Keurig Vs. Lavazza Capsule Coffee (Which One To Choose?)

Last Updated on May 24, 2022 by John Moretti

There are many options in today’s market when it comes to capsule coffee machines. The seemingly endless array of options can make it quite difficult to choose which one will be right for you. There are several factors to consider while choosing the right capsule coffee machine for your circumstances.

Lavazza is one of the oldest and one of the original capsule coffee makers. They produce a range of premium coffee capsules that produce high-quality espresso from a capsule. Keurig capsule machines produce good quality coffee that is generally not considered espresso.

Once you have considered other influencing factors such as price, the choice between two types of capsule coffee will come down to personal preference in terms of taste and type of brew. Other influencing factors such as ease of use and access to coffee pods will also play a major role.

Keurig Vs Lavazza Capsule Coffee

The biggest difference between Keurig and Lavazza in their capsule coffee is the resultant brew. As one of the oldest coffee brands and one of the original producers of pod coffee, Lavazza prides itself on the unrivaled supreme quality of its coffee.

Lavazza capsule machines produce espresso, while Keurig machines do not.

Originating in Italy, the home of espresso, Lavazza produces espresso of unparalleled quality with its pods. How the machines work allows for high-pressure brewing that results in a smooth, velvety espresso akin to that made with a traditional espresso maker.

Keurig capsule machines, however, do not produce espresso. The coffee made with a Keurig remains good quality. Still, espresso fans will be sorely disappointed if they hope for a double espresso shot from their Keurig machine.

There was a Keurig machine called the Rico that could produce espresso. However, this machine and its K-cups have since been discontinued.

When it comes to the pods and the available flavors, Keurig has a vast assortment of pods available from many different manufacturers. Because you are not restricted to one pod manufacturer, there are countless options available to you in terms of pods.

Through many manufacturers, Keurig pods come in an enormous variety of flavors, not limited to coffee but include a vast array of warm beverages. This makes the Keurig capsule coffee machines extremely versatile in their ability to provide a substantial collection of coffees and a wide range of other warm beverages.

Lavazza, by comparison, has a relatively small range of capsules with a boutique selection of flavor profiles. Each type of capsule is carefully created to bring out the best in each type of coffee. Lavazza has carefully selected coffees from around the world and includes a selection of arabica and robusta coffees in its range. This allows you to choose the espresso pod that suits you best.

When looking at price, Lavazza capsules are significantly more expensive than Keurig’s offerings. While the price will be completely worth it to many coffee enthusiasts looking for a high-quality espresso in a convenient capsule form, the price point may be prohibitive to others.

Keurig capsules are significantly cheaper than the Lavazza offerings. This is especially true if you opt for the off-brand coffee pods that Keurig creates in collaboration with many other manufacturers. Irrespective of your tastes, there will be a Keurig-compatible coffee pod to suit your budget.

Keurig Capsule Coffee

Keurig capsule coffee has been around for a good amount of time. It has created a vast range of products to bring coffee capsule convenience to people worldwide. If you enjoy good coffee available in a vast range of flavors, Keurig K-cups might be the solution for you.

Keurig boasts over sixty brands that produce K-Cups for their machines. This means that you will literally have hundreds of options for choosing coffee pods. The flavor options are limitless, and you have the option of producing capsules to make a range of hot beverages such as tea and hot chocolate.

With over fifty models of machines on the market, Keurig has produced a wide range of machines. No matter your budget and your coffee requirements, you should be able to find a Keurig machine to best suit your needs.

The most important consideration when it comes to Keurig capsule coffee is the fact that it is not espresso. If you are purchasing a Keurig machine and its associated K-cups with the hopes of enjoying an espresso-based beverage, you will be sorely disappointed.

Keurig capsule coffee machines produce coffee that is closer to classic filter coffee than it is to espresso. If this is the kind of coffee you enjoy, you will not be disappointed by Keurig’s offerings. However, if espresso is what you are expecting, you will be better off choosing one of the Lavazza machines.

Some reports say that the overall brew quality from a Keurig machine is significantly lower than that of other espresso-type machines. However, this can be a highly subjective matter and should not be taken as definitive.

Lavazza Capsule Coffee

Lavazza prides itself on producing capsule coffee that is a cut above the rest in quality and flavor. There are three coffee capsule machines produced by the brand, each with its own pod type. None of the pods are cross-compatible from one machine type to another.

Lavazza’s capsule machines are the Lavazza Blue, Modo Mio, and Espresso Point, respectively.

Lavazza BLUE stands for “Best Lavazza Ultimate Espresso,” and the BLUE system is synonymous with quality and consistency when it comes to their espresso.

Lavazza ensures rich coffee with a consistent aroma. Its capsules are sealed to ensure the flavors are properly preserved until released during extraction. Lavazza BLUE capsules are available in a selection of Robusta and Arabica blends to suit every taste bud.


Both Keurig and Lavazza are extremely popular brands in the capsule coffee market. Each has its advantages and disadvantages and will generally appeal to a different consumer. If you prefer a higher quality espresso, Lavazza is the better option. Suppose you enjoy simple coffee at an affordable price with a wide range of flavors. In that case, you will most likely prefer Keurig capsule coffee.