How To Drink Espresso The Right Way (10 Tips)

Last Updated on December 28, 2021 by John Moretti

We have all been there; it’s so tempting when your espresso arrives to drink it as fast as possible because the smell captivates our senses. However, don’t do this because this is not the way you can fully appreciate your espresso! Here is how to drink espresso the right way:

The sophisticated nature of espresso means that it is more than just a drink you should consume all at once. When your desired espresso arrives at your table, add any additional sweetener of your choice, stir it, allow your senses to captivate the fragrant aroma, cleanse the palette and enjoy. 

With personal experience of drinking thousands of espressos, I’ve tasted the very best and the absolute worst too. When your espresso arrives at your table, and you can see the crema (the bitter cream floating at the top), you know that you’ve just received a perfect espresso. That smell of the espresso tempts you to shoot it down straight away; you know that’s not the way to drink an espresso!

how to drink espresso the right way

How To Drink Espresso The Right Way 

Finally, what you have been waiting for, you have made it to the tips on how you should be drinking espresso properly. After eating a delicious dinner or getting ready for a busy day at work, your only desire is probably a decadent cup of espresso!

How to drink espresso the right way, you may ask? Although they all look much the same, it’s how you drink it that will make all the difference! HOW TO DRINK ESPRESSO THE RIGHT WAY should never be tricky, so keep reading on because you are not going to want to miss this vital piece of information that includes tips too!

  1. Place an order for your desired espresso, single(solo), double(doppio) or triple(triplo)? The choice is yours! 
  2. If you feel for an alcoholic beverage, order a Grappa or brandy because they will pair lovely with it too.
  3. Your ESPRESSO should arrive with the crema on top(TIP-if you see the crema on it, you know that it’s the perfect cup!). Some will take it out; others will stir it in.
  4.  Add your favorite sweetener.
  5. Stir your espresso to blend it all.
  6. Cleanse your palette. Different coffee bars and restaurants will serve your espresso with a glass of still or sparkling water, which is a MUST.
  7. DO NOT ADD MILK; espresso is served black for a reason! By doing this will make your espresso another type of coffee drink.
  8. Lift your demitasse and open your senses to the delightful aromatic fragrance of your espresso.
  9. Now slowly sip and enjoy the taste of that desired espresso because it will be a taste you will never forget! 
  10. Continue to sip through to the end of your espresso gradually.

What Is An Espresso? 

Before getting into everything, you need to know about making the classic espresso; first, you need to know what it is and how it became an icon in the coffee world. Espresso (pronounced ‘eˈspresˌō.’) is a robust black coffee brewed by forcing steam through ground coffee beans.

 Did you know that the cup your espresso comes in is a French word that means ‘half cup’ called a demitasse? You can drink espressos alone or be used within other types of coffee drinks- oh, how wonderful is this versatile, delicious cup of liquid gold!

History Behind The Espresso

A businessman named Luigi Bezzera saw a gap in the coffee market when his manufacturing company felt frustrated that a cup of coffee would take so long to make. That was it; the espresso machine got invented! The invention all took place in 1903 century Venice. Luigi saw that this marvelous machine made faster and stronger better-tasting coffee. 

Fun fact: did you know that espresso got its name because ‘espresso’ means ‘fast’ in English?

In 1905, the original inventor Luigi Bezzara sold rights of the machine to Desidero Pavoni, who used his marketing skills to change forever the way we drink it. Then in 1906, together, they created the ‘Ideale’ machine, which got released at the Milan fair with the branded name ‘Espresso.’ This machine was not perfect, which is where competitors grabbed the opportunity and improved it.

In 1938, Achille Gaggia invented the machine that would make espressos steam pressure abilities 8-10 atmospheres. This machine made history because it was swift and didn’t give that terrible burnt taste that other models in the past gave. Gaggia continued making machines throughout WWII and eventually even successfully opened his own company. 

Ladies and gents, this is how we have come today to know and love the espresso and is the reason you are reading this article today!

How To Make The Perfect Espresso

brewing espresso

Want to know how your barista makes the best espressos every time? The answer is the quality of the coffee blend that your barista uses. If it’s an ordinary coffee blend that you are using, expect an AVERAGE TASTE. It is possible for you can make your very own barista-approved espressos at home!

Have your espresso machine ready because here are a few tips needed for a super espresso:

  1. On the espresso machine, make sure the portafilter attachment is inserted properly onto the device (make sure it does not have any cracks). 
  2. Grind the coffee.
  3. Tamp the coffee using a tamper (grounding the coffee into the portafilter).
  4. The correct temperature setting (between 90 and 96 degrees celsius/195 and 205 degrees f).
  5. The perfect espresso is ready to brew out the machine.
  6. Now that you have prepared your espresso, you can begin to follow our ten tips above on drinking espresso the right way!


When making your espresso at home, remember that it’s all about the quality of the coffee.

Your espresso machine’s portafilter mustn’t have any tiny cracks, and the temperature settings must be accurate. As your espresso arrives, stir the crema in or scoop it out, add sweetener of choice, stir well, cleanse the pallet, smell the fragrant aroma of the espresso; now you can drink and enjoy!

Remember to order your espresso the correct way: EHS-PRESS-O and not EX-PRESS-O!