How To Use Moka Pot On Gas Stove (Steps & Tips)

Last Updated on May 24, 2022 by John Moretti

There are many ways to make a good cup of coffee in the comfort of your own home. One of the best and more popular methods is using an espresso or Moka pot. With the recent popularity of coffee and espresso, many people have been buying Moka pots. Using a Moka pot is relatively straightforward, but how do you use it on a gas stove?

First, disassemble your Moka pot and fill the bottom with warm water and the filter with ground coffee. Slide the filter into the bottom half and screw on the top half. Using a medium to low flame setting, brew your coffee and switch off the stove when your coffee starts bubbling to the top.

As seen above, making coffee with a Moka pot is relatively easy. However, there are vital things to consider when using this brewing method. The coarseness of your grind is very important to prevent coffee from spilling everywhere due to high pressure, and there are always other tips to help you improve the taste and brewing experience.

Brewing Moka Pot Coffee On A Gas Stove

Moka pots are a trendy and affordable way to make a decent espresso-like coffee at home. Using a gas stove is considered the best and fastest way to use your Moka pot. The direct heat from a gas stove ensures less waiting time than using an electric stove.

aluminium moka pot
  1. Disassemble – The first thing you’ll need to do is disassemble your Moka pot and remove the filter from the inside of the pot. This process is as simple as unscrewing the top from the bottom and tilting the bottom half so the filter slides out easily.
  1. Fill with water – Next, you’ll want to fill the bottom half of the pot with water. It’s essential to make sure you don’t overfill the pot. By looking into the bottom half of the pot, you should see a tiny hole or valve. Ensure the water level is just below this valve.
  1. Add coffee grinds – After the water is added, you can place the filter in the chamber situated between the top and bottom half of the Moka pot. Once the filter is in place, fill it with coffee grinds. The coffee grinds should be level with the rim of the filter.
  1. Clean the rim – After the filter has been filled with coffee, you need to clean the edge of the filter and the area where the top half attaches. Simply use your finger and run it over the filter and the rim to ensure the grinds are level and the edge clean. Do the same where the top half attaches to provide a good sealing point.
  1. Attach the top – With the attachment area clean of any grinds, simply screw the top half of the Moka pot in place tightly and ensure that it is level and straight with no gaps where pressure or coffee can escape.
  1. Brew – With your Moka pot reassembled and filled, place it on your gas stove. Light your stove and make sure to use a low enough setting that the flame does not burn past the bottom of the pot. Also, ensure the position of your pot does not cause damage to the handle due to heat exposure.
  1. Switch the stove off – Once you hear the coffee is starting to bubble to the top, you can either keep the heat on until it is nearly done or switch off your stove. When your coffee pot stops pushing coffee to the top half of the pot, and you can no longer hear the bubbling sound, your coffee is ready.

Once your coffee has finished brewing, you can serve and enjoy your coffee. It is also essential that you clean your Moka pot after it has cooled down to lessen wear and tear and help you produce great coffee in the long term.

Moka Pot Too Small For Gas Stove

Image of moka pot placed over the stove

Buying a bigger Moka pot so it can fit on your gas stove might seem logical but is entirely unnecessary. There are many ways to use a Moka pot that is smaller on a gas stove.

  • Heat diffuser – Heat diffusers are generally used to help you manage the heat output on your stove if its temperature is a bit off. It can also be used to help you use your Moka pot if your stove’s arms are a bit too far apart to balance your brewer. Simply put the diffuser on your stove arms and your pot on the diffuser.
  • Induction plate – Induction plates were made initially to help distribute heat for Moka pots and allow them to heat up faster when using an electric stove, but if used the same way as a diffuser, it can help you use a smaller Moka pot on your gas stove.
  • Moka pot reducer – Moka pot reducers were made to allow you to use a small Moka pot on a gas stove. This gadget helps balance your Moka pot by providing arms for your pot to stand on.

Tips For Using Moka Pot On Gas Stove

photo of pot on a stove with smoke

There are a couple of tips on ensuring your safety while using a Moka pot and methods to make better coffee and enhance your brewing experience. These tips are essential for any Moka pot brewer to know.

  • Grind size – It is essential to make sure that the grind size of your coffee is just a bit finer than that used for a filter coffee. Coffee that is ground too fine might cause pressure problems and damage your Moka pot or injure you.
  • Do not tamp – When loading your Moka pot filter with coffee, be sure not to push down the grinds or tamp the grinds. Using your finger to level the coffee or using a spoon to pat the coffee into place lightly is fine, but too much pressure could result in a damaged Moka pot of coffee that wasn’t correctly extracted.
  • Be aware of burning your coffee – As you use your Moka pot more often, you will get used to its sound and be able to recognize when the right time is to remove it from heat. This is vital in the process of using a Moka pot, as leaving it on heat can cause your coffee to burn or over-extract.
  • Don’t overfill with water – When filling your Moka pot with water, it is important to stay under the hole for the pressure valve. You will see where this valve is by looking inside the bottom half of the pot when filling it with water.

    Filling your Moka pot with water past the point of the valve can cause a mess, damage, and terrible tasting coffee. The safety valve is made to allow pressure to escape if it is building too fast. Covering this hole with water could cause hot water to spill out or even cause a minor explosion of your Moka pot.

Remember always to be safe when using a Moka pot. Do not touch your Moka pot’s base, water compartment, or coffee compartment while it is hot or brewing. Also, be sure to let your pot cool appropriately before cleaning it to avoid any injury.


Moka pots are undoubtedly one of the easiest and most effective ways to brew espresso-like coffee at home. Whether you like cappuccinos, espresso, or americanos, this device will help you on the way to coffee excellence if you know how to use it. If you do not have a Moka pot yet, this might be the time to get one.