How To Make Keurig Coffee Stronger (The 7 Ways)

Last Updated on May 21, 2022 by John Moretti

Coffee machines can really make your days more convenient, especially those early mornings. Keurig machines are a good fit, but they don’t always make the best coffee. If you like stronger cups of coffee, you might want to think of ways to make your Keurig machine produce stronger and more flavourful coffee.

You can make your Keurig coffee stronger by using extra bold K-cups, finding the ideal coffee ratio, brewing two K-cups, turning the heat up, and preheating your Keurig before usage. You can also pull your cup out before the last drops and always keep your Keurig clean after each cup of coffee.

Do you find yourself being disappointed by the strongness of your cup of coffee that comes out of your Keurig machine? Continue reading with us as we discuss the seven ways to make your Keurig coffee as strong as you prefer!

keurig coffee stronger

Let’s take a look at some of the best ways you can maximize the flavor of your beloved Keurig coffee machine:

1. Go For Extra Strong Coffee 

brewing strong coffee with a coffee maker

The first and certainly one of the easiest ways to make your Keurig coffee machine brew stronger and more flavourful coffee would be by using extra-strong or bold Keurig K-cups. 

K-cups are specially designed to bring higher levels of caffeine to their consumers, and it is created especially for the brewing process of a Keurig machine. 

This might be the most straightforward solution, and it doesn’t require as much effort as the rest of the solutions.

2. Find Your Ideal Coffee Ratio

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Most coffee experts tend to agree that the best ratio between your coffee and water is about 1:16. This might sound complicated, and if you’re a normal coffee drinker, you might have no clue what this ratio means. 

Well, with each K-cup using between five and seven ounces of water, which is less than one full cup of water, you can make the water even less. 

This means you will ultimately get a stronger cup of coffee!

3. Brew Two K-Cups At Once


If you prefer to stick to pre-packaged coffee K-cups, you can rest assured that you won’t be drinking weak coffee for the rest of your days. Luckily, there is a simple hack you can easily make use of! 

You can brew two K-cups and set it at the lowest ounce setting instead of a higher ounce setting. Make sure that you avoid the 8oz or 10oz as much as possible. Only double up n extra 6oz cups. 

This method is not the most environmentally-friendly or cost-effective way to get a stronger cup of coffee because you will be using twice the number of K-cups and twice the number of plastic. However, it is easy, and you won’t have to make use of other accessories.

4. Set Your Keurig’s Brew Temperature Hotter

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Two primary things can cause the reason why Keurig machines usually don’t produce strong enough brews. The first one is because Keurig machines have an exceptionally fast brewing process, which means that the water has much less contact with the coffee grounds. 

This results in a much weaker brew. The second reason is that the water usually does not get too hot enough temperatures to extract most flavors possible from the coffee. 

While it is unable for you to control the duration of the brewing and extraction process, you will be able to control the temperatures of your Keurig coffee machines. 

If you have one of the Keurig 2.0 series of brewers, you will have the option to regulate the temperatures. However, it will not reach the ideal brewing temperature of 205 Fahrenheit, but you will get relatively close. 

5. Preheat Your Keurig Machine 


As we mentioned above, some Keurig coffee machines have a difficult time reaching the ideal brewing temperature of 205 Fahrenheit. If the water in your Keurig is too cold, it will mean less extraction, and your cup of coffee will be weaker and lack the flavor you long for. 

If you start your coffee maker cold, it will have to work much harder to heat the water sufficiently, and the water will cool off as it passes through the cold parts of your coffee machine. 

There is a nifty trick to get the temperature of your water hotter. You can simply run a brew cycle with only water before making your first cup of coffee. 

Running a preheating cycle with water will prime the heating elements in your Keurig machine, it will warm the machine, and it will preheat your mug as well! Preheating your Keurig coffee machine is a well-known trick to increase the strength of your coffee and make seemingly better coffee!

6. Pull Your Mug Out Before The Last Drops Of Coffee

Picture of different mugs

If you know your coffee machine, you will know that the last few seconds of coffee running through yo machine are mostly lighter colored drops that will water down your cup of coffee. 

If you prefer a stronger and more rich-tasting cup of coffee than usual, pull out your mug before the last drops get into your cup and allow your drip tray to catch these diluted drops of coffee. Remember to throw it out and clean it. Otherwise, it can overflow eventually.

7. Always Keep Your Machine Clean

Although keeping your machine clean is the last on this list, we want this one to stay in your mind. It probably isn’t what you want to hear, but it is extremely important to keep your machine clean

Keeping your Keurig machine clean is the best way to keep your coffee’s quality high, and consistent and avoid any potential problems that can develop if you don’t do regular cleaning and maintenance on your machine. 


Now that you know of seven of the most effective ways you can make the coffee that comes out of your Keurig taste stronger, you are sure to enjoy every cup of coffee and make the most of each drop. 

Remember, by simply cleaning your coffee machine regularly, you will already be getting the most quality and taste you can.