Is a Moka Pot Worth It? (3-Minute Read)

Last Updated on December 30, 2021 by John Moretti

Everyone loves good espresso, but not everyone can afford an espresso machine. This is where the Moka pot comes in. But is a Moka pot worth it? Should you get one? Let’s find out.

A Moka pot or stovetop espresso maker brews a delightful coffee or espresso with the perfect balance between sweet and sourness; however, it’s affordable and easy to use compared to expensive espresso machines and other coffee makers that make buying a Moka Pot totally worth it.

A staple in many households for decades due to its ease of use and ability to produce the perfect coffee or espresso, that’s why a Moka pot is essential in any coffee lover’s kitchen. This article tells you why it is totally worth it to invest in a good Moka pot. 

is a moka pot worth it

A Great Invention

A Moka pot brews a full-bodied, robust espresso or cup of coffee. Moka pots are found in every kitchen in Italy. The Moka pot is a classic coffee maker first designed and manufactured in Italy in 1933 by Luigi di Ponti. 

Whereafter it was put into production by Alfonso Bialetti, who transformed di Ponti’s “Moka Express” into the world-famous espresso maker. 

The Moka pot is a percolating device inspired by early clothes washing machines that used a heat source to boil a pot of soapy water. The steam and pressure of the hot water cause the water to rise out of a tube and could then be run over dirty laundry.

The Moka pot causes hot water to percolate upwards through the finely ground coffee and spew up out of a tube into the collection chamber; the brewed coffee doesn’t pass through any coffee filters; instead, the coffee grounds stay below the final extraction. It is sometimes also called a macchinetta , caffettiera, or stovetop espresso maker.  

No further introduction is needed for the original aluminum Bialetti Moka Pot they are now available in many sizes and brands in every country.

Why a Moka Pot is Worth It

hot coffee moka pot

Moka pots are worth it because they brew delicious coffee like espresso makers do without hassle and with less pressure.  Even though a Moka pot and espresso maker both use pressure to brew coffee, you should note that even if you use dark espresso beans to brew your coffee, it is not technically an authentic espresso.  Still, it gives a rich flavorful cup of coffee.

Moka pot coffee is 2-3 times stronger than drip coffee and one and a half times less concentrated as an espresso, so if espresso is too strong for you, a Moka pot is worth it.  

A Moka pot is more cost-effective, easier to use, and easier to maintain than an espresso maker.

The Moka pot produces rich, flavorful coffee in a few minutes. People who love the outdoors and camping find the Moka pot or Percolator perfect to make their coffee without having an espresso machine on site.

moka pot camping

Coffee lovers have been using Moka pots for over 80 years, and there’s a good reason for them being so popular. They are easy to operate, clean, and make great coffee, providing a very satisfying hands-on experience. 

Moka pots are light and can fit in most backpacks and suitcases, making it possible always to have your coffee at hand, making a Moka pot worth it if you like your coffee on the go.

Using a Moka pot to brew your coffee is a way to brew barista-style coffee for relatively cheap, providing you with a delicious alternative to espresso in your home. With only a few easy steps, you have a rich, full-bodied coffee in hand in no time. 

When a Moka pot is used correctly, no coffee grains are left in your cup and no overpowering bitter aftertaste, which in my opinion, makes it totally worth it.

moka pot sea view

Many brands produce Moka pots, some high quality, and some lower quality; while the Bialetti Moka pots are the original, there are other options available on the market to choose from.

Many different brands produce great Moka pots, but make sure you invest a little more to buy a good quality Moka pot as the cheaper options tend to rust and often have issues with their valves. 

Using a Moka pot is fun; the process of brewing the coffee is just as enjoyable as the coffee itself. Screwing every part together and watching patiently as the coffee bubbles away on the stove is a pleasure in itself. If you like to experiment with different specialty coffees, a Moka pot offers you a fun way to get to know a coffee from a different perspective

How to Use a Moka Pot?  

how to use a moka pot

A Moka pot consists of three chambers and brews espresso and coffee with the basic principles of physics.

The bottom part of the Moka pot is reserved for the water, the filter basket in the middle is where the coffee grounds go, and the top serving chamber is where the brewed coffee is collected.

To make an espresso with a Moka pot;

  1. Fill the bottom chamber with water to just below the pressure valve.
  2. Place the filter funnel that holds the coffee grounds into the pot. 
  3. Add your favorite ground coffee to the filter funnel. The kind of coffee you use depends on your taste. Darker roasted coffees with nutty and sweet chocolate notes from South America are perfect for brewing in a Moka pot. To make the best Moka pot coffee, you need fine ground that almost resembles fine table salt. 
  4. Level the coffee grounds but do not tamp the coffee grounds down. The grounds need to stay loose so water can pass through them to the top chamber. When you make espresso in an espresso coffee maker, the grounds should be tamped down, but they should not be tamped when using a Moka pot.
  5. Wipe excess coffee grounds away from the brim. 
  6. Gently screw the Moka pot’s top chamber on tightly.
  7. Put the Moka pot on a stove on medium heat. If you have a gas stove, make sure the flame doesn’t burn bigger than the base of the Moka pot, so the handle doesn’t get exposed to heat.
  8. When the water in the bottom chamber starts to boil, the steam pressure pushes the water up and through the filter basket resulting in a stream of coffee percolating into the top collection chamber or serving vessel, leaving the coffee grounds in the funnel.
  9. Your coffee is made when you hear a gurgling sound. Directly remove your Moka pot from the heat. The gurgling sound indicates the top chamber is filled with concentrated coffee. Keep an ear out for the gurgling sound because if you miss it by a couple of seconds, it can either make or break your coffee by brewing it into a bitter cup.
  10. Wait for the coffee to finish bubbling into the top chamber, and then pour your coffee into a cup.
  11. Because of the Moka pot’s lower pressure to brew, the coffee is not as strong as espresso and doesn’t provide the crema most espresso drinkers require. Some coffee experts say that the crema makes espresso taste more bitter, so a Moka pot is for you if you are not an espresso fan.

What Can Happen if You Tamp Down the Coffee Grounds in a Moka pot?

putting coffee into moka pot

Some things can happen when you compact the coffee grounds in a Moka pot filter. 

  1. Your Moka pot will start leaking at the coupling of the boiler and collection chamber, where both parts are screwed together.
  2. The water forms channels through the coffee grounds instead of filtering evenly. 
  3. The pressure could shoot steam and water out from the pressure safety valve. 
  4. There is a possibility your Moka pot could explode. The Moka pot has a safety valve to prevent an explosion, but sometimes it can malfunction or get stuck and even be too small to relieve the pressure fast. Causing high pressure and Moka pots aren’t built for high pressures, so the upper part of the Moka pot can blow off the bottom part of the pot.  


The compact Italian-made Moka pot makes delicious espresso-style coffee without the need for an expensive, high-maintenance large coffee machine that takes up a lot of space in your kitchen. 

If you love coffee and enjoy the great things in life, you know very well how fresh coffee in the morning smells and tastes like heaven. With a Moka pot, you can have that bliss every day with fresh coffee brewed the old Italian way.

A Moka pot is an excellent alternative to an expensive, complicated espresso machine and worth a try if you are keen to experience an age-old coffee-making method. Moka pot coffees are full-bodied with intense aromas. Invest in a good quality Moka pot to make your coffee drinking a taste sensation that is worth every delicious drop. I hope I convinced you to get a Moka pot to try this age-old coffee-making method loved by many.