Can You Put Coffee Creamer In Milk? (What You Need To Know)

Last Updated on May 11, 2022 by John Moretti

Coffee creamer is common in many homes and workplaces, and it is an additive frequently used to add flavor, texture, and intensity to a cup of coffee, but what happens if you add coffee creamer to milk? Can coffee creamer be added to milk safely, what does it taste like, and can this mixture be used in coffee?

You can put coffee creamer in milk. Adding creamer to milk will thicken the beverage and make it significantly sweeter. Using a flavored creamer will elevate the beverage. This combination works well in coffee, but it is not very healthy and should be regarded as a treat rather than a staple.

Coffee creamer is designed to add creaminess and texture to coffee, as well as balance the flavor of the beverage. This ingredient is often used in beverages and desserts for the same reason, but it is not commonly used in milk, nor is it often used in conjunction with milk. Let’s find out what happens when coffee creamer is combined with milk. 

Can You Put Coffee Creamer In Milk?

Coffee creamer is typically used as a substitute for milk in hot beverages such as coffee or tea. Creamer does not usually contain any dairy products and is therefore widely treated as a dairy milk substitute, but what happens if you put creamer in milk?

Image showing creamer being added to coffee

Adding some coffee creamer to milk is a great way to add texture, mouth, and even flavor to the milk. Milk is naturally sweet, but adding some flavored coffee creamer is an excellent way to enhance the beverage. 

This is the perfect way to enhance the milk that you already enjoy or an excellent way to elevate the effect of milk in an already delicious beverage. 

Coffee creamer is made from oils, sugars, thickeners, and flavors that are specifically designed to complement coffee and other hot beverages. Common creamer flavors include hazelnut, vanilla, pumpkin spice, chocolate, and caramel. 

Combining creamer will alter the texture of the milk to make it significantly thicker, and regular creamer will make the milk much sweeter as well. This is an excellent way to add somebody to a glass of warm, comforting milk or add some extra flavor to cold, refreshing milk. 

Adding creamer that has a specific flavor is a favorite recipe in many households, as it creates a delicious treat that can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. 

Adding vanilla creamer to milk will impart a delicious vanilla flavor to the milk, which is perfect for enjoying as a cold treat or even for use in frozen desserts. The same is true for all flavors of coffee creamer. 

However, with all of that said, there are some aspects of combining milk and coffee creamer than must be considered carefully. 

Does Coffee Creamer In Milk Taste Good?

Photo of several pods of creamer on a plate

Milk is a very milk-tasting beverage on its own. It is slightly naturally sweet, and it has a smooth, rich texture. Coffee creamer is a liquid that has a similar texture to milk but is somewhat sweeter and is often flavored. What do these liquids taste like together?

If regular, unflavored coffee creamer is added to milk, it will simply add thickness and sweetness to the beverage. The flavor of coffee creamer is meant to mimic dairy products such as half and half and milk. 

Liquid creamer is thicker than milk, which means that it will thicken the milk, but the less viscous milk will thin the creamer, resulting in a liquid that is a combination of texture and thickness of both liquids. 

To directly answer the question, if you enjoy the taste of milk, adding coffee creamer will only add to the experience. Coffee creamer in milk tastes sweet and textured, and drinking it is a delightful experience. 

Taking this beverage to the next level is as simple as using flavored coffee creamer. Vanilla, chocolate, or caramel flavored creamer will impart its flavor to the milk, resulting in a thicker, more textured, and deliciously flavored milk drink that rivals traditionally flavored milk.

This combination of milk and flavored creamer is a favorite treat of many families and is surprisingly common in many areas. Vanilla is the favorite flavored creamer to combine with milk, as the vanilla flavor compliments milk well. 

Can Milk And Coffee Creamer Be Combined In Coffee? 

The main purpose of creamer is for use in coffee. This liquid is an ideal milk substitute in many cases as it typically does not contain dairy, yet it has very similar effects on coffee as milk or half and half. 

Adding creamer to coffee sweetens the drink, softens the harsh flavors, and balances the coffee well. Milk has the same effect on coffee, so what if you put both milk and creamer into coffee?

The effect of adding milk and creamer into coffee is simply a more textured, thicker, far sweeter beverage. Adding flavored creamer will impart a flavor as well, but the drink will become more full-bodied and significantly sweeter overall. 

Adding a combination of milk and creamer is a staple for many coffee lovers. If these ingredients are combined with very strong coffee, the resultant beverage is very well balanced and easy to drink. 

If you prefer your coffee milky and sweet, then this may be the combination for you. Adding flavored creamer is an excellent way to elevate the drink even further by adding your favorite coffee-complimentary flavors. 

Is Coffee Creamer in Milk Safe?

image of milk in a glass

An important thought that many may have when considering combining coffee creamer is whether or not this liquid is safe to drink, healthy enough to enjoy regularly, and if any negative effects may be experienced by the combination?

The truth is that not all creamers will combine well with milk. Creamers are mostly oil-based, and oils can cause milk to separate and even curdle in some cases, as the fat in the milk may not mix well with the oil in the creamer. 

Every variety of creamer is very heavily sweetened unless it is sugar-free. Sweetened creamer is unhealthy to consume regularly, and unsweetened creamer contains sweeteners that are even less healthy than sugar

For this reason, it is not healthy to drink coffee creamer and milk regularly, but drinking this beverage as a treat once in a while will cause no harm, so long as you find a creamer that does not curdle your milk. 


In the end of it, combining coffee creamer and milk is a somewhat common practice in many areas, especially the combination of flavored creamers and milk. This beverage can be delicious and comforting and even goes very well with coffee!

Take your time to find your ideal creamer and milk combination. If you want to give this drink a try, experiment with various brands and flavors, and when you find your ideal mix, nothing else will satisfy you in quite the same way.