Are Coffee Grounds Good For Roses? (Quick Guide)

Last Updated on February 15, 2022 by John Moretti

Roses are a symbol of love. They inspire warmth, happiness, and affection. Therefore, if you have these precious flowers growing in your garden, you would look for any means possible to care for them. You feed them with good organic fertilizers to have healthy plants and flowers.

Coffee grounds, an essential product in organic fertilizers, are high in nitrogen. The high nitrogen in coffee grounds is good for roses as they stimulate the growth and development of new leaves, stems, and cane growth. However, an excess of coffee grounds may damage the rose plant.  

If you are unclear whether your favorite flowers will enjoy coffee as much as you do, then read on. Contained within this article is all the information you require on why coffee grounds are good for roses. It will have you come up smelling like roses…or rather coffee!

The Benefits Of Coffee Grounds On Roses

Due to coffee grounds being an essential product in organic fertilizers, coffee houses such as Starbucks have made considerable strides to collect used coffee grounds, which are passed onto producers of organic fertilizers. Organic gardeners are finding tremendous success with coffee grounds.  

Let us look at some reasons why coffee grounds are beneficial for roses.

1. Coffee Grounds Provide Roses With Nitrogen

Coffee grounds are incredibly high in nitrogen, together with phosphate and potash. In order for you to have healthy, beautiful roses over the growing season, roses require nitrogen. This vital nutrient is needed to stimulate the growth of new stems, leaves, and rose cane.

Applying coffee grounds around rose bushes at the start of spring will warrant a more healthy, disease-free rose plant.

2. Coffee Grounds Contain Nutrients Vital For Roses

Nitrogen is not the only essential nutrient that coffee grounds contain. They also contain other nutrients, such as phosphorus, potassium, and copper, critical ingredients in ensuring healthy rose bushes and improving soil quality.  

3. Coffee Grounds Balance The Soil’s PH Level


The pH of the soil specifies how acidic, neutral, or alkaline the soil is. It is essential in determining the plants’ overall health and growth. Typically, roses prefer and thrive at a pH balance between 6 to 6,8 on the ph-balance scale, with a pH of 6,5 being an optimal balance.  

The acidity between different coffee bean types differs, which may affect the pH balance as a whole. However, once decomposed, the grounds are overall neutral to slightly acidic, which is why coffee grounds make great fertilizers for roses.  

It is essential before adding coffee grounds to your roses to first check the pH balance of the coffee grounds. It is best to be safe and protect your roses than sorry later.  

4. Mulching With Coffee Grounds

Your compost heap will thank you for your used coffee grounds. Due to the fact that coffee grounds are organic, they decompose quickly. As they decompose,  crucial organic matter is released, which serves as mulch for your roses.

Mulch is an essential component for your roses as it protects the roots of the rose plant over the cold winter months. Organic mulch, such as coffee grounds, is rich in essential nutrients but also great for absorbing and retaining water.  

This feature of organic mulch is essential as they allow the roots of the rose plant to draw water when needed.

5. Coffee Grounds A Happy Place For Worms


High worm activity in the soil drains ten times faster than soil with little or no worms. As the earthworms and other microorganisms feed on the coffee grounds, they release into the soil castings high in nutrients, an essential need for organic soil. The tunneling of the worms also assists by aerating the soil.  

The worm castings and tunnels allow the roots of the rose plants to grow deep within the ground, thereby creating more stability for the plant and access to moisture. Both factors are essential as they protect the rose plant over the cold winter months.  

6. Coffee Grounds Ward Off Pests And Insects

Not every person enjoys the aroma of a cup of coffee as much as you and I do. Some pests and insects especially dislike coffee grounds due to the fact they are so full of chemicals. Coffee grounds act as natural insecticide and pesticides, keeping away slugs and snails as well.

Cats may become destructive in the garden when foraging for food. The pungent aroma of coffee grounds is an excellent deterrent to keeping cats away from damaging your rose plants.

Are Coffee Grounds Harmful To Roses?

Because coffee grounds are high in nitrogen, an excess of this nutrient can be harmful to roses. Too much nitrogen may burn the roots of your roses, and after ensuring your precious plants are healthy and growing well, that is the last thing you need!

The copious amounts of nitrogen and other nutrients in the soil may cause a build-up of minerals, leading to toxicity. 

Gardening experts suggest you not add coffee grounds directly to the soil. It is best to allow the grounds to mulch in the compost heap before using the neutral compost.  

With the compost, the caffeine in the grounds becomes diluted. The high caffeine content stunts the plant’s growth and increases toxicity levels of the soil.

The compost will have balanced levels of carbon and nitrogen, which are much better for your plants.  

If you decide to use the coffee grounds straight up, then here are two guidelines for you to follow:

Are Coffee Grounds Good For Roses
  • Sprinkle the coffee grounds around the soil of the rose plant. Avoid getting the coffee grounds close to the stem of the plant. Evenly spread out about 2 cups of coffee grounds around the soil then water with 2 gallons of water.  
  • Mix 2 cups of coffee grounds in 2 gallons of water in a watering can, then water around the soil.

Remember to do this only once, at the beginning of the Spring season. In this way, the roses will receive the needed nitrogen to promote the new growth of stems and leaves.   


Coffee grounds, a by-product we often throw away, are precisely what roses need to grow healthy with beautiful blossoms. They contain vital nutrients such as nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus needed to promote re-growth. 

However, dilute the coffee grounds before using them to prevent damage to the plant. So, go on! The worms on your compost heap will thank you for their caffeine boost!