Is Salt In Coffee Good? (Explained)

Last Updated on December 14, 2021 by John Moretti

You may have heard some coffee drinkers say that you should add salt to coffee to improve its flavor or to somehow alter the taste of poor-tasting coffee to make it more palatable. This seems to be a common practice in many parts of the world, but should you add salt to your daily coffee? Is salt is coffee good?

Salt in coffee can be good. The sodium chloride in salt helps to mitigate bitterness and enhance sweetness, which can help to improve the taste of coffee, but it will not improve the flavor of the drink overall. Too much salt can make the coffee taste salty, which is unpleasant.

Adding salt to coffee can be useful when drinking particularly bitter coffee, but too much salt can be a bad thing for coffee, and adding the right amount of salt into coffee to achieve the desired results is a challenge. Let’s examine how adding salt affects the taste of coffee and how to best use salt in coffee to alter the taste of the drink.

Does Adding Salt To Coffee Improve The Coffee?

adding salt to coffee

Coffee is notoriously bitter, and the type of coffee used and the way it is brewed significantly affect the taste of the drink. If coffee is brewed poorly, it may very taste harsh and bitter. Certain types of coffee beans taste intensely bitter, and instant coffee is typically a very bitter-tasting coffee drink as well.

Does adding salt to this type of coffee improve the flavor of the drank? The answer is yes, but only to a limited extent.

The addition of salt into coffee adds an organic compound to the coffee known as sodium chloride. This compound affects the way the taste receptors on your tongue sense certain flavors, such as bitterness and sweetness. 

Solidum chloride in small quantities is known to reduce the perception of bitterness and enhance the perception of sweetness. This means that adding a small amount of salt into a bitter cup of coffee can reduce some of the bitterness in the drink and slightly enhance the natural sweetness of the coffee to some extent.

This means that the addition of salt into coffee will improve the taste of some types of coffee and may make the drink more palatable for some people. 

However, adding too much salt will ruin the drink and make it taste very salty. Using salt in coffee should be done in a very controlled, measurable fashion in order to use this ingredient to the best of its ability and not overpower the taste of the drink itself.

How Does Adding Salt To Coffee Effect Flavor?

As we have already learned, the presence of salt in coffee helps to mitigate the bitterness and enhance the wetness of coffee. However, this does not mean that it improves the overall flavor of the coffee.

Coffee is a very complex tasting drink. There are several flavors present in a cup of coffee, and each of them contributes to the overall flavor of the drink. Bitterness and sweetness are only two of the noticeable flavor elements in a cup of coffee.

This means that adding salt into a cup of coffee will not suddenly make a bad cup of coffee good, but it will reduce some of the flavors that make it difficult to drink and help to enhance some of the flavors that are more desirable.

Salt in coffee is good, but only in coffee that is very bitter, targeting the bitter flavor of the drink and not improving the overall flavor of the drink itself. Adding too much salt can be very bad and ruin a cup of coffee.

What Is The Best Way To Add Salt Into Coffee? 

Adding salt to coffee can make the flavor of the drink more palatable. However, how much salt is added is imperative, and controlling the dose of salt into coffee must be controlled in order to learn your ideal salt dosage for improving flavor.

This is important because not everyone experiences saltiness in the same way. Some people will require more salt than others to notice a marked difference in their cup of coffee. For this reason, controlling how much salt goes into the cup is vital.

Controlling how much salt is added to a cup of coffee is very challenging to do well unless the correct method is used.

The best way to add salt into coffee is to create a saline solution. Create a solution of salt and water with a very precise amount of both ingredients. This will allow you to accurately dos the amount of salt that you use in your coffee by weight.

For example, a mixture of 80% water ad 20% salt in the solution will mean that adding 1 gram of the solution will introduce exactly 0.2 grams of salt into the coffee.

The is the best way to manage how much salt you use and the best way to dial in your preferred salt dosage for use in coffee.

How Much Salt Should Be Added To Coffee?

The amount of salt that is used in a cup of coffee to mitigate bitterness and enhance sweetness varies from person to person. No two people experience salt in exactly the same way, so it is best to dial in your salt dose as per your own taste preferences.

Another factor is the type of coffee that is brewed. Some coffees as re much more bitter than others, and others have much higher levels of sweetness than others. The way the coffee tastes naturally after brewing is a big determining factor in how much salt should be added.

The best method for adding salt into coffee is to use a saline solution for dosing salt into your coffee and start with a small amount in a known amount of coffee liquid. Taste the coffee and increase the dose until you find your ideal mixture. 

Take note of how much salt you added by weight and keep track to dial in your ideal amount of salt added to coffee for the type of coffee that you use, your brewing method, and your own personal taste preferences.


Some types of coffee and some methods of brewing coffee can produce a very bitter or harsh tasting drink.

Adding a very small amount of salt into this type of coffee can help to remove some of the nasty flavors and enhance some of the more pleasant ones, which leads some people to add salt into their daily brew.

Adding salt into a coffee can improve the drink; it can be good, but a better option is to use better coffee or use a better brewing method to improve the taste of the drink, rather than adding salt to disguise the unpleasant flavors.

Salt in coffee can be good, especially in poor coffee or coffee that is brewed badly.