French Press Vs. Drip Coffee (Pros & Cons of Both Methods)

Last Updated on January 20, 2022 by John Moretti

Choosing between drip or to press is a war in the coffee world among many coffee nerds. It’s a topic that needs exploration and insight. In this article, I will take you through what you need to know about both a French Press and Drip Coffee.

When I look at both the advantages and disadvantages of both options, I have to say that they are pretty even. Also, the choice is dependent on your situation. So, if you prefer a pure coffee flavor, go for a French press. On the other hand, if you prefer the convenience and readily available hot coffee, go for the Drip coffee maker.

French Press Vs. Drip Coffee (Pros & Cons)

  • You have complete control of how your coffee will turn out with a French press. The result is a perfect cup of joe.
  • The con with a French press is that it won’t keep your coffee hot for long. Still, the preparation and cleaning process does not take a lot of time and effort.
  • If you do not have the time to keep brewing your cup of coffee throughout the day, the drip coffee machine is a perfect choice.
  • You need an uninterrupted power supply with a Drip coffee machine and no heating element issues.

What Is the French Press?

French press vs drip coffee

The French press is an Italian design that was made by Attilio Calimani in 1929. This creation has then been modified and improved to make the current French Press Machine. 

The French press has a simple make. It has a stainless steel or glass container with a handle. Additionally, it has a steel cover with a plunger and a cylindrical stainless-steel piece. If you have never used a French press machine, you might confuse it with creamer or teapot. 

Here’s how you use it

  • Fill up your preferred coffee ground in the cylindrical beaker, then add hot water. Stir the grounds, then place the lid on the beaker and let the grounds steep.
  • Once your coffee reaches the strength you like, place your hand on the plunger filter and push it down slowly. This forces the grounds to the base of the beaker, leaving you with a smooth drink to enjoy. 

I have used a French press many times, and I have to say the process is straightforward. Many coffee lovers swear by the French Press. It is said to make the best cup of coffee.  

What is Drip Coffee?

pouring water

Drip coffee is simply coffee that is made out of the drip coffee machine. You can find drip coffee machines worldwide in restaurants, offices, and homes that do not want to invest in an espresso machine.

If you want a hot cup of coffee instantly without waiting for long, this is the machine for you. They keep the coffee hot and ready. Drip coffee machines are fully automated.

Here’s how to use them;

  • Place the paper filter into the drip coffee machine and add your coffee ground. 
  • Fill water into the reservoir, which will flow into the tube inside the heating element. 
  • Once you switch on the machine, it will bring the water to the boiling point. 
  • Once the water boils, it passes through the coffee grounds to extract the tastiness. 
  • This leaves you with a delicious cup of coffee to drink, which pours into the coffee pot that sits beneath the hotplate.

The 6 Differences Between French Press And Drip Coffee

I will take you through the various differences between the French press and Drip coffee. This will help you decide what you will like most. However, I recommend using both for you to see what you prefer.

1. Ease Of Use

There are things to consider when making coffee before deciding which one is easier and more comfortable for you to use.

  • French Press – factors that are to be regarded are Water temperature, coffee grind, brew time, and plunger filter rate push.

If the brew time is too long or too short with a French press, it will result in an over-brewed or weak cup of coffee. I like letting the coffee steep for four minutes to get the perfect cup of joe. Here, you will have to figure out which time is best for you.

  • Drip coffee machine – is straightforward. All you have to do is measure the right amount of coffee grounds and place it in the machine. You should then check the water levels then come back when it’s ready.

Some drip machine brands allow you to make modifications but not as much as the French Press does. The only place you can make a mistake is on the grind. Another thing to keep in mind is to change the filter after brewing.

In this category, I have to give the drip coffee maker the easiest preparation method. All you have to do is place the coffee grounds and press the button. 

2. The Number Of Brews

  • The number of brews a French press makes is between one and ten. On the other hand, a drip machine can make coffee for up to fourteen cups. Most offices incorporate drip machines because of the number of people that need coffee at a go.
  • For a drip machine, you can plan and go. Set the machine in advance by placing the grounds and the coffee. Once you are ready to start brewing, switch it on. Do not worry about the coffee and water getting contaminated. They only come into contact after you switch the machine on.
  • Capacity is a great factor to consider when looking at the number of people you need to feed. The drip coffee maker keeps the coffee hot and nice, so you enjoy many cups. As for the French press, you can’t enjoy a hot cup twice after a while because it doesn’t have a heat plate. Your coffee will go to waste unless you store it in a thermos.

The winner of this category is the drip machine for me. Of course, the number of brews entirely depends on the number of people you serve. However, the fact it keeps your coffee hot makes it a winner for me.

3. Bean Selection and Grind

Getting quality beans is important. Picking the beans allows me to choose what I like based on body, strength, and flavor.

I also like to grind my beans rather than buy pre-ground coffee. This allows me to choose which texture I want. Sometimes I want a coarse grind that will give me a strong cup of joe.

A drip machine needs medium ground coffee, while the French press requires coarser grinds. If the grounds are very coarse or extremely fine, you will end up with a disappointing cup of coffee. One crucial thing is getting a consistent rind in both the French press and Drip Coffee.


There is no winner here. You choose beans that suit your taste buds and grind to the precise coarse needed for the type of brew.

4. Time Taken From Bean To Brew

The time it takes to brew a cup of coffee for each machine is different.

  • For a French press, you will need to set apart five to eight minutes of your time. On the other hand, the drip coffee maker will take you a long time to brew your cup, which is 5-10 minutes.
  • A French press requires you to boil the water and allow it to steep for three to four minutes. With the drip machine, you have to let it heat up, brew the coffee and let it drip down the pot.
  • When done, you just need to rinse and swish with both coffee makers. Additionally, you should run water through the French press filter and change the filter in the drip-maker for each batch.

The winner here for me is the French press because there’s not a lot to do when brewing your coffee. However, if you need to save time and need coffee ready every minute, drip coffee is for you.

5. Convenience

Both coffee makers have great options to offer you convenience.

  • With the drip coffee maker, the only potential trouble is damaging the heating components or getting interruption from the power supply. 
  • For the French press, the only issue can be dropping the beaker leading to breakage. You can replace it at a low cost if the worst happens.

For durability and long-lasting, I give the point to the French press here. Additionally, you can travel with it anywhere because you just need to have hot water and your preferred coffee grind. It is portable, and you can go camping or anywhere else.

at camp site

6. The Finished Result

The flavor is another crucial factor in deciding what works for you. Your preferred flavor can help you determine which brewing method to use.

A French press helps you have a degree of control over how your coffee will turn out. You are confident over how strong you want your coffee to be.

A drip machine does not retain most of the flavors and oils from your coffee grinds because they are removed by filter paper. Some coffee nerds say that the finished result is light and has lesser flavors.

You also have to remember that drip machines keep the coffee hot by boiling it; hence it becomes bitter. If you want a bold and strong cup of coffee, it is essential to get a French Press.

Why Use A French Press?


Over the years, people have grown fond of the French press. I love it because of its easy preparation methods, transportability, and perfect flavored brews. It allows me to modify and tweak my extraction since I can control the grind size and the time variable. As a coffee nerd, I find this process very fun and exciting.

Some argue that a French press will over-extract the grounds, but there is no doubt that it will give you a strong cup of joe. Taste is everything for most coffee enthusiasts. Anyway, you may check some of the french press alternatives.

The downsides of A French Press

Just like any other, it has its cons, too.

  • First, many say that it over extracts the coffee grounds which removes subtle flavors that roasters work to achieve. Only some French press brands allow you to get the true flavors of coffee beans.
  • Second is the number of brew and brew’s life cycle. A French press can’t keep your coffee hot for a long time. If you keep on reheating it in the microwave, it will lose its flavor. Additionally, if many people need coffee regularly, a drip machine is better.
  • Another issue that a few people complain about is acid reflux. The French press can over-extract the coffee grounds and does not use a filter. This can lead to coffee that causes problems in people with acid reflux.

Why Use A Drip Coffee Maker

French press vs drip coffee

This is a machine found worldwide in many homes and offices. It is best for people who require a lot of coffee regularly. I would highly recommend this machine over a French press if you need a simple and consistent way of making coffee. It does not give you control over variables, but it delivers a great cup.

The Downsides of Using A Drip Coffee Maker

The drip coffee maker has won many categories in the list above. However, if you are someone who loves coffee for the flavors, the drip coffee machine won’t do you any good. It will not give you bold, rich, and strong coffee.

The drip machine does not extract flavors and oils from the grounds perfectly. A French press will always outdo the Drip coffee machine when it comes to flavor.

The Final Word

I hope this comparison has given you everything you needed to know about these two options. As I mentioned earlier, your choice will largely depend on your situation: for pure coffee flavor, a French press will work best. But if you’re looking for convenience, drip coffee can be your go-to option.