Do Coffee Bags Make Good Coffee? (A Short Guide)

Last Updated on October 20, 2021 by John Moretti

Coffee is an essential part of life today, and there are so many different types of coffee and ways to make coffee. It would be fun to try them all, but all of them are not necessarily worth trying. 

Coffee bags make decent coffee. Coffee bags work on the same concept as tea bags, with coffee grounds placed in the bag. It can be used as one bag per cup or several bags to make more cups. The grounds determine the strength of the coffee in the bag and the time bag spends in the cup.

Are you looking for a delicious cup of coffee without the hassle of percolating grounds or grounding beans and without the cost of coffee pods? Coffee bags might be the alternative you are looking for—the convenience of instant coffee with the decadence of coffee machine coffee, the perfect hybrid.

Do Coffee Bags Make Good Coffee?

Coffee lovers and self–proclaimed coffee connoisseurs would agree that instant coffee does not make the cut. There are so many options with a vibrant and flavorful sensation that one wouldn’t want to settle for anything less. Coffee bags, also called coffee pouches, might be a great compromise.

Coffee bags are filled with ground coffee, hence their lovely rich taste. The longer you leave the bag in the coffee cup, the stronger your coffee will be. The recommended time to leave the coffee bag in the cup is about three to five minutes; if you like strong coffee, leave it in for longer.

If you feel that coffee bags don’t make good coffee, there may be varying contributing factors. One possibility is that you are a next-level coffee connoisseur and won’t enjoy anything less than barista standard coffee, making you somewhat biased towards coffee bags. Nevertheless, each to their own! 

Another reason you might find coffee bags aren’t living up to your coffee expectations could be that the brand you purchased doesn’t make good coffee and produces less desirable coffee bags. We all have different brands of coffee that we prefer and enjoy, and they all have their strengths and weaknesses.

Perhaps your favorite coffee brand has unique coffee pods, but their coffee bags aren’t the best. I would give them some time to perfect the art and try their coffee bags again. Although they make decent coffee grounds and blends of coffee grounds, I can confidently say their coffee bags should be great. 

If they make great coffee grounds and you still find that the coffee bags aren’t as flavorful as you had hoped, then consider that your tastebuds may be changing. (Which isn’t a bad thing, mind you).  Furthermore, you might incorrectly prepare the coffee bags, such as taking the bag out too soon or leaving it for too long. 

Where Did Coffee Bags Originate?

Coffee bags have been around longer than you might think. Coffee bags first came about in the 1970s, and the idea was not too popular when it first came out. In recent years coffee bags have become more popular, with more and more companies bringing out their versions of coffee bags.

How Do Coffee Bags Work?

Coffee bags are prepared similarly to teabags. Add a packet of coffee ground contents to a cup and pour boiling water into the cup over the bag, allowing the water to draw out the coffee.

In addition, coffee bags have the added benefit of containing a high amount of caffeine—studies how shown that coffee bags house the same amount of caffeine as machine-made coffee

Do Decaf Coffee Bags Exist?

Decaf coffee bags do exist but are harder to find than caffeinated coffee bags. Since most people prefer caffeinated coffee, local supermarkets hardly go through the trouble of selling decaffeinated coffee bags. Consider purchasing your decaf coffee bags online or talk to your local supermarket about stocking them. 

Can You Make Your Own Coffee Bags?

There are various ways to make your coffee bags, that is as effortless as it is delicious. The easiest way is with items such as a coffee filter and floss. You could do it in a more sophisticated way as well, with a skillfully folded pack. Check out these videos explaining how to do it:

Do Coffee Bags Expire? 

Coffee bags do expire, as does all coffee. When purchasing your coffee bags, check the packaging for the expiration date and make sure to use all the bags before the expiration date. Even after the expiration date, it is possible to use the coffee bags, but it would have lost most of its flavor.  

Can You Freeze Coffee Bags?

Many people have taken to freezing their coffee in an attempt to make it last longer. Freezing coffee grounds and beans is not a great idea as it loses some of the flavors when being thawed, which is the case when happens when coffee expires.

Having said that, it’s an even worse idea to freeze coffee bags. The pouches aren’t airtight and won’t freeze well at all. It is best to store the coffee bags in a cool, dry place and use them before the expiration date.

What Materials Are Used To Make Coffee Bags?

Most coffee bags are made out of gauze bags and cheesecloth, while homemade coffee bags use coffee filters. Some have been created to be environmentally friendly materials, too.

Are Coffee Bags Reusable?

When it comes to reusing coffee, it is not advisable to use coffee grounds more than twice. You might get a second cup out of your coffee bag if you didn’t leave the bag in the cup for too long; however, it definitely won’t be as strong or as tasty. 

Are Coffee Bags Recyclable? 

Coffee bags are generally not recyclable unless specified by the manufacturer. For coffee bags to be recyclable, they need to have been created with that feature. There are ways to reuse some coffee packaging around your home, like making tote bags and using them in your garden.

Suppose you’re not a DIY kind of person, yet you are still concerned about the environment; there are still options. Some companies specialize in taking used coffee materials and turning them into new products. If it piques your interest, it may be worth looking up such a company in your area. 


When you look at all the instant coffee options like coffee pods, coffee granules, or coffee bags, it’s coffee bags that come out as the all-around best option. Coffee bags are the delicious, rich results of the minimal effort that goes into machine coffee with the convenience of granulated instant coffee and at the same price tag!

There’s a coffee bag for everyone; whether you like your coffee strong or decaffeinated or even just a little on the weak side, coffee bags still do the job. If you enjoy a weaker cup of coffee, don’t leave the bag in the cup for too long. If you like your coffee strong, leave the coffee bag in the cup for a little longer.