How Long Does a Coffee Grinder Last? (By Type)

Last Updated on April 28, 2022 by John Moretti

Coffee grinders are a must-have accessory for any coffee enthusiast, and no coffee station is complete without one. Grinders help us make the best coffee and alter the extraction process to suit our needs. However, coffee grinders can surely not last forever, can they? How long should a coffee grinder last, and how can you extend its lifespan?

Depending on the type of grinder, the quality, the use, availability of replacement parts, and how often you clean it, a grinder could last anywhere between 5 and 30 years. Your burrs or blades might need replacement after grinding 1000 pounds of coffee rather than replacing your entire grinder.

Many factors contribute to how long a coffee grinder will last you. Some of the deciding factors are the grinder’s quality, the type of grinder, and how regularly you use it. Though these factors are sure to impact how long your grinder will last, there are also other contributing factors and ways to help your grinder last for longer.

How Long Does A Burr Grinder Last

Photo of a burr of the coffee grinder

If you follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions and clean your grinder regularly, it can last for up to 30+ years before needing replacement. Burr grinders can last this long because you can buy new burrs rather than a new grinder.

If you keep your burrs sharp and clean your grinder regularly, there should be little reason for your grinder to break. The most likely cause of your burr grinder breaking is motor or wiring failure. Motor failure can happen if you do not keep your burrs sharp and your grinder clean, causing grinds to build up and stop the rotation of your burrs.

Other things can also affect how long your burr grinder will last. If the burrs of your grinder cannot be removed and exchanged, you might have to replace your whole grinder. There is also a chance that a lower-quality grinder might need a replacement if there are no parts available to fix the grinder.

How Long Does A Blade Grinder Last

Photo of a clean electric coffee grinder showing the blade

Since blade grinders are usually less expensive and dull much faster than burrs, you are more likely to replace your blade grinder after around five years. If you can keep your blades sharp enough and clean your grinder regularly, you should be able to use it for at least 5+ years. 

It is common practice for beginners to use blade grinders as they are cheaper than burr grinders. If you only use your grinder a couple of times a day, it could last you very long, but prolonged use or more regular use may prompt you to buy a burr grinder if your blade grinder is starting to cause problems or break.

Aspects That Affect How Long Your Grinder Will Last

Image of different types of coffee grinders

If you are looking to find out how long you will be able to use your grinder, you should probably also know what things affect how long your grinder will last. If you know what affects the life of your grinder, you will be able to make an informed decision and do research before the next time you want to make a purchase.

Quality and Manufacturing Materials

The quality of your grinder and the materials used are essential to consider when determining how long your grinder will last. If your grinder is made mostly of hard plastic, it is more likely to break than a steel grinder.

The material used in the grinder’s mechanics is also essential. For example, there is a higher chance of plastic gears breaking than steel gears.

The Way You Use Your Grinder

The way you use your grinder can also drastically affect how long it lasts. If you use your grinder regularly or grind more considerable amounts of beans, your grinder might break sooner or, at the very least, require you to replace the burrs or blades more often.

For example, using a grinder in a highly trafficked shop may result in more breakage than using it at home with fewer beans.

The Type of Grinder You Use

The type of grinder you use significantly affects how long your grinder will last. This factor substantially affects how long your grinder will last if you try to save money.

Often, replacement parts for a blade grinder can cost nearly as much as a new grinder. On the other hand, burr grinders are more expensive. The price of burr grinders means that users are more likely to replace the burrs instead of buying a new grinder.

Availability of Replacement Parts

If you are using a grinder that has been out of production for a while, you might struggle to find the parts you need to keep using it. If you use a high-quality grinder, you might not need parts other than burrs or blades. However, burrs are more standardized than blades.

Care and Cleaning

This area depends only on the person using the grinder. If the care and cleaning of your grinder is a high priority to you, it is much more likely to last than not cleaning it or taking care of it. If grinds build up in places they should not, your grinder will be more prone to breakages and might need a replacement sooner.

How To Extend Your Grinder’s Life

Photo of the burr part of coffee grinder being cleaned using the brush

Below are tips that can help you extend your grinder’s life and allow you to keep using it for a long time. If you follow these tips and the instructions given by the manufacturer, you can make your grinder last much longer than usual.

  • Clean your grinder regularly: Keeping your grinder clean is essential to ensure long-term use and few breakages. You can clean your grinder by disassembling whichever parts you can and using a brush to remove any leftover grinds. Some manufacturers also recommend using rice or other cleaning “pills” to give your grinder a deeper clean.
  • Keep your grinder sharp: Keeping your grinder sharp is another way to prolong the life of your grinder. If your blades or burrs are sharp, there is a lesser chance of your grinder’s motor overheating or breaking. If your edges are too dull to sharpen, you should replace the needed parts to keep them working correctly.
  • Buy Replacement parts: If you wish to extend the use of your grinder significantly, it might be a good idea to buy replacement parts. If a minor part of your grinder breaks, replacing that one part is much easier than replacing the whole grinder. Using spare parts will also save you money in the long term. 


Photo of four old coffee grinders in a red shelf

Many factors determine how long your grinder will last, but regular cleaning and care can keep both you and your grinder happy for many years. Some aspects like a grinder being out of production are not in your ability to change. This fact makes it even more essential that you take care of your grinder to make it last as long as possible.