Can You Put Nutella In Your Coffee? (The Best Way To Do It)

Last Updated on September 21, 2023 by Barry Gray

I’ve always been intrigued by the various things you can add to coffee to change the taste. Of course, some products simply do not work, or they perhaps don’t hit your taste buds as you would expect. 

I won’t go into details of the various things I’ve tried mixing with coffee. It’s a bit embarrassing but intriguing at the same time.

From different types of chocolate to various spices and an array of concoctions, some work and some don’t. But this post is about one thing in particular, and it’s Nutella. 

Can you put Nutella into your coffee? What a question! Of course, you can. Who would want to miss the decadent deliciousness of creamy chocolate and hazelnut in a delectable drink? If you are in the mood for this yummy treat, read on; there are some great recipes you can try out, too.

I know this ingredient is not the first thing that will spring to mind when it comes to coffee. But I feel it’s the perfect example of what’s possible if you are willing to experiment.

When you think about it, using Nutella should not come as much of a surprise. It contains chocolate and hazelnut, and both of those flavors are added to coffee in different ways.

Yet, it’s the velvety texture of Nutella that will really change everything, and I promise you are going to love the combination. 

can you add nutella to coffee

While You Are At It, Add Some Cream 

You can ramp it up with Nutella gently heated with a dollop of heavy cream, then poured luxuriously over your coffee. There are tons of recipes for Nutella in coffee. Let’s look at the pros and cons of Nutella in coffee. 

Nutella is a chocolate hazelnut spread made from sugar, palm oil, hazelnuts, cocoa, and milk. As I said earlier, when you look more closely at the ingredients, so much of it makes sense as to why it blends with coffee.

 It has a smooth, creamy texture and a sweet, nutty flavor. The hazelnuts give Nutella a slightly earthy flavor, while the cocoa adds richness and depth. 

Nutella is tasty on toast, pancakes, waffles, or bagels. It can also be used in baking or as a dipping sauce for fruit. Who doesn’t enjoy strawberries dipped in chocolate? 

The sugars and oils make it high in calories, so that’s something you may want to pay attention to, and avoid indulging in coffee and Nutella too regularly.

The Cons of Adding Nutella to Your Coffee

I don’t mean to put a dampener on things, but there are a few negatives associated with adding Nutella to your coffee. However, I promise this will not be as painful as you perhaps feared.

Probably Not The Best Coffee If You Are Calorie Counting  

adding milk and nutella to your coffee

Nutella is popular worldwide and is often considered a delicious and decadent treat. However, it is essential to note that Nutella is high in sugar and fat. So, if you are watching your calorie intake then you may want to be careful with this drink.

Also, I know some people will just find the taste of Nutella overpowering. That’s why I suggest taking it easy at first. 

Nutritional Composition Of Nutella 

I’ll be honest. The benefits of Nutella, nutritionally, are minimal; it does contain calcium and iron as well as fiber. Iron is great for red blood cell production, and calcium is good for bones and teeth—the fiber in Nutella could help ward off certain cancers. 

Fiber does help avoid certain cancers, but the amount of fiber in Nutella would not do that on its own. 

As part of a balanced diet, it can, as every little bit helps. 

But that’s also why I suggest being careful what you add to your coffee. The Nutella can work wonders when it comes to changing the taste.

If you leave out the sugar and milk and use a teaspoon, you can enjoy a sweet, nutty black coffee without consuming calories. 

The Pros Of Mixing Nutella and Coffee

But just as this mixture has its negatives, it certainly also has its positives.

The Real Benefits Are The Happiness Quota 

nutella and coffee

The real benefit of Nutella and coffee is the happiness content; one cup can lift the mood and level out your sugar levels. The cream should keep that lift sustained a little longer. 

You can also enjoy a variety of Nutella and Coffee drinks, both hot and cold. By the time you have finished reading this, you will probably be craving a Nutella coffee!

Here are some starter recipes for Nutella Coffee:

Cold Nutella Coffee 

Your milk will be per cup serving. Here, I will make two iced Nutella coffees. Remember, this is for a particular taste, so you can play around with your measures to get the flavor you prefer. 


  • Four teaspoons of your favorite instant coffee 
  • Two cups of whole, coconut, or skimmed milk (depending on your preference). 
  • Four tablespoons of Nutella 
  • Sprinkle of vanilla pods or a half teaspoon of vanilla extract 
  • The pods break down into fabulous fiber specs, which look great in glassed coffee. 
  • Five ice cubes 
  • Half a cup of milk to foam later 


  • Make your instant coffee first, cool it, and add some sugar if you want it sweet. You can also make an espresso shot or use your Moka pot if you wish to, but as this is a quick recipe, go for the instant. Using two heaped teaspoons of instant coffee per cup gives it a more punchy flavor.
  • It would help if you had that robust flavor to match up to the nutty creaminess that is about to happen. 
  • Place your milk, or milk substitute, with the Nutella and vanilla into the blender, and throw in the ice cubes. 
  • Blend well until frothy. 
  • Pour the drinks into glass coffee cups, then foam your leftover milk with a milk frother. If you don’t one, do it manually.
  • Pour the frothy pale topping onto the Nutella Coffee mixture. You can add a sprig of mint or some cinnamon on top.

Hot Nutella Coffee 

  • Four teaspoons of instant coffee 
  • Two cups of whole, coconut, or skimmed milk (depending on your preference). 
  • Four tablespoons of Nutella 
  • Sprinkle of vanilla pods or a half teaspoon of vanilla extract 
  •  Four tablespoons of double cream 
  • Two tables spoons of sugar


  • Make your instant coffee first, then throw it into a pot with all your ingredients, including the milk, cream, and Nutella. 
  • Warm the mixture gently so as not to curdle the milk or cream. 
  • Once the mixture is warm, not hot, use your hand whisk to froth it and then pour it into your cups. 
  • This tastes great with a mix of coffee granules and brown sugar on top. 
  • Once you have brewed these recipes, you will have more idea of the taste and look of your Nutella coffee and experiment a little more. 

Keeping It Simple – Produce Some Zany Gourmet Coffees

gourmet coffee and nutella

You can produce some artisan gourmet coffees with a simple ingredient like Nutella once you get the hang of it. I love this ability to play around with tastes, and the Nutella adds such a gorgeous texture to the coffee.

But I’m not quite finished yet with giving you ideas. So, here are some other great tips and recipes:

Nutella Latte 

Add two teaspoons of Nutella as you would make a regular latte; this ramps up the nutty chocolatey taste and is an excellent combo with Brazilian coffee or other nutty-based coffees. 

Use your Moka or Press Pot to get deeper coffee flavors, then use whole milk or milk substitutes. Add a whisk of sweetened cream to add interest and flavor, then sprinkle with cocoa powder. 

Nutty Mocha 

Make your Mocha as you usually do, then if you feel very daring, add a dash of chocolate syrup and a teaspoon of Nutella. Finish it off with either low-calorie foamed milk or alternative or whipped cream. I like to shave some chocolate over the top. 

Nutella Affogato

Nutella Affogato is a real crowd-pleaser and so simple you’ll kick yourself for not trying it sooner. I’d also classify this as a coffee dessert, but you drink it whenever you want to!

In a tall glass decanter, two scoops of vanilla ice cream. You can interchange this with fudge ice cream or caramel, for example. If you are using a smaller glass, adjust the ice cream accordingly.

Make a robust coffee in your Moka pot, pour the warm coffee over the ice cream, then drizzle Nutella. I added some chopped nuts and syrup for more flavor. Cool the coffee mixture to create a coffee and Nutella sweet sauce, which will not melt the ice cream for an alternative coffee.

Which Coffees Go Well With Nutella? 

One thing I’ve always known about coffee is you cannot simply match up any coffee you want with any ingredient you want. Instead, I’ve discovered through a lot of trial and error that there are moments where flavors simply do not blend.

Mixing coffee with Nutella is no different. But I have a few tips on what to look out for if you plan on mixing these two ingredients.

  • Dark roast coffee: Dark roast coffee has a rich and intense flavor that can complement the sweetness of Nutella. You might have a favorite dark roast you enjoy currently. If so, use that. 
  • Espresso: Espresso is an intense and concentrated coffee that is also a good choice for pairing with Nutella.
  • French roast coffee: French roast coffee is similar to dark roast coffee but has a slightly smokier flavor; this can be a good option if you want a more complex flavor profile.
  • Hazelnut coffee: Hazelnut coffee has a nutty flavor that can complement the hazelnuts in the Nutella.
  • Caramel coffee: Caramel coffee has a sweet and creamy flavor that can help balance Nutella’s sweetness.

My Conclusion

The more you learn about coffee, the brewing methods, flavor profiles, and types of coffee, the more the world of gourmet opens up to you. Gourmet coffee is both exciting and varied. 

A great cup of artisan or gourmet coffee can impress friends, but better than that, it tastes great. Coffee is always offering people new experiences. 

As I always say, experimentation is vital; the only limit is your imagination, and if this is the case, come back here for inspiration.