How To Make Hot Coffee Cold Fast? (The 6 Methods)

Last Updated on April 28, 2022 by John Moretti

One of the more popular drinks, coffee, is a delicious beverage. Most of the time, you want to enjoy your coffee nice and hot, but there are those occasions when drinking a nice cup of cold coffee would be such a treat. In these situations knowing how to cool your coffee down quickly is a benefit. So how does one make their coffee cold fast?

There are several methods you could use to cool down hot coffee fast. These include placing ice cubes made out of water, coffee, or milk in your hot coffee. Or using whiskey stones, cocktail shakers, or metal bowls of differing sizes to dissipate heat. The chosen method depends on one’s preferences.

Most people have a particular preference for how they like their coffee made. The only decision you have to make is which way suits your needs the best. Luckily, when it comes to cooling down a cup of coffee, you could use a few different methods to achieve this.

How To Cool Your Hot Coffee Down Quickly

You can employ several different methods to get your hot steaming cup of coffee nice and cold before you drink it. When it comes to adding milk and sugar, you can either do this before or after cooling your coffee down. Each method has its unique pros and cons, and which one you decide to use will depend on your coffee taste preferences, time limitations, and level of preparedness.

Using Ice Cubes To Quickly Cool Down Hot Coffee

Photo of pouring coffee into a glass with ice cubes

One of the most popular and the simplest ways to cool down a hot cup of coffee would be to use ice cubes. You would only have to pour your hot coffee into a cup already containing some ice cubes in this method. 

The pros of using ice cubes are that you will get a lovely cup of cold coffee within minutes, making this one of the quickest and easiest ways to cool down your coffee. 

The cons of this method are that often you will find your coffee tasting a bit diluted because of the addition of water from the melting ice cubes. You can combat this issue by making an extra-strong cup of coffee so that the melted water creates a perfect strength cup of cold coffee.

Using Frozen Coffee Ice Cubes To Cool Down Your Hot Coffee

Photo of two mason jars filled with ice cubed coffee

This method uses frozen coffee in ice cubes to help cool down your hot cup of coffee quickly. Here you would make your cup of coffee and then pour it straight into a cup containing the coffee ice cubes. This method takes a couple of minutes to get that hot cup of coffee cold.

The pros of using frozen coffee cubes are that you don’t have to worry about diluting your coffee because you are just adding extra coffee to your cup. This method is relatively simple and will quickly cool down your hot beverage.

The cons of frozen coffee cubes are that you will need to have prepared these coffee ice cubes in advance to be helpful.

Using Milk Ice Cubes To Quickly Cool Down Your Hot Coffee

Photo of milk cubes on a wooden board beside an ice tray

This method is similar to the coffee ice cube method, but it uses frozen milk cubes. The frozen dairy will cool your coffee down while at the same time providing your cup with extra milkiness. Here you would add your frozen milk to your cup before pouring in your hot coffee.

The pros of using frozen milk cubes are that you don’t need to add a lot or even any milk to your coffee beforehand, and the milk ice cubes will quickly cool down your hot beverage. 

The cons are that your coffee will have the additional milk added, this can be a problem for those that don’t like their coffee extra milky, and if you are using these milk ice cubes as your milk, you might have to wait a while for them to sufficiently melt before you can drink your coffee.

Using Whiskey Stones To Quickly Cool Down Your Hot Coffee

Photo of six pieces whiskey stones

Whiskey drinkers suffer from the same problem that coffee drinkers do in these situations: watering down their drinks due to regular ice cubes. So they came up with whiskey stones to keep their drinks cool and dilution free. Coffee drinkers can use these stones to get their hot cuppa joe nice and cold quickly.

The pros of this method are that these stones will not dilute your cup of coffee, there is no preparation needed other than making sure you have cold whiskey stones on hand, and they will cool down your hot beverage relatively quickly.

The cons of using whiskey stones are that you will need to have purchased them and have them in the freezer to use them in this kind of situation.

Using A Cocktail Shaker To Quickly Cool Down Your Hot Coffee

Photo of cocktail shaker over ice cubes

Pouring your hot coffee into a metal container such as a cocktail shaker will help dissipate the heat quickly as metals have better heat transfer properties than porcelain or ceramic. In this method, you would pour the hot coffee into the shaker and shake the coffee from side to side quickly. For even better results, you can use ice cubes inside the shaker or keep the shaker inside the fridge or freezer, ensuring that it is cold before adding your coffee.

The pros of using a cocktail shaker are that it takes almost no time to cool down your hot coffee. If you decide to use ice cubes, you don’t need to worry about the melting issues as you will pour the coffee out again and get rid of the ice cubes before they have a chance to melt and dilute your coffee. 

The cons of using a cocktail shaker are that you will need to own a martini shaker, and you will need to use a bit of arm strength while shaking to cool.

Using A Metal Bowl To Quickly Cool Down Your Hot Coffee

Photo of a metal bowl on top of another bowl filled with ice

For this method, you will need two metal bowls, and one needs to be larger than the other. Fill the larger bowl with cold water and ice and place the smaller bowl on top. Pour your coffee into the smaller bowl and stir it around. This method is a little more time-consuming and requires more utensils. 

The pros of using metals bowls are that it works relatively quickly because of the coldness underneath, the stirring, and the displacement of the hot coffee over a larger surface, helping to reduce the heat. It also doesn’t require that you add anything to your actual cup of coffee, ensuring no dilution occurs.

The cons of using metal bowls are that it requires quite a process to prepare, and you need to have all the right equipment beforehand.

Two Additional Methods To Quickly Cool Down Hot Coffee

Photo of a hand holding a spoon over a cup of coffee

The following two methods will not cool your coffee down as quickly as those previously mentioned, but they will suffice if you are not pressed for time.

  • Using a metal teaspoon: dip the teaspoon in and out of your cup of coffee. This process works better than stirring. It is more energy-consuming and will take longer to cool your coffee down, but it still works.
  • Pour your coffee from one cup into another: again, this method uses quite a bit of energy and is time-consuming. The pouring of your coffee from one metal cup to another will get your hot beverage cold, and it will work even quicker if your cups have been in the freezer or fridge for a while before you use them.


You can use several methods to get your hot coffee cold quickly. These include using ice cubes made out of water, coffee, or milk. Or using whiskey stones, a cocktail shaker, or two metal bowls for cooling and dissipation. All of these processes have their unique pros and cons and deciding which method would best suit depends on the personal preferences of the coffee drinker.