Jura Vs. De’Longhi Coffee Machines (The 7 Key Differences)

Last Updated on January 30, 2022 by John Moretti

Jura and De’Longhi are two highly recognized, respected, and oldest manufacturers of high-quality espresso machines globally. Both began as companies that made household appliances before their journey into coffee machines – and De’Longhi still does.

Comparing Jura and De’Longhi will cover aspects of technology, flavor, foam, price, machine quality, cleaning, and maintenance to determine which option would be a better one for you and ultimately which is the better of the two.

Both of these businesses have been around for fifty-plus years and continue to develop and bring innovation in their espresso machines to achieve the ultimate goal of providing the finest espresso for their customers. Let’s take a look at the major differences between them.

Jura Vs. De' Longhi Coffee Machines

1. Quick Look At The Two Companies 

Jura is Swiss-based, while De’Longhi is Italian. Jura is focusing exclusively on producing some of the very finest espresso machines in the world. Even Jura started as an appliance producer; they have long since phased out other products.

De’Longhi still focuses on the production and supply of appliances such as heaters and air conditioners.

Jura is single-mindedly focused on their coffee machines and is endorsed by Roger Federer, which speaks volumes about the championship qualities Jura exudes. This is why Jura is often referred to as the ‘Rolex’ of coffee machines due to their precision, durability, and commitment to unparalleled excellence.

This recognition of superior quality has led this brand to be globally recognized as the maker of the world’s best automatic espresso machines.

Jura is solely focused on espresso machines; De’Longhi has other products lines.

Let’s take a look at the 6 key differences between them, starting with basics-technology.

2. Jura Vs. De’Longhi Coffee Machines – Technology 

Coffee Machine

Jura’s machine technology is impressive across their range. One of those is the PEP or Pulse Extraction Process, which superbly enhances the flavor and aroma of the coffee by forcing water through the coffee in short bursts.

Another innovation is the Intelligent Pre-Brew System. This allows the coffee to go through a pre-brewing process and keeps the grounds in contact with water for longer, promoting fuller taste, aroma, and strength. 

Another technological advance with Jura is that they are now smart technology to give you control of your machine through your phone! This is typical of the type of innovative thinking that Jura brings to their machines.

While De’Longhi has made use of technology to enhance their machines, the technology from Jura is superior.

Jura is now using QR Codes and completely integrated payment gateways to offer their commercial clients a far more efficient experience for their customers. Imagine being able to select and pay for your coffee using a QR Code and smartphone, and voila! Just fetch your coffee and enjoy it. Say no more.

3. Jura Vs. De’Longhi Coffee Machines – Flavor 

De’Longhi produces good quality flavor from both their semi-automatic and automatic machines. The consensus of many who have compared the flavor is that coffee from the Jura brewing process is far better.

This has to do with the PEP technology discussed above to produce a rich flavor akin to professional barista level. If the flavor quality of your coffee is non-negotiable, then the choice is the Jura.

4. Jura Vs. De’Longhi Coffee Machines – Foam And Froth 

Steaming Milk

First off, not all Jura or De’Longhi machines come with a frother, and you may need to acquire an individual one if you purchase a lower-end model. However, as you move up the scale, both brands offer either a steam wand or a fully automatic froth system.

Most De’Longhi models have a steam wand or, with the automatic machines, the integrated frother. Jura’s latest models have their Fine-Foam technology, which creates foam allegedly so thick you can balance a spoon on it!

Overall, the froth quality with Jura is better, and some find the De’Longhi froth bubbles are too large and not ideally suited for cappuccinos or similar style drinks.

5. Jura Vs. De’Longhi Coffee Machines – Price 

Woman Drinking Coffee

Jura has proudly and unapologetically positioned itself in the higher end of the market. Yet, some of their espresso machines like the E8 offer far greater quality at similar price levels to De’Longhi’s flagship Primadonna.

Jura machines would start from around $800, while De’Longhi entry-level machines can be as low as $100. As the famous saying goes, you will get what you pay for, and if budget is a consideration, then De’Longhi would be a good option as they provide good value for money. At the same time, you may not get barista-quality coffee, foam, or durability at that price.

6. Jura Vs. DE’Longhi Machine- Quality

Coffee Machine Quality

Jura only uses the best materials to deliver a sleek, durable machine that will make a significant visual impression no matter where it stands in your home. The piano black finish and subtle yet superior design elements are evident in their conical grinder design and integrated technology.

De’Longhi doesn’t use the same quality of materials as they target a more affordable product that will last with care but doesn’t have the longevity of the Jura. Each uses a 15 bar pump pressure, and the interfaces are intuitive for the user.

Jura’s higher-end range offers programmable user-profiles and a wide variety of drinks with each element like temperature, brewing time, and foam quality independently manageable by buttons or the full color LED screen interfaces.

De’Longhi has also made their user interfaces easy to use, and their higher-end models also have the screen interface and range of drinks but would not have the same levels of programming control over drinks as the Jura.

7. Jura Vs. De’Longhi Coffee Machines – Cleaning & Maintenance 

Coffee Machine Maintenance

When it comes to cleaning, Jura wins this round, hands down. The latest machines do not require ANY cleaning from the user at all! If you never had to clean your coffee machine ever, that would be well worth a few extra hundred dollars investments.

The De’Longhi machines are easy to clean as the parts are accessible easy to remove, clean, and replace. On the other hand, Jura has completely integrated self-cleaning systems and descaling processes as well – it even cleans the water reservoir!


There is an evident divide between Jura and De’Longhi, but this is to be expected as the focus of each is different. Jura is proudly and unashamedly a premier brand delivering superior flavor, variety, and technology, while De’Longhi focuses on affordability and good quality coffee.

Suppose your heart and soul are about experiencing the very finest coffee drinks in your own home, exceptional barista-quality flavor and aroma at the touch of a button. In that case, you know that Jura is the only choice here.