Is Siphon Coffee Better? (9 Facts About Siphon Coffee)

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As an experienced coffee drinker and enthusiast, I have not been immune to the recent virality of the Siphon coffee brewing method. Whether you are looking to buy your own or simply want to know if it’s worth trying a cup in-store, here’s what you need to know to determine if Siphon coffee is better.

The Siphon coffee brewing method is credited with being the most visually appealing as well as the purest tasting coffee brewing method. With a beautiful aroma, strong and bright taste, and the fascinating process, it is easy to see why Syphon coffee is considered by many to be the best.

As with every other coffee brewing method, there are always some pros and cons to consider before buying your own or even ranking the coffee experience. Some of the things you’ll need to consider include taste, aroma, grinds left at the bottom of your cup, brewing time, and cleaning effort.

Everything You Need to Know – Is Siphon Coffee Better

facts about siphon coffee

For the last couple of years, the Siphon coffee brewing technique has seen a big rise in popularity. However, that doesn’t mean that it hasn’t been around for some time. Siphon coffee brewing has been around since the 1840s and has been a tried and tested method of making a wonderful cup of coffee.

Through some research, you’ll find that there are many reasons people worldwide regard Siphon coffee to be the best, but there are also reasons why it is considered a waste of time and effort. Depending on what you feel is most important, the following aspects of the brewing method could make or break your choice.

The Taste Of The Coffee

As many coffee enthusiasts know, too much heat can destroy the taste of even your favorite coffee. Keeping your temperature regulated is an incredibly important part of making good-tasting coffee and is one of the reasons for the creation of the Siphon brewing method.

The Siphon brewing technique is said to produce one of, if not the most rich and flavorful coffee tastes. This fact alone makes it stand out as a favorite for many coffee lovers.

The Coffee Aroma

There is nothing quite like walking into the kitchen or a café and being pleasantly greeted with the smell of freshly brewed coffee. The fact that the Siphon technique takes a while to make means that there is more time for the aroma to spread and create a wonderful coffee-scented room for you to walk into.

No More Coffee Grinds At The Bottom Of Your Cup

Few things can ruin a good cup of coffee as much as your last sip being followed by a mouth full of coffee grinds. Luckily that is something that Siphon coffee has all but eliminated.

When brewing Siphon coffee, the coffee grinds and water mixture returns through a cloth filter. Cloth filters, like the ones used in the Siphon brewing method, are known for catching even micro grinds. This ensures that even your last sip will be great and sediment-free.

It’s Fascinating To Look At

There are few things as fascinating as seeing someone make Siphon coffee. In the process of heating the water pot, vapors are created, which push water up through the coffee pot, brewing the coffee while also creating a vacuum in the water pot.

When the heat is turned off, the vacuum of the water pot pulls the brewed coffee and water mixture through a cloth filter, making sure that no grinds come back, creating an incredible experience anyone would love to see.

It Takes Time

As much as we love coffee and a show, there is no denying that making coffee using the Siphon method takes quite some time, with the water taking up to 5 minutes to heat up and start the brewing process. This process is very likely to cause you a coffee-less morning if you are in a hurry.

It Takes Time To Master

Many people claim that using a Siphon coffee maker is an incredibly easy brewing method to get used to. However, there are a lot of experienced brewers and baristas that are claiming the opposite.

As any coffee connoisseur will know, making a good cup of coffee takes practice. Taking the time to master the Siphon technique is no different. Getting used to the water-to-coffee ratio, finding the correct way to heat the water, and experimenting with the perfect grind size can take a bit of practice.

The Clean-up Is A Hassle

As with all other brewing techniques, cleaning your tools and equipment is incredibly important for good coffee and keeping your appliance from breaking.

To clean a Siphon coffee maker can take some time as you first need to let it cool, then get rid of the grinds, dismantle the coffee maker, and rinse out every individual part. It is vital to make sure no grinds remain on the filter and rinse the funnel bottom to top to make sure it’s clean.

What makes Siphon coffee the best?

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There are three things that make Siphon coffee as highly praised as it is.

  1. The brewing of the coffee itself is done in a brilliant way using a full immersion technique.
  2. The fact that the coffee grinds never come in contact with boiling water means that they are less likely to burn.
  3. The cloth filter does an excellent job at keeping unwanted sediment out of your mouth.

If you are willing to put in the time to get used to a new way of brewing coffee, keeping an eye on the temperature, experimenting with grind size, and are willing to do the clean-up, you can create not only a good cup of coffee – but a great experience that guests would be happy to come back for.

Siphon coffee makers produce a cup that is more than just a quick morning coffee. Taking the time to sit and experience the different notes and flavors of your coffee can make it feel like you are at an actual coffee tasting and help you truly experience the best parts of whichever beans you prefer to use.

Does the Coffee Justify the Price?

Looking at the difference in the price of the Hario Syphon compared to the Hario V60 dripper, it is easy to see why most people would rather opt for the less expensive Dripper. However, if you are an absolute connoisseur of coffee, you might like to know how they compare to each other to make the most informed decision you can.

Hario V60Hario Syphon
Brew Time3 – 4 minutes5 – 10 minutes
Hario Glass Technica Syphon Coffee Maker, 5-Cup
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02/17/2024 02:35 pm GMT

Using the above table, without going into too much detail, you should be able to make a more informed decision before deciding what to buy for yourself.


Many coffee drinkers and connoisseurs have the opinion that Siphon Coffee is, in fact, the best. This opinion is because the coffee never comes in contact with boiling water, and the full immersion of the grounds creates a smooth and rich taste with a mouthfeel unlike any other brewing method.

Siphon coffee is an experience to make, watch, and drink. Therefore I do not recommend trying to rush it in the morning before work but rather suggest you enjoy it, in its entirety, when you have some time to relax.