How To Make Americano With Moka Pot (A Quick Guide)

Last Updated on May 22, 2022 by John Moretti

The Moka Pot is an enigma to many coffee lovers. Not many people know how to brew good coffee with a Moka Pot and so end up making disappointing coffee with what can be a very capable brewer. The Moka Pot makes very strong coffee, similar to espresso, so it can be used for espresso-based such as the Americano. Let’s find out how.

To make an Americano with a Moka Pot, brew a strong coffee in the brewing device. Strong Moka Pot coffee is ideal for an Americano. Once the coffee is properly brewed, decant it into a mug and add hot water. Stir to combine, and scoop off any crema that may be present on the drink. 

Making an Americano with a Moka Pot is only a challenge if incorrect brewing techniques are used. The Moka Pot is capable of brewing excellent coffee if the correct methods are employed, and thus this brewer can make delicious Americanos. Let us learn everything there is to know about making an Americano with a Moka Pot.

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Making An Americano With A Moka Pot

The Moka Pot is well-known as a brewer that produces coffee that is similar to espresso. The Moka Pot does not brew true espresso, but the coffee that this brewer produces is short and very strong, which is ideal for making an Americano.

The only trouble is that not everyone knows how to use the humble Moka Pot correctly, and this gives the Moka Pot a bad reputation as a difficult brewer to use and a brewer that only produces very bitter coffee.

Strong coffee is good for an Americano, but very bitter-tasting coffee is not, as the Americano accentuates the flavors of whatever coffee is used to make it.

The Americano is a string, tall coffee that is typically made with a shot or two of espresso, into which hot water is added to soften the coffee and enlarge the drink.

This espresso-based drink is very achievable with a Moka Pot, as the coffee that this brewer makes when used well is the ideal coffee base for an Americano. Some may say that coffee from a Moka Pot is even better for an Americano than espresso is.

However, making an Americano with a Moka Pot requires some skill and the proper brewing methods. The steps for making the perfect Americano with a Moka Pot begin with how to properly brew with a Moka Pot and end with how to craft the perfect Americano. 

Let us take a better look at these two components of brewing, making an Americano with a Moka Pot.

How To Brew Excellent Coffee With A Moka Pot

Brewing good coffee with a Moka Pot is not difficult, but following the correct steps is vital for the process. All it takes to make good Moka Pot coffee is good coffee beans and following a simple method.

  • The first step in this brewing process is to grind the coffee beans fresh. This is key for brewing the best coffee in a Moka Pot. the coffee beans should be ground medium-fine, just a little coarser than espresso.
  • Place the ground coffee into the Moka Pot basket, filling the basket until it is level with the brim. Be sure not to tamp or compress the coffee in any way.
  • Next, add hot water from the kettle into the water chamber of the Moka Pot. This prevents the heat from the brewing process from heating the ground coffee too much, which results in bitterness.
  • Close the Moka Pot and place the brewer on the stove over medium heat. Medium heat is best for brewing with a Moka Pot. The brewing process begins, the coffee will stream up and out of the Moka Pot spout.


When the water in the chamber completely evaporates or boils away into the coffee, only steam will be left in the Moka Pot. Steam is the enemy of good Moka Pot coffee, so the steam must be stopped as quickly as possible to avoid ruining the coffee. The sign that the chamber is full of only steam is rapidly bubbling in the stream of coffee, leaving the spout.

  • When the stream of coffee begins to bubble, immediately remove the Moka Pot from the heat and run the water chamber under cold water. This halts the brewing process and prevents over-heating and over-extracting the coffee while reducing bitterness.

Once the coffee is brewed, it is time to craft the Americano.

Creating An Americano

The perfect Americano begins with strong brewed coffee. The Moka Pot is ideal for brewing coffee for this drink.

Once the coffee is brewed, creating the Americano begins by heating water. The kettle is best for this. Heat water to your desired temperature. Many coffee drinkers prefer water straight from the boil, but if you do not want to wait for your Americano to cool before drinking, use slightly cooler water.

Pour the brewed coffee from the Moka Pot into a large coffee mug and add the hot water after it. A key to a great Americano is to remove any crust, foam, or crema from the top of the drink. 

Depending on the pressures achieved within your Moka Pot, there may be crema present on top of the drink. If there is, carefully scoop the crema off the drink with a tablespoon. Drinking the crema on the drink causes the first sip to be highly bitter.

Stir the Americano to fully incorporate the coffee and the water, and the drink is ready to be served. Be sure to allow the Americano to cool slightly before drinking to avoid any scalding.


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The perfect Moka Pot Americano is relatively simple to make. The vital components of this drink are good coffee beans ground to the correct size, a good Moka Pot brewing technique that helps to reduce bitterness, and the understanding required for crafting a good Americano.

When used in the right way, the Moka Pot is an ideal tool for preparing an excellent Americano. The coffee from this brewing is strong, rich, flavorful, and intense, all of which are ideal for the Americano.

Take your time to learn proper Moka Pot brewing techniques, employ them well, craft the Americano, and you will always enjoy the result. The Moka Pot americano is truly something special.