Nespresso Vs. Dolce Gusto (Complete Guide)

Last Updated on September 15, 2021 by John Moretti

It all boils down to what you’re looking for in a machine. Do you want a seamless coffee-making experience, or do you savor the barista experience like me? Considering the design and the countertop space, which coffee machine do you think suits your space? 

Are you a big fan of flavors or do you just fancy variety and being able to pick from several types of coffees, tea blends, and other chocolate-based beverages? 

Since the cost between the two types are so different, you can work out how much you’re able to spend. How much are you willing to put out on your coffee machine? Are you, like me, who thinks of it as an investment? 

While I recommend the Nespresso machines, you might differ in opinion. Either way, it’s best to consider your lifestyle requirements before deciding which of the two you’ll pick. 

Nespresso Vs. Dolce Gusto – Pros & Cons 

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The name Nespresso always gets me thinking about espressos and this is fitting because espresso is strong but very fragrant for true coffee connoisseurs. The Nespresso machine range is inspired by this, offering a superior coffee taste and quality. 


  • Nespresso provides a deeper, fuller flavor
  • There is a wide range of specialty coffees available. 
  • The coffee available in the pods is of premium quality, often better tasting.
  • Nespresso is made for people who enjoy coffee in its pure form.
  • Nespresso also caters to milky coffee brews.  
  • It has a large water tank that is easy to remove and insert. 
  • I also have control over the flavor intensities.
  • The Nespresso pods use freshly ground coffee and is sealed to hold its freshness until I use it. 
  • I like that it doesn’t use artificial sugars and milk.


  • Nespresso coffee pods are more expensive than Dolce Gusto.
  • The coffee machines cost more too.
  • Nespresso is only available in short cups. If you want a longer cup of 220ml, you may need two pods.
  • Nespresso coffee pods are harder to find than the Dolce Gusto 

Dolce Gusto

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The Dolce Gusto is an option for those who love coffee in many varieties, with the flexibility of making chocolate drinks and teas. 


  • Dolce Gusto coffee machines and pods are less expensive than Nespresso.
  • Dolce gives a variety of choices with coffee for “long cups” or short. There are up to seven sizes to choose from. “Lungo” and “Grande Intenso” are some of the long coffees. 
  • There’s a variety of coffee and hot chocolate variations to choose in the Dolce Gusto range; over 40 different types. 
  • I like that the Dolce Gusto is simple to use and all the ingredients are in one place.
  • Everything in one pod is convenient for many casual coffee drinkers. 


  • There are no specialty coffees available in Dolce Gusto and these coffee machines primarily cater for commercial use. 
  • Dolce Gusto is inferior when it comes to potent aromas and flavors.
  • I don’t particularly appreciate that the Dolce Gusto coffee pods contain powdered milk.
  • The ingredients are stored inside the pod for longer and are less fresh than Nespresso.
  • I don’t control what goes into my beverages made with the Dolce Gusto because the pods are pre-made.

At A Glance Nespresso Vs. Dolce Gusto

With a brief look, I realized these machines make creating a tasty cup of coffee easy even though I’m not a pro barista. The settings are accessible, and some machines adapt a simple click of a button for the brewing to begin. 
It takes time to do manual froth and since I lead a busy schedule, sometimes all I want is simply a nice cuppa and head out for work afterward. However, I enjoy quality coffee, and I don’t mind the quick brewing and frothing process.  
Essential traits of the Nespresso and Dolce Gusto coffee machines 

Types Of Drinks Available Between Nespresso Vs. Dolce Gusto


Each coffee machine offers its unique touch regarding coffee flavor and depth. Sizes in the Nespresso  coffee cup quantities include Restretto 25ml, Espresso 40ml, Lungo 110ml, Americano 150ml. 

Nespresso coffees are available in fruity blends (fruity, flowery, citrus,) balanced (honey, roasted, cereals, biscuits,) and intense flavors (spicy, woody, cocoa, intensely roasted.)

The Nespresso can also make other drinks that are in your control. If you want to make a hot chocolate, you can still use the frother from the machine to froth the milk to your desired creaminess. After frothing, you could separately add the milk contents into your cup containing the cocoa.

Being able to froth the milk gives the Nespresso a beautiful barista experience. This is one of the key features I love about this machine. I like my coffee with the experience.

Dolce Gusto 

Dolce Gusto Espresso intenso 50ml, Starbucks Dolce Gusto 220ml, and other sizes range from small to large. 

In the Dolce Gusto range, I find that an array of easy and enjoyable blends. These blends include Latte macchiato, caramel macchiato, cafe au lait, cappuccino, dark roast, medium roast, skinny cappuccino, and caramel latte macchiato. 

Everything is at a quick flick of a setting. If you want chocolate milk, you can use the pods tailored to this, thanks to the variety of pods, including cocoa and milk powder. 

Nespresso Vs. Dolce Gusto Coffee Machine Designs 

There’s a distinct design difference between the Nespresso and the Dolce Gusto coffee machines. 

The Nespresso features straight lines and leans more towards simplicity and minimalism. High-end machines include the Latissma and the Creatista

Dolce Gusto brings in a curve design with the top being rounder and the bottom half widening. The Dolce Gusto machines are usually smaller and take up less counter space in than the Nespresso machines. 

Both coffee pod machines will match contemporary and modern décor within the home. 

Most Nespresso machines contain a frother to put you in control of how much foam, froth, and milk you’d like to use. 

What To Look For If You’re Buying The Nespresso Coffee Machine

  • Nespresso coffee machines are available in many sizes. The machine can store 6 to 13 used capsules before having to be emptied. 
  • If you need a larger water tank to make more coffees simultaneously, then the tank should be around 1.5L. Also, take note of the heating time. Some Nespresso machines can rapidly heat up in a quick 25 seconds. 
  • The Nespresso machine’s coffee pods are not readily available in supermarkets.

What To Look For When Shopping For The Dolce Gusto Coffee Machine 

  • Unlike the Nespresso coffee machines, Dolce Gusto cannot store any empty pods.  
  • The Dolce Gusto machine can provide a versatile range of beverages, both hot and cold. Most coffee devices work with simple auto settings. The Dolce Gusto machines also tend to be louder during the brewing process.
  • You’ll be able to find the Dolce Gusto coffee in most supermarkets.

The Coffee Pods – Nespresso Vs. Dolce Gusto 

Both coffee machines produce pod coffee and, thus, have a larger carbon footprint in the long run. I do commend and admire the fact that the company came up with plans to be more sustainable.  

Dolce Gusto – Dolce developed a reusable stainless steel pod. This pod is designed to take whichever ground coffee I prefer. I fill it up, seal it and place it into the machine to do its thing.

Nespresso – Nespresso has two versions of reusable pods, stainless steel and another made from BPA-free materials that are 100% non-toxic and sustainable. 

There are also patented reusable pods that work on the Nespresso and Dolce Gusto machines. Initially, these pods were designed for the Dolce Gusto coffee machine. Fortunately, it helps eliminate having to worry about the size or coffee type. 

The reusable patented Dolce Gusto pod or DGPod (compatible with Nespresso) comes with four main components. The cover, lid, coffee of your choosing, strainer, and pod. I appreciate that, with this reusable one, in particular, I get to brew my coffees stronger. Best of all, I save lots of cash because I only refill my coffee and not the pods. It’s been a game-changer for me. 

How Did I Choose Between The Nespresso Vs. The Dolce Gusto Machines? 

I am a coffee lover, and I enjoy the full-bodied flavor of espressos. For me, choosing between the Nespresso and the Dolce Gusto was easy because the Nespresso offers everything I want from coffee. 

I don’t mind making tea separately when I feel like having a cup of tea. Let’s just say that my taste buds are more invested in coffee than in tea. Having the variety of beverage flavors available from the Dolce Gusto range isn’t for me. 
If you want to choose between these brands, ask yourself these few questions:

What design do you want for a coffee machine? 

The Dolce Gusto is bold with their designs and that might not be everyone’s “cup of coffee.” The Nespresso has a minimal design that is elegant and chic. The design of the machine could sway you to either one, depending on your preference. 

Do you want many types of coffee beverages? 

If you’re not like me and prefer variety with your coffee, Dolce Gusto offers this for you. Chocolate beverages, cold drinks, and teas are some of the machine’s specialties.  

Froth works

Nespresso machines give users that barista experience where you can start your coffee as an espresso and then craft it into a delicious cappuccino or latte. This is thanks to the steam arm. You could also use a separate frother to create froth for your drink.  

The frother on the Nespresso has three different types of froth settings. It uses froth from fresh milk.

The Dolce Gusto range of machines doesn’t have a frothing arm, neither can you use a frother. The machine automatically incorporates this step into the type of drink it’s making. This is excellent for people who don’t have the time to froth manually. 

Dolce only has one froth setting, and that includes foam from a capsule.