Moka Pot Vs. Chemex (Quick Guide)

Last Updated on October 1, 2021 by John Moretti

Two popular ways to brew coffee that are often compared to one another are Chemex and Moka pot. 

A Moka pot produces a full-body espresso-like drink, while Chemex has a thick filter that removes much of the coffee body. Moka pot coffee has an intense taste, and on another side, Chemex coffee brings fruity, floral, and light-acidic tastes.

Both can make a personalized cup of coffee in a reasonable amount of time. The brew strength and taste may differ. I will review both these products to see how they compare to one another and how they differ. You should walk away with enough info to help you to decide what item is best for your kitchen, a Chemex or a Moka pot. Let’s take a look at how these two relate and how they differ. 

Moka Pot And Chemex Pros & Cons

Moka pot


  • This elegant product is very simple to use and just as simple to clean. The coffee brewing process does not require a special technique. It is very portable and ideal to use both inside the home or for fresh coffee on a hiking or camping trip.


  • It can only make a small amount of coffee at one time and the coffee may be more acidic. If you don’t want coffee that tastes too intense, this product may not be your ideal choice.



  • It allows you to make drip coffee without buying a bigger and more expensive machine. Graced with a beautiful design, it’s way more aesthetically pleasing than a traditional drip coffee machine. Your coffee will taste sweet and clean. 
  • You can provide hot caffeinated beverages for many people at the same time. If you run a coffee business, this is a product you can use. You have more management of your coffee temperature and taste than with a Moka pot.


  • While it is a beautiful item for coffee lovers to have, unfortunately, it is extremely fragile. It is made from glass or plastic, so it is not very durable.You may have to replace it several times over the span of a few years, but your stainless steel Moka pot will still last.

How Moka And Chemex Are Similar

Both products provide personalized ways to make coffee. If you want a coffee brewing appliance that also looks sleek and beautiful, either one of these machines will look great on your countertop.

Both brew medium ground-sized coffee.

There is a very short learning curve when using these products. You also don’t have to pay an exorbitant amount of money. Both products are also easy to carry and have great portability.

After you enjoy your morning or evening cup of coffee, rest assured there is no complex method to clean either one of these products. Both are very easy to clean.

How Moka Pot And Chemex Are Different

Both products use different water temperatures. Since the Moka pot relies on steam, water must become really hot when the coffee is brewed. However, chemex can brew with warm water if needed.

The chemex wins when it comes to coffee quantity capability. Normally, we can only get a relatively small cup out of each Moka pot brew.  On the other hand, the chemex can brew much bigger portions. This may be one reason why you may see a chemex coffee shop but not a Moka pot that brews only one cup at a time.

If you need your coffee fix right away,the chemex is the way to go. It will brew a batch of coffee within 3 to 4 minutes, while a Moka pot takes about 5 to 8 minutes to brew one cup.

Coffee lovers must also consider fragility. A Moka pot can easily last years since it is made from steel or aluminum. You cannot break either one of those materials. However, the chemex is made from plastic or glass. There is a stronger likelihood that you will keep your Moka pot for decades. 

You either need electricity or a functioning stovetop to use the Moka pot. An open fire during a camping trip can also be used. Whatever your environment is, you need an open fire of some sort to use the traditional Moka pot. A countertop or table is all that is needed for the chemex. You don’t actually heat the water in the chemax, so there is no need to place it over an open flame or plug it in.

Coffee Type

For a stronger cup of coffee, use the Moka pot. However, if you have a big household or are hosting a party, the chemex can fill several coffee cups from one brew. Your java from a Moka pot is a more acidic and robust cup than one produced using the chemex. 

What is a Moka Pot?

A Moka pot is a compact brewing machine invented in Italy in the 1930s. It uses steam pressure to pass boiling water through ground coffee. As a result, you enjoy an intense single cup of coffee right from your stove top.  If you have ever been in an Italian home or anywhere in Latin America, you most likely have seen or used one of these machines.

What is a Chemex?

If you are someone like me who enjoys drip coffee but hates it when random coffee grinds get into my cup, you may like this product. A chemex is a beautiful machine that is used to make drip coffee. The chemex differs from a traditional drip coffee machine because it uses a special thick type of paper as a filter. The special paper actually filters out most of the coffee oils. As a result, we can drink a relatively clean smooth cup of coffee free from spare grinds.

What To Look For

If you are looking for an elegant simple product to brew coffee, look no further than these two choices. Before you go out and buy one there are some factors you should consider.

With the Moka pot, consider the material that you prefer. If you don’t want to heat your coffee on the stove, simply buy an electrical one. However, stainless steel is an extremely tough durable material that can last decades. If you don’t want stainless steel you can always buy aluminum.

If you are shopping around for a chemex, focus on the size that you would prefer. The 6 cup or 8 cup model is very popular with coffee drinkers.