How To Make Cold Brew Espresso (Helpful Tips)

Last Updated on April 28, 2022 by John Moretti

Nothing is more delicious than ice-cold brew espresso on a hot summer day! You don’t need to always purchase expensive coffee at Starbucks. Cold Brew Espresso is easy to make, and by making it yourself you can save a lot of money in the long haul! 

Cold-brew espresso is extremely easy to make. All you need is medium ground coffee or roasted espresso beans, water, and milk. That’s it! To make great cold brew espresso, submerge the roasted espresso beans in room temperate or cold water for around 12 to 18 hours.

As you will see below, you don’t need a lot of ingredients or fancy equipment to make a tasty cold brew espresso. Let us look at a flop-proof method to make cold brew espresso concentrate, some tips, and the factors that influence the taste.

Equipment Needed For Cold Brew Espresso

Image showing  a mason jar, a strainer and some coffee filters

You only need the following to make a tasty cold brew espresso:

  • A large mug or mason jar
  • A coffee filter to filter out the beans
  • A mesh strainer for extra filtration

If you have a French press, then great! You will only need the French press if you have one. If you can, try and invest in one. It is easy to use and much more convenient. 

Ingredients For Cold Brew Espresso

An image showing a bottle of water, a bottle of milk, a small container of coffee beans, a jar of honey and french press

You only need the following ingredients to make cold brew espresso:

  • Water (room temperature or refrigerated)
  • Medium or dark roasted coffee beans
  • Milk, cream, or water (optional)
  • A sweetener like syrup or honey (optional)

A Flop Proof Cold Brew Espresso Recipe

These recipes have been tried and tested! Use them as a guide to making your own cold brew espresso instead of purchasing it from expensive places! Follow this recipe step by step for a cold brew espresso concentrate.

1. Grind Your Coffee Beans

Photo showing coffee beans and coffee grinder filled with coffee beans

Firstly you will need to grind your coffee beans to medium grind size. It is best to purchase coffee beans since they never lose their flavor or aroma. Medium grind size will help achieve a clear liquid and will not be difficult to strain. Use one cup of coarse espresso beans for two and a half servings.

2. Add Your Coffee Beans To A Large Mug Or French Press

After grinding your coffee beans, add them to a large mug, mason jar, or French press. French presses are not expensive and very convenient. Try to invest in one! 

3. Add Water To The Coffee Beans

photo showing water being poured in  a fFench press with coffe

Add around three cups of cold or room temperature water to one cup of espresso beans. You can either use filtered or tap water. 

If you are using refrigerated water instead of room temperature, your cold brew will need to steep for an additional few hours. Refrigerated water will extract the grounds slower than room temperature water would. 

4. Stir Your Coffee

Stir the water and coffee. Make sure all the beans are wet and submerged. Then, cover your mixture. 

5. Refrigerate Your Coffee Mixture For 12 Hours

After stirring your coffee and covering it with a lid, place your coffee mixture in the refrigerator. A general rule is to place it in the refrigerator for a good 12 to 18 hours. The length of steeping is very important. If you let it steep too long, your cold brew espresso will be bitter. 

To ensure you like the taste, periodically taste a bit of your coffee mixture now and then after the 12-hour mark. Alternatively, you can also let it steep on the counter for a bit longer than you would refrigerate it. However, refrigerating it is the better choice. 

6. Filter Your Cold Brew

Image showing coffee being filtered using French press and a regular drip

Next up, filter your coffee. If you have a French press, this will be easy. Just Press down on the French press’s plunger. You can also use a normal coffee filter. Pour the cold brew into the coffee filter and strain it. 

Do this slowly to filter out all the coffee beans. You can also make use of a cheesecloth or a clean paper towel to strain your mixture.

7. Adjust Your Cold Brew Espresso

Adjust your coffee concentrate with ice, water, milk, or cream, depending on the taste you want. You can use simple syrup, hazelnut syrup, or honey as a sweetener. Pour the syrup or honey over the ice!

8. Serve Your Cold Brew Espresso

Photo of two iced cold brewed coffee in mason jars with straw

And that is it! Your cold brew espresso is now ready to drink. Stir and enjoy.

More Tips For Your Cold Brew Espresso

After adjusting your cold brew espresso, refrigerate it again for a few hours to ensure super cold coffee. If you are making the cold brew in bulk, you can store it in the refrigerator for up to 10 days. 

Factors That Influence The Taste Of Cold Brew Espresso

Several factors can influence the taste of your cold brew espresso, like:

  • The type of roast you use. How your coffee beans are roasted has a huge impact on the taste of your brew. There are light, medium, and dark roasted coffee beans to choose from. Lightly roasted coffee will be too flat for cold brew espresso. Many people prefer dark roasted coffee beans for this brew.
  • The length of the brew. If you refrigerate your brew for too long, it will definitely taste too strong or bitter. If you don’t refrigerate it enough, it will be too flat. Refrigerate your coffee mixture for no less than 12 hours.
  • The temperature of the water. If you use refrigerated water, the mixture will need an additional few hours in the refrigerator. 


As seen above, you don’t need to go to Starbucks to buy an ice-cold brew espresso. Use this guide to make plenty of servings at home and store your brew in the refrigerator for 10 days.

You can adjust the taste of the cold brew to your liking by diluting it, adding ice, and adding a sweetener like honey or syrup. If you crave a bitter coffee taste, simply refrigerate it longer, or if not, only refrigerate for around 12 hours. Enjoy!