12 Coffee Drinks For People Who Don’t Like Coffee

Last Updated on September 20, 2023 by Barry Gray

So, I admit I’m biased when it comes to coffee, and I feel amazed that there are still one or two people in the world who don’t like it. However, it’s often the case that people have simply experienced coffee that is not suitable for their tastebuds.

I mean, while I am willing to try coffee from around the world and of different roasts, I know there are still times when the coffee doesn’t sit right with what I like. 

And do you know something? That’s absolutely fine.

But I want to help those individuals reading this post who aren’t that keen on coffee but still like the idea of getting that caffeine hit. So, here’s a list of 12 different coffee drinks that even non-coffee lovers can enjoy.

different types of coffee drink for people who dont like coffee


I’m going to start with the mocha, and for a good reason: it’s delicious. 

Also, a key ingredient in a mocha is chocolate, and the use of chocolate does change the taste of the coffee, so it comes across as more balanced and less, well, coffee-like.

A mocha uses a shot of espresso, but don’t worry, it’s not going to blow you off your feet, along with steamed milk and then either chocolate syrup, chocolate powder, or even chocolate shavings.

Most people use dark chocolate with a mocha, but you do get white chocolate versions, while some people combine both white and dark chocolate in something that’s called a zebra coffee.

Iced Coffee

iced coffee

I know people quickly generate their own ideas of what iced coffee must be like simply by hearing the name. Still, while it does contain coffee and ice, there’s more to it than those two ingredients.

You see, an iced coffee also includes milk, which changes so much. Plus, flavored syrups are very popular, so you end up with an iced coffee that may taste of caramel, hazelnut, vanilla, or several other flavors.

In short, the actual coffee taste is minimal as it’s often overpowered by the other flavors brought to the table.

My experience with iced coffee is they have a far milder taste than other coffee drinks. The milk subdues the coffee flavor even more, and it comes across as a surprisingly refreshing drink.


A latte is all about the milk, making up most of the drink. You have one part espresso and two parts milk, with it all topped off with some milky foam. 

Thanks to the sheer amount of milk involved in the making of a latte, the actual taste of coffee is minimal. The steamed milk offers more of a creamy taste, which is excellent at masking the full-bodied espresso part. 

A Flavored Latte

Another coffee drink to think about is taking a latte and adding some flavored syrup to the drink if you don’t want to simply be hit by that creamy taste. A number of coffee syrups exist, and the flavors can range from vanilla to various nuts and even to chocolate.

But that’s not all.

You can even throw in some turmeric or green matcha to create a flavored latte. I do love playing around with different syrups, including a gingerbread version, and the way they change the flavor of the latte is astonishing.


The list of ingredients in a frappe is so long you almost forget there’s coffee in it. A frappe has everything from a shot of chilled brewed coffee to ice cream, cold milk, syrup, chocolate, and finally, some foam.

But that’s good news for people who don’t like coffee. Your tastebuds experience so many other flavors that the coffee part hardly registers. 

Honestly, a frappe comes across more like a pudding rather than a coffee and that’s why it’s one I would recommend you try out.



A good cappuccino is a personal favorite. Made with one part espresso, one part steamed milk, and one part of foam, it still gives you that velvet-like creamy taste similar to a latte, but with the milk part toned down a notch.

As a result, the coffee taste does come through, but it has been dialed back somewhat, thanks to the milk. I see a cappuccino as a perfect introduction to people for coffee as it won’t hit you hard. However, you still get some of the bitterness of the coffee.

Thankfully, the bitterness is offset by the milk, so you don’t have to worry about it overwhelming you. Then, finish it off with some chocolate powder on top, or if you want to do something different, then add nutmeg or cinnamon powder if you would prefer.

Irish Coffee

irish coffee

I know you can literally see the coffee part very clearly with an Irish coffee. Still, thanks to a couple of additional ingredients, the actual taste of the coffee is masked.

Some people will have heard of this type of coffee before, and for a simple reason: whisky.

For this, you need some sweet brewed coffee, a shot of Irish whisky, some sugar, and whipped cream on top. The other flavors blend together well, leading to an amazingly satisfying drink.

I know an authentic Irish coffee should have Irish whisky, but if you want to add whisky from Scotland or even Baileys instead, then go right ahead. Actually, the Baileys will give even more of a creamy taste to the coffee, along with the whipped foam on top.


I may be slightly controversial, in some people’s eyes, for adding an affogato to this list, as some see it more as a dessert than a coffee. However, it does include a shot of espresso, so I feel it’s deserving of its place.

An affogato involves you taking a large scoop of ice cream and then pouring a shot of espresso over it. Most people use vanilla, but you can check out other ice cream flavors if you want.

People argue that coffee is only a small part and that it’s the ice cream that’s the main player. While that’s true, it does need that espresso to finish it off, so you still taste the coffee without it overwhelming you.

Vietnamese Coffee

I love trying coffee from around the world, and Vietnamese coffee is something completely different. Made with condensed milk, it means you can take advantage of that super-sweet taste that counteracts the bitter coffee.

As a result, your coffee is sort of neutralized from a taste perspective, so those bitter notes are gone. Reducing the bitterness is always key to allowing you to enjoy the coffee flavor without being put off.

When I went to try Vietnamese coffee for the first time, I admit I was apprehensive. After all, condensed milk is not the first thing to leap to your mind with coffee. However, it added a whole new layer of texture and taste to the coffee, with it quickly becoming the most robust flavor.


A macchiato is a gorgeous coffee drink, and as it too uses milk, it makes it the perfect solution for people not too keen on the actual taste of coffee. 

But you have a couple of options here.

First, you could opt for a shot of espresso, which is then topped with some cold milk, some hot milk, and then a dollop of foam on top. This is the one I prefer as it reduces the bitterness of the coffee. 

The other option is a smaller coffee, but where the espresso takes more of a central role. Here, the espresso is matched with some foam or steamed milk on top. It does drastically reduce the amount of milk used, so there’s less sweetness to the drink as a result.

Cold Brew Coffee

cold brew coffee

I mentioned iced coffee earlier, but cold brew coffee is another option for people who don’t actually like coffee. I admit that you do need some patience as it involves seeping coffee grounds in cold water for 12 hours to get the drink, so it is best to prepare it in advance.

But here’s the best part about cold brew coffee: it’s bold rather than bitter in its flavor.

This is thanks to the length of time it takes to extract the coffee. It’s a gradual process, and that manages to leave those bitter notes behind. 

I find cold brew coffee to often be pretty smooth to drink. There are no jarring flavors to worry about, and it comes across as way more mellow than you would expect.

That mellowness is what will attract people to drink it even when coffee is not their drink of choice. 

Dalgona Coffee

The last drink I will mention is one most people have not heard about, and it’s Dalgona coffee. Hailing from South Korea, it’s completely different from anything else, and it stopped me in my tracks the first time I gave it a shot.

To make this, you need to follow a couple of steps, and it takes a bit of effort on your part. 

Here, you need some instant coffee, sugar, and hot water, which all have to be in similar quantities. Add them together, and then whisk like crazy. Your aim is to create a brown cloud of foam.

Once you have managed to achieve this foam, which isn’t always easy, you then spoon it on top of either some hot milk or cold milk. You can also use brown sugar to give everything more of a caramel or toffee taste.


If you are not too eager to sample the taste of coffee, you have a multitude of drinks to choose from that allow you to enjoy the drink without being hit with those bitter notes that may come with certain beans.

The key is to have drinks that incorporate a number of other ingredients, with one of the main ones being milk. Also, adding sugar or syrups will change the flavor profile, making it easier to drink and to still get that caffeine hit.