How To Successfully Make Americano in a Moka Pot (A Quick Guide)

Last Updated on June 27, 2023 by Barry Gray

Coffee is amazing. It’s the thing that gets me out of bed, and I admit I have several coffee options available to me at any given time.

But this isn’t about the array of coffee I have at my disposal. Instead, I want to be a bit more specific by looking at one type of coffee produced in one particular way.

A Moka pot is popular, and I’ve noticed its popularity growing in recent years. So, the question I want to ask is how you would successfully make an Americano in your moka pot.

After all, an Americano is a popular drink, so exploring this makes a lot of sense.

To get the best Americano from your moka pot, fill the moka pot to the fill line, add the ground coffee to the basket, and flatten them but don’t tamp them. Put the moka pot on a medium heat and wait a few minutes for the coffee to appear. Pour it over some hot water, and your Americano is ready.

I know that all sounds very easy, but I don’t want you to simply have a plain-old Americano. I want you to have the best Americano you can ever hope to get.

So, here are some tips and a better explanation of how to get the most out of your Moka pot and taste the best Americano you have ever encountered in your life.

moka pot americano

What is an Americano?

But first, for those that don’t know what an Americano is, let me give you a quick explanation. It’s actually a very simple coffee.

An Americano is a coffee drink made by diluting espresso with hot water. It’s a great way to enjoy the flavor of espresso without the intensity.

It’s believed to have been created by American soldiers who could not cope with the intensity of an espresso. So, they added some hot water to dilute it, and it quickly became popular.

But that’s one thing I love about it. The Americano only consists of espresso and hot water with nothing else.

Why Make an Americano in a Moka Pot?

americano from moka pot

So why would I make an Americano in a Moka pot? After all, a moka pot doesn’t quite make an espresso, even though it comes close.

Well, I have a few reasons as to why I believe a Moka pot is a fantastic way to produce a decent Americano.

First, it’s a great way to get the flavor of espresso without having to buy an espresso machine. 

I know it doesn’t actually produce an espresso. Still, it gets it close enough that you won’t experience much of a difference when using a Moka pot.

Second, it’s a relatively inexpensive way to make coffee. 

A moka pot need not cost you a fortune. So many are available on the market at various prices that it’s extremely easy to get your hands on one. 

Then, all you need to do is to get your hands on some ground coffee, and you are good to go with your moka pot. It’s certainly significantly cheaper than buying an espresso machine, which can easily cost you a fortune.

And third, it’s a lot of fun to watch the moka pot work its magic. It always amazes me how this small device manages to produce some brilliant coffee over and over again.

But now, let me take you through the best way to make an Americano in a moka pot.

How to Make an Americano in a Moka Pot

coffee granules medium coarse grain

When I’m making my own Americano, I always follow a few simple steps to basically get the same end result each and every time. 

Luckily, it won’t take long, and I don’t see there being anything too complex for people to follow. That applies even if you are brand new to using a Moka pot.

What Ingredients Do You Need to Make an Americano in a Moka Pot?

You need very little in the way of ingredients to make your Americano. Clearly, it would help if you had your moka pot and some coffee, but apart from that, you only require water, and you are good to go.

But I would try to use fresh, whole-bean coffee and then grind it down. However, if you cannot get that, then quality ground coffee will still do a good enough job.

If you do have whole beans, you need to aim for more of a medium-coarse grind to put it in your moka pot. I find this grind to produce the most successful and the better-tasting Americano when made this way.

Adding Water to Your Moka Pot

The next step is to add water to your moka pot. Filtered water will work well if you live in an area with poor water.

The key is to ensure you fill your moka pot to the correct level. It should come up to just shy of the valve, but most Moka pots will have a fill line to help guide you.

Adding Coffee to Your Moka Pot

Once you have filled your moka pot, it’s time to turn your attention to the coffee. 

Take your freshly-ground coffee beans and add them to the filter basket. You want to then lightly pack down the coffee but don’t tamp it.

You want it to be slightly condensed but not as tightly packed as you would when making an espresso in a machine. It will result in a somewhat poorer Americano as a result.

Once you have done that, add the filter basket to the bottom chamber of the moka pot.

Close Up Your Moka Pot

You now have your two main ingredients in place: water and coffee. So, your moka pot is ready to go.

All you need to do now is to screw on the top chamber of the moka pot and put it on your stove.

The key here is to put the moka pot on more of a medium heat. You don’t want to blast it with full power, as that won’t work as well as you would hope.

A medium heat allows the water to warm more gradually, and it will then be able to extract even more flavor from the coffee. That’s the most important thing, or your Americano will come out as slightly weak and less appealing.

Turn Down the Heat When Steam Appears

This shouldn’t take too long, but once you see steam appearing, it’s time to turn the heat down to low.

Again, this allows the coffee to develop its flavor, so it’s not something I would ignore if you want the best Americano around.


The process to make an Americano in your moka pot will involve allowing the moka pot to brew for somewhere in the region of three minutes. Alternatively, you will start seeing coffee flowing into the top chamber.

At this point, you need to remove your Moka pot from the heat as it’s ready to serve. Anything else can lead to overkill with your coffee, and you will ruin the fantastic taste you were hoping to get.


The final step is to serve your coffee and remember to pour it over some hot water to complete the Americano taste.

If you don’t pour it over hot water, expect the coffee to be quite intense and not the most pleasant of experiences. 

But here’s an important point. What I see as the perfect strength for an Americano could be different from your own experience.

That is why you need to experiment with the strength and how much hot water you need to add to get the perfect Americano.

My Experience of Making an Americano in a Moka Pot

I’ve been making an Americano in a moka pot for a few years now, and I’ve learned a few things along the way. 

I’ve tried it with different coffee beans, but I’ve discovered the fresher they are leads to a significant difference in the taste. I just feel any sense of the beans being stale will come across loud and clear in your moka pot.

But here’s another tip: don’t overfill the bottom chamber of the moka pot.

If you do overfill it, then your coffee will overflow, and that’s a waste. Taking care of each part is key, and this applies when you brew the coffee as well.

Pay close attention to when the coffee is ready. Over brewing will lead to the coffee becoming too bitter, with this ruining it.

But basically, it’s difficult to make a mess of things. 

But I will be honest with you. My first time making anything in my moka pot was a disaster. Actually, it was probably one of the worst cups of coffee I’ve ever made.

The reason was I did put too much coffee in, and I didn’t believe it could be ready as quickly as it was.

The outcome?

Coffee that had clearly been overbrewed resulted in an awful taste, so I ended up throwing it away. 

My Recap on Making an Americano in a Moka Pot

Making an Americano in this way is not difficult. However, I’ve covered a number of points over the last few minutes, so here’s my recap on the key things you should keep in mind.

  • An Americano is an espresso diluted with hot water
  • A moka pot won’t make an espresso, but it gets close
  • The key is to use freshly ground beans
  • Use a medium-coarse grind with the beans
  • Fill the base of the moka pot with water to the fill line
  • Add the coffee to the filter basket, but don’t tamp it
  • Use a medium heat to warm things slowly
  • Don’t over brew the coffee, or it will taste bitter

I feel this is something you should be able to master in no time at all with your moka pot. However, the tips and advice I’ve mentioned above should make everything a bit easier.

My Conclusion

I hope this article has helped you learn how to successfully make an Americano in a moka pot. With a little practice, you’ll be making a delicious coffee in no time.

This is not a complicated task. Sure, you don’t get the full-on espresso with a Moka pot, but as I’ve said before, it does come close.