Jura Vs. Miele Coffee Machines (The 7 Key Differences)

Last Updated on January 30, 2022 by John Moretti

The world of coffee is growing, and every day, more coffee lovers want to enjoy Barista quality coffee in their own homes and with friends without having to run down the road to the local coffee shop.

Miele and Jura are two major brands in this market that have excelled in delivering superior quality coffee machines that are stylish and packed with technology to give their customers exactly what they want – the perfect coffee every day at their fingertips.

Comparing these two brands side-by-side will show some interesting differences and close similarities as we explore six different areas of comparison between them.

Jura Vs. Miele Coffee Machines

1. Jura and Miele – Who Are The Two Companies?

Miele, like many other companies that produce automatic coffee machines, also produces high-end domestic appliances. They are based in Germany and have been around since 1899! It is a family-owned business and has been since its inception. They produced the first-ever built-in coffee machine in 1998.

Jura is a Swiss-based company and, like Miele, started their business producing high-quality home appliances in 1932. In 1980, Jura decided to focus solely on creating the very finest automatic and super-automatic espresso machines.

Now endorsed by Swiss tennis great Roger Federer, Jura has developed a global reputation for incredible quality and technology that brings coffee’s soul to life in every cup.

2. Jura Vs. Miele Coffee Machines-Technology

Coffee Machine Technology

Miele Coffee Machines

With both companies having a home appliance background, they have utilized convenience and technology in their coffee machines. Miele’s M-Touch system found on their higher-end machines provides elegant one-touch control.

With the ability to control all process elements, from strength to temperature and grind level, as well as pre-brewing time and portion size, Miele coffee machines can produce exceptional tasting coffee time and again.

These machines can also make a wide variety of coffee drinks at the touch of a button using M-Touch, which is almost iPhone-like, and these settings can be saved. 

With Miele, some of their lower-priced machines only have a control panel rather than the M-touch system, and some have found these a little frustrating to use. Miele can also make a pot of coffee, so if you have guests coming over, you can brew a bank using their machines and serve great coffee to all.

In many respects, the technology and convenience found in Miele machines reflect Jura’s functionality and focus on the smaller details that determine good from genuinely great.

Jura Coffee Machines

Jura is wholly and solely focused on creating the world’s finest coffee machines and innovations like their unique Pulse Extraction Process that draws out the maximum depth of flavor in every shot. This is why so many people marvel at the incredible flavor their machines produce.

Jura also provides a superb range of drinks at the touch of a button, and like Miele, some of their machines are wifi enabled to operate them using their app. Not only that, but you can edit and save drinks settings to a profile, so you never have to try and remember how to recreate your favorite drink.

With the ability to control and manage each aspect of the brewing process, from the milk foam texture and the bubble size to brewing temperature, grind, pre-brewing time, and strength, Jura delivers ultimate Barista creativity.

3. Jura Vs. Miele Coffee Machines – Flavor 

Cup Of Coffee

With the pre-brewing process and ability to control the brewing temperatures for different beans in both machines, each will produce great-tasting coffee. Because they have pre-brewing structures in place, this only adds to the quality.

Jura also has an aroma preservation lid on some of their machines. This is another example of the level of detail the Swiss manufacturer will explore to enhance their reputation in the market.

The bottom line here is that both machines will give you an exceptional experience with taste and flavor, and it may well come down to personal preference when looking at which one to buy.

4. Jura Vs. Miele Coffee Machines – Foam And Froth 

Takeaway Cappuccino

The ability of a coffee machine to make barista standard micro-foam and froth at the proper temperature is becoming a deal-maker and deal-breaker when it comes to choosing an automatic or super-automatic coffee machine for your home or office.

The demand for milk drinks like latte’s and cappuccinos is increasing, and many of the best machines like Jura and Miele offer these drinks as preset options on their menus. Jura’s frothing ability on their machines is legendary, and many report that it’s the finest micro-foam they have ever seen outside a coffee shop.

The attention to detail and the time they have taken to understand the frothing process and the best way to achieve that superior foam has distinguished them in this competitive marketplace. 

Because Jura only focuses on coffee machines, they constantly innovate and research the tiniest points of perfection to achieve their goal.

Miele also strives to provide exceptional foam so that their drinks are comparable with Barista standard drinks. They do not offer the same level of adjustment on their milk drinks.

5. Jura Vs. Miele Coffee Machines – Price 

Coffee Beans Price Tag

Both brands offer premium price machines as Miele has always been a company that positioned itself in the higher end of the market, as has Jura, and neither make any excuse for that- and none of them should.

The quality and technology these machines offer should be worth paying for at whatever level you wish to invest in. In comparison, the Jura mid-level machines provide more technology and features than some entry-level Miele machines, even though they are at the same price level.

At the top-end, both brands deliver on all aspects of their products, and again it may come down to personal preference, but either way, you know you are getting the very best money can buy.

6. Jura Vs. Miele Coffee Machines- Quality 

woman drinking coffee

As each brand evolved from the production of appliances and sought to produce a higher quality of product, they resolved to use the best quality materials they could. Jura is renowned for its’ uncompromising stance on using only the finest materials available.

Their design style is unmistakably sophisticated and carries that air of humble superiority that stands out and is instantly recognizable in any kitchen. The piano black finish is elegant, and the blended elegance of stainless steel and clear LED Screens are superbly designed.

Miele, too, uses a blend of materials to create visually impressive machines with contrasting textures of silver or black plastic with the steel finishes stating their quality in no uncertain terms.

Each of these is robust and durable and, with proper care, will give you a great many years of problem-free service.

7. Jura Vs. Miele Coffee Machines – Cleaning & Maintenance 

Portafilter Basket Cleaning

You never have to worry about either of these machines when it comes to cleaning as they both have self rinse cycles and will advise you when descaling is required. Maintaining functionality only requires you to follow the instructions either on screen or from the manual.

Each has a supplied cleaning agent for the milk system, and the descaling chemicals are either provided or readily available. Some would use vinegar to descale a machine, but it’s better to get the right one if you are spending this kind of money.


In the battle for the best coffee machines out there, these two are probably the heavyweights in this division, punching equally hard regarding coffee quality, technology, and durability.

However, it is not always the one that hits the hardest that wins, but the one with the greatest vision and commitment to achieving their goal of true perfection. To do that, you need a singular and uncompromising focus and dedication, and it is here that Jura has the edge.