Nespresso Vs. Aeropress (Everything You Need To Know)

Last Updated on January 20, 2022 by John Moretti

Whether you prefer strong or mild brew, it is not easy to decide on the appropriate machine if you are a coffee lover. When it comes to choosing between Aeropress vs. Nespresso to be your espresso machine, I must say they are excellent at producing rich, bold coffee. But their differences are undeniable, and you need to consider them before deciding which is best.

This article thoroughly examines the differences between Aeropress and Nespresso and gives reasons for which one is better than the other. If you would like to discover everything about these two espresso machines, please continue reading to the end.

What to Look For: Nespresso Vs. Aeropress

  • Convenience/time constraint – If you prefer a quick fix of coffee, Nespresso is your best choice. However, if you like putting some effort into making your best coffee and do not mind spending more time, consider AeroPress.
  • Cost – When considering buying a coffee maker, consider the cost. Nespresso is said to be more expensive than Aeropress. However, if cost is not an issue for you, all factors holding constant Nespresso seem like the best option.
  • Quality – Both machines produce high-quality coffee. However, the use of Nespresso constrains you from enjoying different varieties of your choice. But with AeroPress, you can use a combination of different beans to produce a desired cup of coffee.

An Overview of Nespresso Vs. Aeropress

The Nespresso machine is a single-serve machine that works similar to Keurig by accepting coffee pods with pre-packaged ground coffee. Also, this machine has a water reservoir plus a heating element.

To make it work, insert the pod into the Nespresso machine and press the start button. The machine will pierce the pod as it begins to brew the coffee as the sizable amount of water is poured into the cup under high pressure.  While this machine works similar to Keurig, it tends to have more pressure, resulting in a coffee similar to creamy espresso.

Due to such high pressure, the foil busts produce a high-rich, creamy espresso-style coffee.

coffee capsules

The AeroPress machine is an excellent choice if you love a flavorful and strong cup of coffee. This manual coffee producer uses an immersion brewing style. However, unlike the French press, the immersion is done for a few seconds, and then the water is manually forced out by pushing the plunger down the brewer’s chamber slowly.

This design aimed to minimize acidity and coffee bitterness. It resembles a large syringe resting on the countertop. At the bottom is the plastic filter where you add hot water and coffee powder, then stir and close the system. As a result, the pressure will create a concentrated coffee-producing 0.35 to 0.75 bars of pressure.

Similarities Between AeroPress and Nespresso Machine

  • Both machines produce strong cups of American coffee or espresso style.
  • Both machines brew coffee in the shortest time possible
  • For faster brewing, fine grounded coffee is best

Differences Between AeroPress and Nespresso Machines

Brewing process

Nespresso brews coffee automatically, thus, you have minimal control over the process. If you want a quick coffee fixer, go for Nespresso. It is capable of brewing coffee within 30 to 60 seconds.

However, AeroPress is a manual machine giving you a lot of control over the process. Nevertheless, it takes more time to produce coffee. You need to heat the water to a temperature of 200°F and grind coffee beans before brewing increases over more.

Aeropress coffee maker


While both machines produce excellent coffee, you are likely to enjoy coffee made by AeroPress as you have more control in the production process to your taste compared to Nespresso.  

Coffee grounds

With the AeroPress machine, you are set to enjoy a fresher coffee. While you can still use pre-ground coffee or coffee beans, you can also use fresh coffee beans. Thus, ensuring you enjoy a more suitable cup of coffee. However, with Nespresso, there is no chance of enjoying fresh coffee as one has to use pre-ground coffee in pods.

Texture customization

With Nespresso, you have no chance for customization. Thus, it makes it challenging to adjust the amount, texture, and strength of the coffee beans. With Aeropress, you can decide on the flavor by choosing different pods. If you do not change the pods, you will always enjoy the same cup of coffee.

Necessary equipment

The Nespresso machine will only need pods as the additional tool to produce a great cup of coffee.

With Aeropress machines, you will need a grinder, scooper, and a stack of coffee.

coffee grinder with scoop


The Nespresso machine has fewer complexes as it is a single unit, whereas the Aeropress machine comprises several parts, including a filter cap, cylindrical chambers, and a plunger.


Since you can use fresh beans in an Aeropress machine, you need to use a microfilter to save the coffee. However, there is no need for filters while using the Nespresso machine as one can use pre-packaged pods.


The AeroPress machine is portable, allowing the user to carry it from one place to another. The Nespresso machines are compact and not portable.


The pressure involved in the production of coffee using the AeroPress machine is not enough to produce cream. With a Nespresso machine, a pod shot called crema can be used to create a creamy foam on top of the glass.

Nespresso Machine Pros and Cons


  • Easy to make coffee – The process of making coffee using this machine is automatic. As such, it is less complicated and involves fewer steps, making it a less tedious job.
  • Affordable – About other automated espresso machines, Nespresso is affordable. However, when compared to AeroPress, they are a bit expensive.


  • Waste – When dealing with Nespresso machines, expect to produce a lot of waste. While pods are made of recyclable aluminum materials, they do contain parts that you can’t recycle. Besides, you will need to strip them before recycling, resulting in waste production. So, there are great options of reusable pods.
  • Cleaning – Despite being a single unit that is less complicated, cleaning it requires a lot of work. After every use, the coffee capsule needs rinsing. More so, there is a need to clean the water tank before refilling the tank. With time, there are higher chances of the inner parts of the machine being accumulated by calcium.
  • Regular repairs – Nespresso machines are made of complex electrical parts. These parts are susceptible to wear and tear, requiring replacement. Thus, this machine requires high maintenance.

AeroPress Pros and Cons


  • Portable – AeroPress are so portable that they can be moved around easilly.
  • Affordability – It costs a few dollars to purchase an AeroPress machine compared to Nespresso. More so, you get to enjoy long savings. Instead of dealing with costly coffee pods, enjoy the choice of your ground coffee.
  • Less waste – With AeroPress, there is minimal to no waste involved. Besides, you can use reusable metal filters or biodegradable filters like paper filters. You got nothing to dispose of using reusable filters apart from the coffee itself, which can be used as a composite.
  • Easy cleaning – Cleaning is easy to do and requires less maintenance. Just unscrew the parts and clean them. Simple rinsing in a dishwasher is enough to make this machine clean enough.
  • No repairs necessary – AeroPress has no electric components. It is made of strong plastic materials. As such, you have no reason to be concerned about possible malfunctions. However, this machine doesn’t last forever, and you could lose the filter cap or rubber seal. The best part is that one can buy a single replacement part without necessarily buying the whole part.
  • Control – AeroPress is a manual device, thus, a user has more control over how they brew the coffee by adjusting various aspects of your coffee machines. Such adjustments include steep time, pressure, water temperatures, and brew time, among others. Also, you can use any coffee. However, it works best with fine ground coffee capable of supporting grind size.
  • Freshness – With AeroPress, you stand a chance of enjoying a fresher coffee as you can always use fresh ground in producing your coffee. By grinding the fresh ground, oxidation occurs, unlocking a sweet aroma and thus, producing a flavorful coffee.


  • Time-consuming – The fact that it is a manual machine the process of making a cup of coffee can be time-consuming and tedious.
  • No crema – The pressure involved in coffee production by using the AeroPress machine is not enough to make the cream.

Know Which Is Suitable For You Between Nespresso and Aeropress

While both machines can brew bold and rich flavored coffee, the Aeropress machine brews high-quality coffee compared to Nespresso. However, if you choose the quality way, you have to forego espresso as the machine never brews espresso.

Use an AeroPress machine if you are cost-conscious or enjoy great coffee at a lower cost. Even with the additional equipment needed to use this machine, the cost is less than using Nespresso.

making coffee

If you enjoy having control over the coffee production process and do not mind the labor involved in grinding coffee beans, Aeropress is your best shot.

If you have the necessary supplies and equipment use an Aeropress machine and enjoy high-quality coffee.

However, if you don’t like the tedious work of measuring stuff, go for Nespresso. This machine involves the use of pods, requiring no measurement of the amount of coffee needed. Therefore, you will be enjoying the same type of quality of coffee as it will always brew the same amount.

If you love frothing milk, then get yourself a Nespresso machine. With this machine, you will make creative drinks like a homemade latte.

Similarly, if you like your coffee faster, the Nespresso machine is automatic and capable of brewing coffee in less than a minute. In this contest, it becomes a better choice than the Aeropress machine.

The Nespresso machine also utilizes less counter space. If you are a minimalist person, enjoy a cup of espresso with a Nespresso machine.

Both machines are excellent, but the choice will solely depend on the person’s preference. Personally, I would go for AeroPress. This is because I enjoy the art of making a great cup of coffee to my liking and am able to get the full value for my money as I will receive the best high-quality coffee. The beauty of it is that I already have the necessary tools needed, and even if I were to buy them, I would still choose the AeroPress machine.


Generally, both Nespresso and Aeropress offer high-quality coffee, but they surely have some differences. While Nespresso is automatic, Aeropress requires some level of manual input. Thus, if you prefer a quick coffee fixer, Nespresso is a convenient option. However, keeping Nespresso clean is challenging and involves producing more waste due to the use of pods.

While they both have some cons, AeroPress seems to stand out as a great alternative for brewing quality and flavorful coffee. However, the best machine will depend on an individual’s preference.