How To Grind Tea Leaves (The 6 Methods)

Last Updated on May 9, 2022 by John Moretti

Tea is a beverage that unites many people from all over the world. This drink is found in almost every culture where natural green plants grow, and it is used for relaxation, for its numerous health benefits, and even as medicine. Drinking loose tea leaves provides the maximum benefits from tea, but this requires grinding the tea leaves. How do you grind tea leaves at home?

Grinding tea leaves well is essential for a good brew. Tea leaves can be ground at home using a tea mill, a mortar and pestle, a food processor, a blender, a coffee bean grinder, or by using a grinding stone. Using a tea mill or mortar and pestle provides the best and most consistent results. 

Drinking tea comes along with numerous benefits, but these benefits are best if they are found in tea brewed with loose tea leaves. Drinking tea from a teabag is not always ideal and is not always as beneficial. Let’s explore the best ways to grind tea leaves to reap the maximum benefits from your teas. 

How to Grind Loose Tea Leaves

Every lover of tea will tell you that there is a much wider variety of teas available when buying loose tea leaves, and using loose leaves comes with better health benefits and tastier tea as well. 

Grinding your own tea also allows you to create your own blends and combinations and removes your reliance on tea bags that contain stale old leaves and finely ground tea leaf dust. 

However, understanding how to grind tea leaves well is the key to a good brew and requires a little understanding and know-how to execute well without damaging the leaves or ruining the resultant brew. 

Let’s discuss the best ways to grind your own tea leaves.

Use A Pestle And Mortar

Using a pestle and mortar is a tried-and-true traditional method for grinding tea leaves. These tools are designed for grinding tea leaves, herbs, and spices, which makes them ideal for grinding loose tea leaves for brewing a pot of tea. 

The type of mortar and pestle that you use can be important, as using a grinder like this that has a surface that is very rough may be too damaging for use with tea leaves. 

Find a mortar and pestle that is not too coarse, and grinding your leaves will be simple and easy to execute well. This is among the best ways to grind tea leaves and tea blends at home. 

Use A Tea Mill

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A tea mill is another ideal way to grind tea leaves. These handy little devices are similar to manual coffee bean grinders and function in a very similar way. 

Using a tea mill is the quickest and most efficient way to grind tea leaves without damaging them too much. However, they can be expensive and challeging to find. 

These devices are typically adjustable and are sold with burrs or blades for grinding. The burr grinder varieties are the better option, as they can be adjusted more than blade grinders and grind more efficiently. 

Using a tea mill separates finely ground tea from larger leaf pieces by using a built-in sieve. The very fine tea dust falls into a lower collection compartment, while the larger pieces remain separate, allowing you to brew with evenly ground tea leaves. 

Tea mills are available from multiple manufacturers and sources, but the more you spend, the better the mill will be. Take your time to find the right tea mill for you and your own requirements, and you will never be disappointed with your tea again. 

Use A Food Processor

Food processor with dried and fresh tea leaves

Using a food processor is another easy way to grind tea leaves at home. If you have a food processor in your kitchen, then you will know that these appliances are ideal for making fine work of anything placed within. 

A food processor will easily chop tea leaves into very small pieces, and they will achieve a very small leaf size very quickly. 

However, the only trouble with using a food processor for grinding tea leaves is that these machines are likely to damage the leaves and grind them much too finely for most tea brewing purposes and not fine enough for others. 

Achieving a consistent grind size is almost impossible with a food processor, but if you have no other options, then it will get the job done quickly. 

Use A Blender

A similar approach to using a food processor is to use a food blender. Blenders are less precise and less effective than food processors, but they are less likely to damage the tea leaves in the process of chopping them. 

Using a blender on its slowest setting with the lowest possible blades is the best way to go about using this machine for grinding tea leaves, but the grind will still not be ideal compared to other methods. 

Use A Coffee Grinder

Another good option for grinding tea leaves is to use a coffee bean grinder. Do not use an electric coffee grinder, especially an automatic burr grinder, but rather use a manual burr coffee grinder for grinding tea leaves.

Using an electric coffee grinder with tea leaves is likely to ruin the grinder, as washing all of the ground tea leaves out of the grinder is almost impossible. 

However, using a manual grinder is ideal as it is easy to take apart and clean thoroughly. Using a manual coffee bean burr grinder will achieve a fine and consistent tea leaf grind that is ideal for brewing any type of tea. 

Use A Grinding Stone

Grinding stone

The last option on this list of methods for grinding tea leaves at home is to use a grinding stone. This is the most traditional method for grinding tea leaves, but it is the slowest, least efficient, the most difficult, and the most challenging to execute well. 

If you have the time and the inclination, a very good grind can be achieved on a grinding stone with enough practice and effort. If you want to brew traditional teas with traditional methods, this is the best way to achieve the most accurate results. 


Grinding tea leaves is the best way to get the most extraction from the leaves, which in turn provides the best health benefits and most flavors from the brew. Taking the time to grind fresh tea leaves is the best way to brew tea. 

Explore the various options for grinding tea leaves and find one that works well for you. Take your time to find something that works within your means, and your tea brewing and drinking experience will be significantly improved for it!