Can You Use Instant Coffee In A Coffee Maker? (A Complete Guide)

Last Updated on May 17, 2022 by John Moretti

Coffee makers are versatile machines. The modern versions of drip coffee makers are capable of producing a coffee brew with many various characteristics, but what if you only have instant coffee, and the only means of making it is using a coffee maker? Can you use instant coffee in a coffee maker? 

You can use instant coffee in a coffee maker. Using the brew basket for instant coffee does work, but simply placing instant coffee powder into the carafe is a better option. The hot water from the machine will brew the coffee well in the carafe, causing no damage to the machine at all. 

The modern coffee maker machines are capable appliances, but can they be used to brew instant coffee? What will the coffee taste like when it is made in this way, and will this process damage the coffee maker at all? These are important questions to ask before attempting to brew instant coffee in a coffee maker. 

Can You Make Instant Coffee In A Coffee Maker?

Modern instant coffee makers are versatile devices, but they are still relatively simple coffee machines compared to the other types of automatic brewers on the market today. However, these machines are well-known for making good brews. How well would a machine like this work with instant coffee? 

Instant coffee is not complicated. All that is required to brew a cup of instant coffee is hot water, a vessel, and the coffee itself. For this reason, a regular coffee maker can be used to brew instant coffee, but it must be done carefully, and the process may only work well with certain machines. 

Placing instant coffee into a coffee maker will work, like the way a coffee maker functions is that it pours hot water over the coffee grounds in the brew basket. Replacing ground coffee beans with instant coffee in the brew basket will allow the instant coffee to come into contact with the brewing water, which will activate the instant coffee. 

Using Instant Coffee

However, the only machines that will do this well are machines that make coffee with very hot water, rather than machines that brew with medium temperature water and rely on the hot plate to heat the coffee further. 

Instant coffee requires hot water to brew effectively, so only machines that brew with very hot water will work well for this. 

Apart from the hot water requirement, there is a way to brew instant coffee with a coffee maker, as this process is very different from brewing coffee with ground coffee beans. 

The amount of water used for the brew, the time of the brew, and the brew yield will all be very different when making instant coffee with a coffee maker, and all of these brew characteristics must be taken into account. 

Will Instant Coffee Damage A Coffee Maker?

Making Instant Coffee

Brewing instant coffee with a coffee maker is a different process from brewing ground coffee. The good news is that despite the fact that the process is very different, using instant coffee in a coffee maker should not cause any damage to the machine. 

The reason why instant coffee is safe to use in a coffee maker is that all of the instant coffee powder will dissolve into the brewing water. This means that any coffee grounds in the machine will be washed away easily and not have any lasting effect on the machine itself.

However, the instant coffee powder should not be placed into any part of the coffee maker other than the carafe or the brew basket. Never try to dissolve instant coffee into the water chamber of a coffee maker. This is likely to ruin the machine permanently.

What Will The Coffee Taste Like?

photo of black coffee in cup with coffee beans

Instant coffee can be brewed in a coffee maker. All that is required is to follow the correct steps for executing the process well, but what does instant coffee brewed in a coffee maker taste like?

If you brew instant coffee in a coffee maker, the resultant coffee will taste the same as it would if you brew the coffee with regular methods. 

Instant coffee does not change its taste very easily, and brewing this type of coffee in a coffee maker follows the same basic principles as brewing instant coffee with more conventional methods. 

The only flavor difference between using a coffee maker and using regular methods for making instant coffee is that if the brew basket is used, some residual coffee flavor from previous ground coffee brews may find its way into the cup. 

These flavors may be unpleasant, but a thorough cleaning of the machine before brewing should eliminate this issue.

If the coffee machine requires the use of paper filters for brewing, it is best to simply place the instant coffee into the carafe rather than into a paper filter for brewing. Paper filters can negatively affect the flavor of instant coffee, and the taste of the paper itself may end up in the cup. 

The Best Way To Brew Instant Coffee In A Coffee Maker 

Photo of a coffee maker with two cups beside it

Brewing instant coffee in a coffee maker is not a complicated process, but there are two ideal methods that get the job done well and will not cause any damage to the machine. These methods should produce a cup of coffee that is identical to one prepared with conventional instant coffee brewing methods. 

The two best methods for this process are to use the brew basket for making the coffee, or to place the instant coffee powder directly into the collection carafe, and run the machine just for the hot water. 

The first method for brewing instant coffee with this type of machine involves filing the brew basket that would normally be used for ground coffee with instant coffee. This will produce a large volume of coffee, but filling the basket is the best way to do this. 

Filling the basket is necessary because the water will flow through the coffee much more quickly than with ground coffee beans, so more power is required to slow the brew down long enough for all of the instant coffee to dissolve. The coffee will then drip into the carafe and be ready for drinking. 

Placing instant coffee powder into the carafe is the best way to use this machine for making instant coffee. Simply place instant coffee into the carafe or jug under the brewer and run the machine with fresh water as normal. Do not put any powder in the brew basket at all. 

The hot water running into the carafe will brew the instant coffee well. This method is the simplest and causes the least damage to the machine. 


In the end of it, it is possible to use a coffee maker for brewing instant coffee. This process is straightforward, simple, and is unlikely to cause damage to the machine unless the instant coffee is placed into the water chamber. 

The next time you find yourself in need of a cup of coffee but all you have instant coffee powder and a coffee maker, you now know how to use the machine in the best way possible to get your morning fix without having to wait for your coffee at all!