list of best self-brewing mugs for you as well, so read on.

Is A Self-Brewing Mug Worth It?

The Self-Brewing Mug: Is It Really Worth It?

A self-brewing mug is a self-contained contraption that allows you to brew coffee without your regular tools. It comes with a cup, stirrer, filters, plunger, etc. It may include more features depending on the model you choose.

To help you decide if a self-brewing mug is really worth I carefully examined the benefits and the pitfalls of a self-brewing mug, and after careful consideration, decided if it’s actually worth buying.

Self-Brewing Mug Pros

Portability is the chief quality of a self-brewing mug. The benefit of being able to carry it around easily is what makes it most desirable. No wonder some brands call it the “travel mug.”

More than that, it saves you a trip to the coffee store. Fewer trips to the coffee store mean more time and money saved. If you’re at the airport, on a road trip, or you’re out somewhere camping, carrying a self-brewing mug will ensure you get your favorite caffeine fix.

Lastly, a self-brewing mug is durable too. You needn’t worry about any bumps harming the mug.

Self-Brewing Mug Cons

With great benefits come great pitfalls (we know that’s not what’s said in Spiderman). Even though there are no great pitfalls, there are some.

First, having all the components to make coffee is great, but no access to hot water or coffee grounds renders the self-brewing mug useless.

Some models run on batteries, which means there’s a chance of losing power. Also, you may not be able to make adequate amounts of coffee with every brew. The self-brewing mug’s capacity is limited.

The 5 Best Self-Brewing Mugs

If you’ve been converted into a believer of the self-brewing mug already, we can bet a bag of coffee beans that you’re thinking about what’s the best available product in the market.

Even if we’ve just piqued your curiosity, you can still check out the following list of the 5 best self-brewing mugs that would be worth your money:

1. Cafflano Klassic

Cafflano Klassic- Portable All-In-One Pour Over Coffee Maker Black

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The Cafflano Klassic is an all-in-one product. It is so beautifully crafted that it can double as an addition to your home decor. Like most self-brewing mugs, the Cafflano Klassic would serve as an ideal travel mug due to its portability.

The components include a drip kettle, a tumbler, a filter dripper, and a hand mill grinder.

It features a double-walled stainless steel tumbler that’ll keep your coffee piping hot, and it includes a high-quality filter that’ll keep the sludge out. It is also easy to clean.

For the cons, it can be quite unwieldy for those with smaller hands. The issue is exacerbated by the tiny handle on the grinder. Also, the brewing process is time-consuming.

2. Aeropress Go

First released in 2005 by Alan Alder, a former Stanford University engineering instructor, the Aeropress Go is akin to a French Press, and it brews a cup that is just as good. Trying a wide range of water levels, coffee grounds, and steep time proves that each cup is as good as the last.

The box includes a plunger and chamber, stirrer, filter holder, filter cap, and coffee scoop.

Aeropress Parts

The Aeropress Go is lightweight and durable. It can undoubtedly survive the rigors of travel through a strong plastic build. You can also enjoy the versatility of the Aeropress Go since it is capable of brewing espresso-style shots or a nice hot Americano.

Central to the Aeropress Go’s appeal is the ease at which you can clean it. Once the filter cap is off, you can clean and dry it in a couple of minutes.

The only downsides are the fact that you can brew very few quantities of coffee at a time. It is suitable for a single user. It is also relatively heavier than other models. Lastly, it’s not as aesthetically pleasing when you compare it to something like a Cafflano Klassic.

3. Delter Coffee Press

Delter Coffee Press, 400ml, Transparent Grey

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This Australian variant is an injection brewer meaning that it passes hot water through the coffee grounds under high pressure.

The Delter Coffee Press has a higher capacity, allowing it to make more cups of coffee in one sitting. Plus, it’s manufactured in a strong cylindrical polypropylene casing that increases its durability. Moreover, the Delter Coffee Press is easy on the eyes, unlike other brands.

You can brew a fantastic cup of coffee with this product. However, it may seem a little weak if you follow the recipe suggested by the makers. If you feel that way, appropriately increase the coffee to water ratio.

However, the Delter is not without its flaws. Firstly, it comes with more parts which makes it relatively harder to assemble and use. Also, more parts make it harder to clean. Lastly, the Delter Coffee Press is not as versatile as the Aeropress Go. You can only make one type of coffee.

4. Espro P0 Ultralight Coffee Press

The truly ultralight Espro P0 is one of the lightest travel mugs available. It comes in a stainless steel body that gives it a premium feel. The minimalist design includes only a few parts like the plunger, filter, cap, and main body.

The Espro P0 is easy to assemble and easier to clean. It also does a fantastic job of brewing a cup of caffeine goodness.

However, the grievances with the P0 come in the form of its limited capacity. The plunger may also give some resistance while in use.

5. Wacaco Picopress

Manufacturers have made several attempts to recreate the authentic espresso experience. The latest rendition of a portable espresso maker comes in the form of the Wacaco Picopress.

Released in 2021, the Picopress brews an espresso that is strikingly similar to the ones you get in a cafe. There is a certain dip in quality which is understandable. However, it’s still quality.

If you’re ready to go through the drawn-out process of making an espresso, this will certainly work for you.

The Verdict


The self-brewing mug is a unique product, certainly a boon to the coffee-consuming populace. It proves its usefulness to those who are on the move, the hustlers, the frugal, and the environment-conscious folk.

The downsides to it may be a stumbling block to some. But I believe it’s nothing that can’t be overcome or overlooked.

The self-brewing mug definitely has my vote of confidence.