Ninja Vs. Keurig Coffee Makers (What You Need To Know)

Last Updated on April 8, 2022 by John Moretti

If you’re interested in buying a new coffee maker, you have most likely already come across the Ninja and Keurig brands, as both are popular machines for at-home use. Should you purchase a Ninja or a Keurig coffee maker, and how do these two machines compare to each other?

Ninja coffee makers have loads of brewing options and have convenience features such as a brew timer and warming tray. It also comes with a frother. The wide selection may increase the complexity. If simplicity is what you’re looking for, the Keurig may be the machine for you.

Both of these high-quality machines will make a delicious cup of coffee, but there are differences. Continue reading as we break down the cost, ease of use, features, and overall quality of each of these beautiful coffee makers!

A Head-To-Head Comparison: Ninja Vs. Keurig Coffee Makers

Next, we will be looking at both the Ninja and Keurig coffee makers side by side, one aspect at a time. By knowing how these two compare to each other, you will have a much easier time deciding which one is the perfect match for you!

Ninja Vs. Keurig Coffee Makers

1. Cost

The bottom line is that the Keurig coffee machine is more budget-friendly. However, if you compare the number of option each of these machines have, it may be a much closer call. 

For the amount of money you pay, you will get more benefits out of a Ninja Coffee maker. If you are on a tight budget, Keurig is the perfect match for you!

2. Features

You simply can’t compare these two coffee makers when it comes to their features. The Ninja coffee maker will win instantly when it comes to the number of options for your coffee. 

If you like a wide variety of different types of coffee and bigger batches at a time, the Ninja will benefit you more than the Keurig. However, Keurig offers higher quality coffee makers, but you will end up paying more than you would for the Ninja. 

Keurig does the best when the focus is on a single-serve cup of coffee.

3. Ease Of Use

Keurig is seen as superior to the Ninja because the coffee pods make it both fast and straightforward to make a cup of coffee with only the push of one button. Cleaning a Keurig machine is also highly similar when compared to the Ninja. 

The Ninja can get slightly more complicated because of all the menu options. If you are not a morning person and will be drinking a cup of coffee barely after 5 minutes of waking up, the Keurig is strongly advised!

Ninja Coffee Makers

Milk Frother

The best thing about Ninja coffee makers is that they tend to take a different approach to making your coffee at home. 

Where Keurig is more focused on a streamlined process to make your routine in the morning easy and quick, Ninja focuses on offering its customers a feature-rich machine with the most versatility. 

You can choose from a very wide variety of brew sizes, ranging from a single cup all the way to a full carafe, which is ideal for making bigger batches for those times you have company! 

On top of this, Ninja coffee makers also have several different strength settings, including a setting to keep larger brews hot, as well as a delay timer if you like to wake up with a fresh cup of coffee! 

One of the best features that boost Ninja coffee makers’ popularity is the built-in milk frother. If you’re a big fan of espresso, you will find it very handy to have a milk frother on hand at all times! However, the only downside to Ninja coffee makers can be the several options and settings. 

With these options and settings comes a higher degree of complexity. The Ninja Coffee Bar isn’t necessarily difficult to use, but you will experience more of a learning curse than you would with a Keurig model. 

In order to accommodate all these different options on the machine, it is relatively on the bigger side. However, this will not be a problem if you have enough space. But, if you have tight counter space, it may not be the best coffee maker for you. 

Still, if you can make some extra space for this machine, you will always have a one-stop coffee shop at home to suit all your coffee-making needs!

Keurig Coffee Makers

coffee pod

Keurig coffee machines have gained a lot of popularity among some of the biggest coffee fanatics, and rightfully so! Keurig’s popularity mainly comes from its easy use, along with the wide variety of coffee that is compatible with the machines. 

Keurig coffee machines make use of coffee pods, which makes your job of preparing a cup of coffee as simple as inserting a pod into your machine and pressing a button! It almost sounds too good to be true! 

Cleaning a Keurig coffee machine is practically just as easy as preparing a cup of coffee. You can simply throw your used pod into your garbage, and your job is done! If you are an environmentally conscious person and can’t get yourself to throw away one or more coffee pods daily, you can use reusable pods. 

They are readily available on the market and will cut down on loads of waste. Additional to cutting down on the waste, you will also be getting unlimited coffee options since any coffee ground is suitable for use with a coffee pod! 

A Keurig coffee machine is an excellent choice if you plan on making a single cup of coffee at a time. More than one serving can turn into a hassle since you need to wait for your first cup of coffee to finish before starting with the second cup. 

One of the best features of a Keurig coffee machine would be a single serving of water that can be boiled. This also makes it easy if you have somebody coming over who does not like coffee. You can simply offer them a cup of tea and use your Keurig machine to boil the water.


Which one is right for you? If you are a low-maintenance person who simply just wants a cup of coffee, the Keurig is the one for you! the pod system makes it very user-friendly and makes brewing your cup of coffee and cleaning it up quick and easy!

Both of these coffee machines make great coffee, so which one is right for you solely depends on which one you prefer. Happy coffee drinking!