Nespresso Vertuo Vs. Original: The 6 Unknown Differences

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Nespresso leads the market in terms of high-quality capsule machines and coffee. It has two different but excellent lines of machines known as Vertuo and Original.

So, what’s the difference between Vertuo and Original lines?

  • OriginalLine machines are cheaper than Vertuo machines.
  • Vertuo machines have better features compared to Original machines.
  • Vertuo machines offer more diversity regarding the types of drinks you can make compared to Original machines.
  • Original machines have a better coffee extraction method compared to Vertuo machines.
  • Original machine coffee pods are cheaper compared to Vertuo machine pods.

1. Machine Cost

  • Winner: Original
nespresso machine

OriginalLine machines prices are much lower than the standard Vertuo machine. However, cheap Original machines tend to have inferior features compared to the cheapest Vertuo machines. But, if you are on a tight budget, OriginalLine machines should be the better choice.

Machines themselves dictate the entry price that someone needs to pay to enjoy a good cup of Nespresso coffee.

And while Vertuo and Original machines are usually expensive, these are one-time costs that will begin to fade later when you only need to pay for the cost of the pods.

VertuoLine machines are pretty much all similar in terms of their prices as they usually range between $170 to a little more than $200, depending on the model and features of the machine.

That means that Vertuo machines don’t differ in terms of their prices, but there is no arguing against the fact that they can be quite expensive.

On the other hand, Original machines tend to have different prices depending on the size and features of the machines.

You can go for budget picks under a hundred dollars, but some OriginalLine machines can go for over $250. The price differences from one machine to another vary because of how diverse Original machines are.

2. Machine Features

  • Winner: Vertuo
nespresso vertuo pack

It’s tough to decide between the two machines in terms of their features because neither Vertuo nor Original machines have plenty of different features compared to their other competitors (such as Keurig, for example).

But the fact that you have to pay a reasonable price for Original machines to get unique features makes me lean over to Vertuo.

VertuoLine machines are made in-house and are only developed by Nespresso. This means that there are only a few models of Vertuo machines, and such models don’t differ a lot in terms of their price and features.

They are all relatively similar in how they look and function, but the difference lies in the size and additional tools. For example, no Vertuo machine comes with a milk frother, but some are packaged with a separate milk frother.

On the other hand, OriginalLine machines vary in terms of their features because of how varied the prices are.

But the point here is that OriginalLine machines that are at the same price level as VertuoLine machines tend to pack more features such as a built-in milk frother. But cheaper machines are only made to extract espresso and offer nothing else.

3. Types Of Drinks

  • Winner: Vertuo
espresso drinks

Original machines are amazing because of how you can whip up a good shot of espresso and then use the shot for your own specific preferences.

It gets interesting because Vertuo and Original lines tend to differ in the drinks you can make. These two different lines are just so distinctive in their approach to delivering a good cup of coffee.

VertuoLine introduced an option where you can prepare either a shot of espresso or a full mug of coffee that’s similar to what the other competitors can offer. That means that you don’t have to spend more time preparing your coffee by steaming your milk so that you can get a good latte.

Meanwhile, OriginalLine machines are for the coffee purists in the sense that the only things that you can prepare with these machines are espresso and espresso-based drinks like lungo, latte, ristretto, etc.

As such, when you use an Original machine, you can only pull espresso shots, and then you are free to do what you want with those shots.

4. Extraction Method

  • Winner: Original

The way the coffee is extracted from the pods matters in terms of the overall quality of the cup of coffee that you can get from the machine.

Even though Vertuo machines use a more modern and faster approach that is efficient and effective, nothing beats the classic. OriginalLine machines may work slower due to the traditional method of extraction.

Still, the results are worth it because the espresso you get is high-quality and really up to par with what traditional espresso machines are capable of pulling. 

VertuoLine machines use a centrifugal method in extracting the coffee from the beans inside the pods. This means that the machine spins the pods rapidly once the pods have been infused with water.

This allows the water to mix with the ground beans inside the pod so that the machine can extract your coffee well enough. Such a method is faster and more modern but isn’t the same as traditional coffee shops use.

On the other hand, OriginalLine machines stay true to the way coffee beans should be extracted. These machines use a pump that uses up to 19 bars of pressure to extract the espresso from the beans.

As such, this is similar to the way traditional espresso machines extract espresso. Still, it also takes more time because the machine needs to make sure the water is hot enough to produce the pressure needed to extract high-quality coffee.

5. Capsule Options

  • Winner: Original
nespresso vertuo capsule

The roster of coffee pods that Vertuo has is growing, but there is no way that Vertuo can stand up to the roster that Original has.

There are more choices for you if you go with Original. And choice matters if you are like me who want to try different coffee types from different brands.

Vertuo and Original machines use different capsules. Therefore, this means that you won’t be able to use Vertuo capsules for Original machines and vice versa.

Vertuo machines use a barcode system that only accepts Vertuo capsules that Nespresso and their partner brands make. Unfortunately, that means that the choices you have are minimal as Nespresso is yet to partner up with plenty of different third-party brands.

Nespresso and Starbucks are some of the few brands that have capsules that work with Vertuo machines.

On the other hand, OriginalLine machines have more partner brands and can use third-party pods as long as the capsules fit the machines.

As such, the choices you have are endless, especially if you have a brand that you fancy more than Nespresso. Thus, original gives you a much more comprehensive range of options when it comes to your coffee experience.

6. Capsule Price Range

  • Winner: Original

If you are like me and don’t want to spend too much money on coffee, Original takes the cake. That’s because Original pods are more affordable without sacrificing quality.

Vertuo pods are more expensive because your choices are restricted and limited to a few brands that offer high-priced pods. That means that you may end up spending somewhere between $0.90 to $1.25 per pod, depending on the brand.

On the other hand, OriginalLine pods tend to be more affordable as you can get them from different brands that offer different prices.

Most Original pods can go somewhere between $0.70 and $0.85, but it won’t be rare for you to see a brand selling pods that can go for half a dollar or even less than that, especially if you buy in bulk.



OriginalLine offers better value and variety than Vertuo.

While it might be true that the most expensive Original machines are costly, you can still enjoy Original pods in machines that are cheaper.

On top of that, you have a wider range of cheaper pod options. But remember, Original machines will only allow you to make espresso.

Vertuo, on the other hand, is best for those who want a wider range of drink types in the sense that you can go for an espresso or a full-sized coffee. Vertuo machines seem to be more appealing for those who are always on the go because they are quicker and more efficient.

Then again, VertuoLine will have a higher cost per capsule, but that shouldn’t bother you, especially if you value time more than cost.