Can You Put Nutella In Your Coffee? (The Best Way To Do It)

Last Updated on November 16, 2021 by John Moretti

While I was eating Nutella toast recently, sipping strong black coffee in between bites, something magical happened. The chocolate, roasted hazelnut, and bold coffee flavors merged to create multidimensional nutty-cocoa deliciousness. Salivating for more of this divine flavor fusion, I wondered: can I put Nutella in my coffee? 

You can mix Nutella into coffee to make drinks with a pleasant mouthfeel and the complementary flavors of nut and cocoa. Various mixing methods thoroughly combine the Nutella and coffee, including whisking, blending, heating, and stirring vigorously. 

More questions popped into my head. Does Nutella coffee turn out best when you mix it a specific way? Is the result as impressive with cold as with hot drinks? Does Nutella enhance both black and milky coffee? I went to the kitchen, grabbed my supersized Nutella jar, and started experimenting to find the answers. 

What Happens When You Mix Nutella And Coffee?


What I thought would be an hour or so of mixing and testing (and lots of tasting!) turned into a whole morning of trying out new ideas and methods for making the ultimate Nutella coffee. 

These are (what I hope will be) helpful takeaways from my exploration:

Does Nutella Dissolve In Coffee?

All the mixing techniques I tried were effective in getting Nutella to combine well with coffee. These techniques were stirring and whisking by hand, as well as whizzing in a blender. 

Not only did the Nutella dissolve in the coffee, but it also created a thicker, more satisfying coffee consistency. 

If you’ll be mixing by hand, keep in mind that you’ll get the smoothest results if your coffee is hot. With spirited enough hand-mixing, you can get cold coffee and Nutella to combine, but you’ll save time and energy by rather using a blender for this task. 

I discovered a trick to make it easier to mix Nutella and cold coffee by hand: first stir Nutella and a bit of warm milk together to form a sauce, then mix the sauce into the cold coffee. This trick works equally well whether you’re stirring Nutella into a chilled water-based coffee, like cold brew, or an iced milky coffee. 

Another important tip for improving Nutella’s mixability is to store it outside the fridge. Nutella doesn’t need to be chilled to stay fresh and will become hard and difficult to mix with coffee if refrigerated. 

Do Nutella and Coffee Taste Good Together? 

nutella taste coffee

I found that you can’t really go wrong when pairing Nutella and coffee. It’s a classic combination: coffee, chocolate, and hazelnuts. These flavors are strongly complementary because they share many similar notes, and all three flavors bring out the best in each other. 

Whether you put Nutella in brewed coffee or instant, strong black coffee or milky, it’s always tasty.

Though the type of coffee you use will influence your drink’s taste. Take a shot of espresso – this will give you a richer, more intense coffee flavor than will a teaspoon of instant coffee. And milky coffee will be creamier and milder.

The type of bean you choose and the degree to which it’s been roasted will also have an effect. For example, some beans have a nutty-cocoa flavor – the perfect partner for a dollop of Nutella! 

Something else you can customize is how much Nutella you put in your coffee. I found that about a tablespoonful added enough chocolate-hazelnut yumminess without overpowering the coffee flavor. Try your coffee with a little less or a little more until you find the right amount for your taste. 

Coffee, in all its forms, and Nutella is a winning combo. When choosing your perfect recipe, be guided by your taste buds, as well as by how much effort and creativity you feel like putting into making your drink. 

3 Ways To Make Nutella Coffee, From Simple To Showy 

coffee with nutella

From the many recipes I tried, three turned out so well that I want to share them. Here, inspiration to awaken your inner barista:

1. Nutella Coffee For People Who Like To Keep Things Simple

My go-to coffee is a tall Americano, so I started experimenting with this drink. All I did was add a spoonful of Nutella to my steaming hot black coffee and stir by hand. 

The result: a sweeter, slightly thicker Americano with a more complex flavor profile. 

2. Easy Nutella Coffee For Those Who Enjoy A Creamy Drink 

Next on my experiment list was milky coffee. I poured a shot of espresso, just under a cup of milk and a spoonful of Nutella into a saucepan over low heat and brought the mixture to a boil. I then turned down the heat and let the mixture simmer while I whisked it energetically until the ingredients had mixed well. 

I ended up with a frothy, velvety, creamy coffee with hints of chocolate and hazelnut. If you want to add a little something extra to this already satisfying drink, top it with whipped cream. 

3. Nutella Coffee For Everyone Craving Something Decadent 

The more I experimented, the more indulgent my concoctions became. My final recipe was a Nutella coffee milkshake. To make this, I added three generous scoops of vanilla ice cream, half a cup of milk, and a spoonful of Nutella to my blender and whizzed until everything was just mixed. 

I felt fancy, so I poured the mixture into a gold-rimmed glass (though I couldn’t resist tasting it straight from the blender before pouring). To intensify the Nutella flavor, I scattered chocolate sprinkles and slivers of toasted hazelnuts on top. 

This drink is so luxurious and tasty that I’m definitely going to whip it up again to share with friends.

An Expert’s Nutella Coffee Recipe You Need To Try

After I’d had my fun in the kitchen (and dug deeply into my Nutella jar), I decided to call in a professional for their take on a dreamy Nutella coffee recipe. 

My friend Debbie Hannibal, from Cook Studio, is a recipe developer, cookbook writer, kitchen whizz, and food-styling superstar. I’ve seen (and tasted) what she can do with a jar of Nutella, from her yummy Nutella Pavlova to her can’t-get-enough Chocolate & Nutella Trifle, so I knew she’d give me a must-try Nutella coffee recipe. 

Debbie didn’t disappoint. Her recipe is as simple to prepare as it’s scrumptious. And it needs only four ingredients. Save it for a carefree, sunny day when you want to treat yourself and someone special. 

Easy-breezy Iced Nutella Coffee

Serves two


  • 1 cup milk
  • 2 shots espresso coffee 
  • 1 cup milk ice cubes (to make, fill an icetray with milk and freeze) 
  • 2 tablespoons Nutella, plus more for serving
  • Chopped hazelnut truffles


  • Mix the milk and coffee and refrigerate for about an hour.
  • Smear Nutella on the sides of two long glasses (aim for stylish swirls, not messy smudges). 
  • Add the chilled milky coffee, ice cubes, and Nutella to a blender and whizz until smooth.
  • Share the mixture between two glasses.
  • Sprinkle the chopped truffles on top.

Wrapping Up

Whether hot or cold, milky or black, espresso or instant, elaborate or effortless, there are countless ways to combine coffee and Nutella into a smooth, delicious drink. I got as much pleasure from tasting and tweaking recipes to make them just right as from savoring the result. (Perhaps it was the caffeine and sugar buzz I enjoyed…)

I suggest that you, too, invest in a supersized jar of Nutella and start experimenting with ingredients, techniques, and methods to come up with your own signature Nutella coffee creation.