Can You Reheat Coffee In A Toaster Oven? (Dos & Donts)

Last Updated on May 17, 2022 by John Moretti

Reheating coffee can be tricky. If you have accidentally let a cup of coffee go cold, or if this is a common problem for you, you may be looking for good ways to reheat a cup of coffee without ruining its flavor. An appliance that many homes and workplaces have is a toaster oven, but is this appliance good for reheating coffee?

You can reheat coffee in a toaster oven. The best method is to not reheat the oven but rather allow the coffee to heat up slowly as the oven increases in temperature. This method ensures that the flavor of the beverage is damaged as little as possible, making the toaster oven ideal for this purpose.

can you reheat coffee in a toaster oven

Using a toaster oven to reheat coffee is an option, but it may come with some negative side effects, and there are good ways and poor ways to do it. Is reheating coffee in a toaster oven the best way to reheat a cup of coffee, or are there better alternatives? Let’s find out!

Does Coffee Reheat Well In A Toaster Oven? 

Reheating coffee is a challenging process. The act of reheating a cup of coffee that has been allowed to go cold is very likely to ruin the coffee and cause it to taste lackluster, empty, burnt, and may even accentuate unpleasant flavors such as bitterness

The trouble with reheating coffee is that the flavors of this particular beverage become more pronounced as the coffee cools down. This is true regardless of how the coffee is brewed. The flavor profile of brewed coffee changes and becomes more intense as it cools. 

This means that if you reheat a cup of coffee that has cooled down, all of those intense flavors will be altered again when the liquid is reheated. The alterations to the flavors of the brew may not be good and reheating a cup of coffee often makes it taste terrible. 

However, there are ways to reheat coffee that do not result in a terrible tasting cup, and the toaster oven is one of them. However, reheating a cup of coffee in a toaster oven required the proper technique to avoid ruining the drink. 

Coffee does reheat well in a toaster oven with the right method. Reheating coffee without causing too much flavor change is challenging, but one of the best ways to do this is to reheat the liquid very slowly. 

Using a toaster oven is ideal for this process, as the coffee can be placed in the oven before turning the oven on, and as the oven heats up, it will slowly heat the beverage. This slow heating is less likely to ruin the taste of the coffee as it heats up. 

For this reason, using a toaster oven is not only a viable option for reheating coffee, but it is one of the very best options for reheating coffee. 

This method can be slow, and it must be done carefully, but using a toaster oven to reheat a cup of cold coffee can work very well. 

Does Reheating Coffee In A Toaster Oven Ruin The Brew?

Brewing Coffee

We have already covered the best method for reheating a cup of coffee in a toaster oven that is the least likely to ruin the brew, but why must this process be done so carefully to end up with a drinkable cup of coffee after reheating? 

The truth is that it is possible to completely ruin a perfectly good cup of coffee by reheating it in a toaster oven. If the oven is pre-heated and brought to a very high temperature to attempt to reheat the coffee quickly, the coffee will be ruined by the time it has reheated entirely. 

If cold coffee is placed into a very hot environment that causes all of the liquid and anything dissolved into the liquid to heat up very quickly, the developed flavors within the liquid will change in the heat and are likely to produce a very burnt, bitter flavor. 

This is because the beverage that we call coffee is nothing more than small amounts of roasted coffee beans dissolved in water. These dissolved particulates are what give the drink its flavor, and these same particulates are what become bitter when they are reheated too quickly. 

All of this means that using the wrong method when reheating coffee in a toaster oven can produce a terrible cup of coffee, but if it is used well, a toaster oven is among the best ways to reheat coffee. 

What Is The Best Way To Reheat Coffee? 

reheat coffee

Using a toaster oven is one good way to reheat cold coffee, but is this the best method overall? Are there other appliances in the office or home kitchen that can be used to reheat cold coffee as well or more effectively than a toaster oven?

The toaster oven is an effective method for this, but it is not the overall best method. The best kitchen appliance is commonly found in almost every kitchen for reheating coffee in the microwave. 

The microwave is the best way to reheat coffee because of the way this appliance heats material placed into it. The microwave radiation emitted from a microwave oven is targeted directly at water molecules. 

This radiation causes water molecules to vibrate very quickly, which is what generates the heat required to cook or reheat material placed in the microwave oven. 

This unique heating method is the best for reheating coffee because the microwaves only heat the water in the cup and do not directly heat the material dissolved and suspended in the water. The water heating up indirectly heats up the material in it, but the microwave only heats the water itself. 

This means that the heating process has less effect on the flavor of the coffee as the liquid is heating back up to its preferred drinking temperature. Reheating coffee in a microwave is the best way to heat this liquid. 


Using a toaster oven is one of the best possible ways to reheat a cup of cold coffee. It is imperative to use the proper method, but if it is done well, this small appliance is perfect for the job. 

Using something like a microwave is better than a toaster oven for this purpose, but if the choice is between a toaster oven and another appliance that is not a microwave, using a toaster oven is always the better option for reheating coffee.