Inverted Vs. Regular AeroPress Method (Guide With Pictures)

Last Updated on May 8, 2022 by John Moretti

The AeroPress is an iconic modern brewer that has brought along an entirely new genre of coffee brewing. The unique design of this brewer provides several brewing options, and it is so versatile that there are AeroPress brewing competitions held every year to determine the best methods. Two highly regarded methods are the original method and the inverted method, but which brew tastes better? 

The regular AeroPress method is placing ground coffee and water into the brew chamber and pressing the coffee into a mug after only about two minutes of brewing. The inverted method involves allowing the coffee to brew for longer periods of time, and customizing the brew to exact coffee preferences. 

Every AeroPress owner is constantly searching for ways to improve their brewing technique to get the most from their AeroPress. This little brewer is very impressive, but it requires some good coffee brewing understanding to produce the best possible cup from it. Let’s compare the regular AeroPress brewing method to the inverted method to help you determine which is better for you. 

The Regular AeroPress Method

The AeroPress is a coffee press brewer that is designed to create a small, strong coffee that is somewhat similar to espresso, or it can be used for brewing larger amounts of the beverage, similar to a pour-over brew or an americano. 

The strength of the beverage is directly related to the brew ratio that you use, so be sure to experiment with any method that you choose to find the right strength for you. 

The regular AeroPress brew method is very simple. All that the method entails is placing an AeroPress filter into the bottom of the brewer, screwing on the cap, placing freshly ground coffee into the brew chamber, adding hot water, placing the plunger into the brewer, waiting for two minutes, and then plunging. 

The AeroPress plunger forces the water through the coffee and out the bottom of the brewer, and IF you use the right brew ratio, the resultant beverage is a well-extracted, delicious cup of coffee. 

If you use less brewing water, you can brew an espresso-type beverage that can be used as an effective base for other drinks such as cappuccinos or lattes. If you choose to use more water, you can brew a ready-to-drink black coffee directly into your mug. 

The regular method of brewing with the AeroPress really is that simple. All it takes is two or three short minutes to brew an excellent cup of coffee, and the process requires very little effort overall. 

The Inverted AeroPress Method

The regular AeroPress method is very effective, and it has been proven to work well, but if you are the type of coffee person that likes to experiment with different types of coffee beans, different roast levels, different grind sizes, and coffee beans from different origins, you may be the type of person who will enjoy using the inverted AeroPress brew method

The inverted method allows for a much longer brew time, which in turn can increase the extraction of the brew or change the way the coffee is extracted depending on the roast level and grind size. The inverted method allows you to customize your brew method based on the type of coffee that you are brewing. 

  • The inverted method begins by placing the AeroPress plunger into the brew chamber and pressing it in a little way.
  • The next step is to place your desired amount of freshly ground coffee into the brew chamber and begin the brew. This method allows for a bloom, which is a good way to begin the brew. 
  • Bloom the brew by adding a small amount of water into the brew chamber and waiting for a short time before adding the rest of the water. Once the bloom is over, add the rest of the brewing water and stir the brew gently. 
  • The next step in the inverted brew process is to simply wait for your brew to steep for as long as you would like it to. The brew time should differ according to the type of coffee and the grind size that you are using. 
  • Once your brew has completed, place a filter into the AeroPress cap, screw the cap onto the base of the brew chamber, turn the AeroPress right-side-up, and plunge. Press the coffee into a mug or carafe as usual, and your customized brew is ready to enjoy!

The inverted AeroPress method is a way to get the most from the brewer and the coffee that you use. If you take the time to learn how to use the inverted method well, it will yield excellent results and produce fantastic cups of coffee!

Which Brew Method Should You Use?

The only question that remains here is which brewing method you should use with your AeroPress? Well, the answer is that the brew method that you use is relative to your own coffee preferences.

If you prefer coffee brewing to be simple, quick, and easy to do while still producing a good-tasting cup of coffee, then the regular AeroPress brewing method is likely the ideal method for you. 

The regular method is very simple and easy to master. It is a reliable method that requires no additional equipment, it is easy to remember, and executing this method requires very little effort overall. 

If you want your coffee to be easy to make but very tasty and brewed in as little time possible with as little effort possible, then try the regular AeroPress method for your brew. 

However, if you prefer to be more involved in the brewing process of your coffee, or if you enjoy customizing your brew to exactly what you want to be, then the inverted AeroPress method is likely to get you closer to what you want your coffee to be. 

The trouble with the inverted method is that it requires more time, effort, and skill to execute well, and it can be very easy to ruin if you are not careful, but if you take the time to learn how to use the inverted method well, it may produce the best cup of coffee that you have ever made! It just takes some practice. 


The regular AeroPress brewing method is ideal for the person who just wants a quick cup of coffee, and the inverted method is perfect for the coffee enthusiast who cherishes every aspect of the coffee brewing process. 

Whichever brew method you prefer to use, there is no doubt that the AeroPress is a capable brewer for every type of coffee lover. Be sure to take the time to master your preferred method and ensure that you use a consistent brew method, and you will never be disappointed with your AeroPress coffee!