Mixing Coffee With Coke: Is It Good? (A Quick Guide)

Last Updated on January 2, 2022 by John Moretti

When one thinks of ordinary drinks that can have an exotic nature, coffee tends to come to mind with the different roasts and blends that come with coffee, not to mention the different origins of different types of coffee. When one thinks of coke, one thinks of a refreshing drink, perhaps not exotic like coffee, but who thought to mix them?

Coke infused with coffee, and vice versa, can be a great drink when it is made properly, are certain elements to consider when combining the two. If the two very different substances are combined incorrectly, it may end up in the drink tasting horrible. 

If sometimes your morning cup of coffee needs that extra boost and adding sugar just won’t do the trick, perhaps you should look into mixing some coke with your coffee. There are several interesting ways to enjoy the infusion of coffee and coke. Some people enjoy it in latte form, and others enjoy the store-bought coke-made mix.

mixing coffee with coke

Mixing Coffee With Coke: Is It Good?

If you love your coffee and your coke as two different beverages, that does not necessarily mean that you would enjoy the two beverages infused into one. Some may see the combination as an acquired taste, whereas others tend to keep up the hype about this highly caffeinated drink infusion.

There are some very similar elements to coffee and coke, such as the high caffeine content and, in some cases, the high sugar content; this does not necessarily mean that the two drinks infused together would make a good combination. It does come down to preference to an extent as not every person will enjoy the infusion.

There are some really good coffee and coke infusions available, including those that the Coca-Cola company has released themselves. The drinks have high sugar content, so if you do not take sugar in your coffee, you may not enjoy this infusion; however, it couldn’t hurt to try. 

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You could use hot or cold coffee to combine with the coke to make a new drink if you would like to try your hand at infusing this drink yourself. It seems that more people tend to add cold-brewed coffee or chilled coffee to their coke or use cold coffee to add the coke to. 

You can use one-part coffee to two-parts coke to make the coffee and coke infused drink. You can start by adding ice and the cold coffee to a glass and then slowly add the coke to the same glass pouring it right over the ice and enjoying. There are more ways in which one can add coke to coffee. 

Another way one can add coffee to coke is by adding coffee granules or perhaps even coffee grounds into a tall ice-filled glass and slowly coke to the glass and stirring simultaneously to help the granules or grounds dissolve into the coke. If you are using grounds, it may be useful to first dissolve them slightly in a bit of boiling water. 

The Best Coffee Blends To Mix With Coke

coffee blend for coffee and cola

If you are an advanced coffee connoisseur and enjoy the coffee and coke infusion, you would probably prefer a decent blend of coffee to mix with coke instead of the instant coffee granules used in some cases. There are many different blends and roasts of coffee, and some may not work as well when infused with coke as others. 

A very dark roast may not give the desired taste for the infusion, and some of the slightly lighter roasts might. Coffee blends with a hint of caramel or chocolate may compliment the flavors of the coke well when combining them. Coffee with strong hints of cocoa, almond, or toffee also makes great combinations with coke. 

Different Ways To Drink Coffee And Coke Mix

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It was mentioned above that there are different options available for mixing coffee and coke, from Coca-Cola’s own canned coffee and coke mix to using hot coffee or cold coffee to create the perfect blend of coffee and coke in a single drink. There are different ways to serve and drink the blend as well. 

One can combine the coffee and cake mix with half and half, giving the drink a creamy dessert vibe. One could also create a coffee and coke infusion milkshake, although the ratios would need to be severely adjusted for this delicious drink to be consumable. 

One could also make a frappé type drink with the coffee and coke infusion, and you can combine your one-part coffee and two-parts coke add into a glass with crushed ice and add some fresh cream on top, perhaps even some chocolate flakes or cherry to push the drink over the top. 

Another option is obvious, to just enjoy the canned beverage that Coca-Cola has already made, meaning that there will be no extra effort on your part. You would need to purchase the beverage and enjoy it. There are different flavors for the store-bought coffee coke, so there is still a bit of adventure.

Making Different Flavors Of The Coffee And Coke Infusion?

Perhaps combining coffee and coke is not enough of an adventure for you, and you would like to be even more creative. Well, there are ways to make the coffee and coke infusion even more interesting. There are simple ways to adjust the mixture’s flavor, like using different flavors of coke or different coffee blends. 

One could also look into using flavoring syrups like those that are used for milkshakes. You could add a caramel flavor to your coffee and coke infusion, as we know that caramel will compliment all the flavors well. However, no one stops you from adding any flavor you like and experimenting, and perhaps you discover a great drink.


Coffee mixed with coke can be really good, depending on who made it and how it is made, of course. Using the right blend of coffee to mix with the coke is also important because if the flavors of the coffee don’t compliment the coke, you may end up with an undrinkable infusion. 

Don’t be afraid to experiment, though, and you can use different flavors of coke or even add flavoring syrups to your coffee and coke infusion and see what happens; you may discover a delicious drink no one has thought of before. Coffee mixed with coke can be an acquired taste, but there are plenty of ways to enjoy it if you do acquire the taste.