Is It Worth You Buying a Moka Pot? (3-Minute Read)

Last Updated on July 12, 2023 by Barry Gray

I’ve always been fascinated by coffee. Well, by that, I mean the different ways in which you can make coffee.

But is it worth buying a Moka pot?

A Moka pot, or a stovetop espresso maker, produces a balanced coffee that sits between sweetness and sourness. It’s not as strong as an espresso machine, but a Moka pot is significantly less expensive, making it an affordable way to produce decent coffee.

As a kid, I remember visiting a relative with my parents and seeing the relative putting this strange contraption on her gas stove. I knew it wasn’t a kettle, as that was sitting nearby, and I asked her what it was. 

Her reply? A Moka pot.

Well, I was none the wiser, but what I did see was it produced the coffee that my father then had to drink, and he appeared to enjoy it, so that was good.

And then I forgot about this Moka pot thing for a number of years until I started my coffee journey. At that point, I began to diverge into different brewing methods, and it brought that old memory back.

But here is a good point that I wish to make.

I feel that using a Moka pot is now more popular than ever before. I certainly see more Moka pots for sale than I did a couple of decades ago, but then coffee, in general, is more popular as well.

And yet I know a Moka pot is not suitable for everyone, so how do you know if this coffee-making device is ideal for you?

That’s what I plan to explore over the next few minutes.

is it worth buying a moka pot

What is a Moka Pot?

The Moka pot originates in Italy, and it hasn’t been around for quite as long as some people think.

It was launched back in 1933 and was designed by a guy called Luigi di Ponti. It certainly didn’t take long for it to become a staple in most Italian homes, which still applies today.

It seems everyone in Italy owns at least one Moka pot, and many will have several of various sizes.

But what actually is it?

I think the best way to describe a Moka pot is that it’s a percolating device. You add water, it heats it up, and the hot water then percolates through the ground coffee resulting in the coffee drink at the end.

But this ground coffee doesn’t actually go through a filter at any point. It sits below the exit point of the Moka pot, so you get the drink and not the granules. 

Honestly, it’s such a simple device, and yet the quality of the coffee it can produce is outstanding. 

Does a Moka Pot Produce Good Coffee?

americano made from moka pot

I love a Moka pot for several reasons, and one of those reasons is the quality of the coffee it produces.

It’s almost as if a Moka pot is a fail-safe way to produce good coffee. You add water, ground coffee and put it on your stovetop.

Nothing could be easier than this, as you only have a couple of steps to follow, and the end result is pretty much always good.

Actually, the only problem I have with a Moka pot is not even to do with the pot itself. Instead, it’s the coffee that can ruin things.

After all, the Moka pot can only work with the coffee that’s added to the pot. It will go through the same process.

So, if you do go ahead and purchase a Moka pot, make sure you use good coffee. It will make a massive difference to the end result.

Is it Like an Espresso Machine?

pouring from a moka pot

I feel as if this is an area where people slip up when it comes to a Moka pot, and let me tell you why.

People fall into the trap of thinking a Moka pot produces something identical to an Espresso machine. While it is similar, it’s not an exact replica.

Now, both a Moka pot and an Espresso machine use pressure to produce coffee, but in different ways and levels.

An Espresso machine uses higher pressure, and that’s one of the main factors that lead to it being referred to as an Espresso

But that’s not to say a Moka pot is lacking. It does its own thing, but don’t equate it to an Espresso, even if you do use dark roasted beans specifically produced for making an Espresso.

Does a Moka Pot Produce a Strong Coffee?

does a moka pot produce a strong coffee

If you ask almost any individual which brewing method produces the strongest coffee, they would say an Espresso. But do you know where a Moka pot comes in on the coffee-strength league table?

It’s pretty high up there when it comes to the strength. It’s roughly three times stronger than drip coffee, which uses gravity to extract the coffee. At the same time, Espresso is estimated to be about 1.5 times stronger than coffee from a Moka pot.

That means a Moka pot produces coffee with a bit of a kick to it, but not enough to blow your head off with a hard caffeine hit.

Is a Moka Pot Value For Money?

I think this must be a rhetorical question. You do not have to spend a fortune to purchase a decent Moka pot and do so in various sizes, and it costs significantly less than an Espresso machine and even capsule or pod machines.

I admit you do get some expensive Moka pots, but if you are unsure if you will enjoy this type of coffee, then you can opt for a less expensive one at first and see how you like it.

But this is an important point for me.

A Moka pot is like the workhorse of the coffee brewing world. It can last for years and churn out good coffee repeatedly. 

It has almost no working parts in it, so which means there’s less chance of something breaking or going wrong, so it keeps working as it should.

That means your small investment to purchase a Moka pot at the outset will reap dividends for years to come. 

I know if you only used it once per week, it would still represent value for money. Of course, the coffee beans, or ground coffee, you use will cost a lot more over time, but the Moka pot itself is fantastic value.

How Do You Use a Moka Pot?

I’ve previously stated a Moka pot is easy to use, but exactly how easy?

Well, you only have a few simple steps to follow, ultimately leading to some fantastic coffee at the end.

So, here are my simple steps that will allow you to fire up your Moka pot.

  • Take apart the Moka pot to gain access to the bottom chamber.
  • Fill the bottom chamber with water, and stop at the marked line, immediately below the pressure valve.
  • Get the filter funnel for the Moka pot, and insert it into the pot.
  • Add your favorite coffee to the filter funnel. I will discuss the best coffee shortly.
  • Level the coffee grounds, but please do not tamp them.
  • Screw the top back on the Moka pot
  • Place it on your stovetop and set it to a medium heat.
  • Listen for a gurgling sound to know when your coffee is ready.
  • Take the Moka pot off the heat, and listen for the bubbles ending.
  • Pour and enjoy.

It really is that simple, but I have a few tips that will hopefully increase your chances of enjoying your coffee.

Tips For Using a Moka Pot

Even though a Moka pot is easy to use, it is still possible to make a mistake and ruin your coffee. So, here are a few tips to make the process even easier than before.

  • Don’t miss the gurgling sound; it will mean your coffee becomes over-brewed and bitter.
  • Never tamp down the coffee. You need some space for the water to pass through to get the coffee.
  • Ensure the flame does not come out from below the Moka pot base, as it means it’s too high.
  • Do not expect a crema. It won’t really work with a Moka pot.

But as I’ve said, a Moka pot is a simple device, and I feel confident you won’t run into any problems.

What’s the Best Coffee to Use with a Moka Pot?

I have some advice on the best coffee to use with a Moka pot, and it’s for you to understand the type of coffee you like.

From a grind size, it should be quite small, but it doesn’t have to be quite as refined as an Espresso. However, it will be in that sort of size range.

You can use any coffee with a Moka pot. I do prefer a darker roast with a slightly more bitter taste.

For that reason, I tend to focus on coffee from South America. But it’s entirely up to you, or have some fun and play around with coffee from India, Ethiopia, Guatemala, and other countries and see which ones stand out.

A Moka pot has the ability to really allow the aroma and flavors to emerge from the coffee. But avoid over-brewing, or you will ruin your entire experience. 

Is it Worth Buying a Moka Pot?

I have a few reasons why I believe buying a Moka pot is worth doing and why it actually makes so much sense. I’m sure after reading these points that you will feel the same.

  • A Moka pot is an inexpensive device that lasts for years.
  • You can brew countless cups of coffee, and the Moka pot will still go strong.
  • It’s very easy to use, so even new coffee lovers can enjoy it.
  • Your only concern is finding coffee you like.
  • The Moka pot will produce a consistent cup of coffee.
  • It takes up little space and costs less to purchase than most coffee-brewing equipment.

Those are only a few of the reasons, but I think they are all valid in the argument for purchasing a Moka pot.

My Conclusion

A Moka pot is undoubtedly worth buying if you love coffee. It’s not expensive, lasts for years, and will produce a pretty consistent cup of coffee over and over again.

I would always recommend that any individual who loves coffee should have a Moka pot in their arsenal. If you don’t have one, you are missing out in ways you could never imagine, and I don’t want that to happen to you.