Nespresso Breville Vs. De’Longhi (My Choice)

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Choosing the best Nespresso machine is challenging because there are many top brands in the market today. For instance, Breville and De’Longhi are two of the best and biggest brands in Nespresso machine production.

But don’t worry because you have come to the right place and you are in safe hands! This article will make it easier for you to choose between two companies that I believe stand out the most when it comes to Nespresso machines – Breville and De’Longhi.

Let’s get started…

Who Manufactures Nespresso Machines

Breville is a company based in Australia and has been around for nearly a century already. As a company of home appliances, Breville specializes in blenders, kettles, and sandwich makers. However, Breville has since become one of the more prominent names when it comes to Nespresso machines.

De’Longhi, on the other hand, is based in Italy and has always been a coffee and espresso machine company. This company has only been around for a few decades, but it has already made a name for itself.

Its coffee and espresso machines are so popular among households and coffee shops alike. As such, it was an easy decision for Nespresso to outsource their machine manufacturing to this company. 

When you are out shopping for a Nespresso machine, you will quickly notice how the machines are labeled with the Breville or De’Longhi brand alongside the Nespresso name. And that’s because these are two of the best manufacturing partners that Nespresso has.

I want to differentiate the two so that it would be easier for you to know which is the better brand between Breville and De’Longhi.

The Rundown

  • Breville vs. De’Longhi Similar Machines
    • Essenza Mini
    • CitiZ
    • Vertuo
    • VertuoPlus
    • Vertuo Next
  • Unique Machines
    • Breville Creatista
    • De’Longhi Lattissima

Unique Machines

While the Nespresso machines of both Breville and De’Longhi are almost the same in terms of design and everything they do, these brands have their own exclusive machines as well. In addition, Breville and De’Longhi have more input in the aesthetics and functions of these machines.

Here are some unique machines from Breville and De’Longhi.

Breville Creatista

Nespresso BNE800BSS Creatista Plus Espresso Machine by Breville, Brushed Stainless Steel

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Breville’s exclusive machines come in the Creatista line, including the Creatista Pro, the Creatista Plus, and the Creatista Uno. These machines are different from the Nespresso machines that Breville has.

The Creatista line comes with a unique yet minimalist stainless-steel look covering the machines head to toe. The machines also come with a pitcher and milk frother. This means that the machines actually look more like espresso machines than capsule coffee machines.

The Creatista line allows you to create different milk-based drinks because it comes with a milk pitcher. You can choose flat white, latte, cappuccino, or macchiato, which are all easy to make using the Creatista line of machines. The machine does it all for you with just a push of a button.

De’Longhi Lattissima

Nespresso Lattissima Pro Coffee and Espresso Machine by DeLonghi, Silver

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02/17/2024 02:15 pm GMT

De’Longhi’s exclusive Nespresso machine line is the Lattissima, which is similar to the Creatista. These machines also resemble real espresso machines instead of simple Nespresso coffee machines. This line includes models like the Lattissima One, the Lattissima Touch, the Lattissima Pro, and the Gran Lattissima.

The major selling point of the Lattissima is that it comes with its ability to blend your drinks with milk automatically to produce a coffee shop-like drink that you can only get from a good café. Of course, it comes with its own milk pitcher as well.

When operating the Lattissima, all you need to do is to put the milk in the pitcher and then put the capsule of your choice inside the machine. From there, you are free to choose the type of coffee you want the machine to make for you with just a push of the button. So in that sense, the machine does it all for you as you absolutely have to do nothing but provide the capsule and the milk.

Breville Vs. De’Longhi: Similar Machines

It’s good to note that Nespresso invented and designed its own machines but has outsourced the manufacturing to either Breville or De’Longhi, among all its manufacturing partners.

This is why many of the Nespresso machines you see from Breville and De’Longhi are actually quite similar in terms of model name and appearance.

The technical specifications, features, functions, designs are all pretty similar to the point that you might not be able to distinguish them. Both Breville and De’Longhi capsule machines are manufactured by the same Nespresso specs.

Here are some machines that I believe are similar to Breville and De’Longhi.

Essenza Mini

Nespresso Essenza Mini Coffee and Espresso Machine by DeLonghi, Black
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Both Breville and De’Longhi make the Essenza Mini, the smallest Nespresso machine. But while the Essenza Mini of these brands are very similar in what they do and how they look, they still have some differences.

The first difference is their appearance. Breville’s Essenza Mini machine look’s smaller and sleeker because of its rectangular shape. Meanwhile, De’Longhi’s Essenza Mini machine comes with a curved triangular shape that makes it look bigger. However, they have the same physical characteristics as they hold the same water, have the same weight and are generally similar in dimensions.

Breville’s only has the standard and minimalistic look, while De’Longhi’s machine has a more stylish appearance. Both of these machines have the same functions, and there is no difference in how they work. The customization choices are also the same. As such, the choice is entirely up to your personal preference in style.


Nespresso Citiz Coffee and Espresso Machine by DeLonghi with Aeroccino, Black
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Both Breville and De’Longhi manufacture this machine, and their models have the same look and function the same way.

The only difference you will see is that Breville’s spout design looks more minimalistic compared to the more stylish approach that De’Longhi takes. Breville takes the minimalist approach, which probably appeals more to the Australian market than the more stylish appeal that Italian designs come with.

There are no differences in the way they work, as both the Breville and the De’Longhi models have the same approach in terms of how they work and what they do. So, in that regard, it is now down to what you feel is more stylish and more appealing.

While I do like the minimalist approach of Breville, De’Longhi has a prominently black model that is easy to match with any other kitchen appliance. This makes it a better choice, in my opinion.


Breville BNV220CRO Vertuo Coffee and Espresso Machine by Breville, normal, Chrome
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03/21/2023 11:49 pm GMT

Vertuo caters to the VertuoLine pods by Nespresso. While Nespresso used to make this machine in-house, it has now been outsourced to Breville and De’Longhi. Therefore, the machine specifications and designs are quite similar.

Vertuo machines work differently compared to OriginalLine machines. These machines use a centrifugal approach in brewing espresso and coffee as it spins the pod around to extract the essence from the beans. But, while Original machines can only brew espresso and espresso-based drinks, you can make full-sized coffee using Vertuo machines.

Breville’s Vertuo comes with a round dome-shaped top, while De’Longhi’s Vertuo comes with a squarish top. However, both use the same black and metallic color scheme, but the black is more prominent with De’Longhi’s.

Breville’s Vertuo machine wins out in terms of how compact it is because it has smaller dimensions but only a slight difference. However, its water and used capsule capacities are dramatically less than De’Longhi’s. Aside from that, everything else is the same.

Breville’s machine may be slightly smaller, but that smaller frame has impacted the machine’s capacity.


Nespresso BNV420BLK VertuoPlus Deluxe Espresso Machine by Breville, Black
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Another similar Vertuo machine is the VertuoPlus. However, unlike Vertuo, there is no difference in these machines regarding their capacities and dimensions. Therefore, Breville and De’Longhi designs only differ in their aesthetics.

Breville once again comes with a rounded top, while De’Longhi’s machine sports a flatter design. I kind of like the black design that Breville’s machine comes with, but De’Longhi’s gunmetal look is also pretty stylish.

Everything else is the same except for the colors and the top. That said, it becomes a matter of opinion here. I would probably lean towards the gunmetal look, but the minimalist approach that Breville comes with is also just as appealing.

Vertuo Next

Finally, we have Vertuo Next. This machine is one of the newest Nespresso machines in the market, and that is why the designs of both Breville and De’Longhi look and function almost the same.

Among all of their similar machines, Vertuo Next is where you can’t really distinguish the two brands from one another because the design is the same. The difference lies in the fact that De’Longhi has a predominantly white machine compared to the all-black approach that Breville’s machine has.

Again, this is another matter of perspective and opinion. Some people would probably prefer the white machine while others might want the black one. 

Overall Verdict

When you look at the different machines that Breville and De’Longhi offer, it’s easy to see that they are almost the same.

Even the exclusive machines, although different in name and design, have the same features and functions. Both the Creatista and the Lattissima are standout machines in their own right, but they have very similar functions. Probably their only difference is the design that they come with.

So, in my opinion, there is no clear verdict as to which between Breville and De’Longhi is better. I’ll, however, lean towards De’Longhi in the similar machines department, but I like the stainless-steel look that Breville’s Creatista comes with.

It is now down to a matter of opinion and to which between the two machines has the better price in your area. After all, availability and prices may differ wherever you may be. But, if they are both available and have very minimal price differences, then it all boils down to which Breville and De’Longhi have the better machine in terms of how it fits in your kitchen.