Coffee At Home Vs. Coffee Shop (Things to Consider)

Last Updated on February 13, 2022 by John Moretti

Coffee is one of those great uniting aspects of life that brings so many people together regardless of their backgrounds. Drinking a good coffee is one of the best joys in life.

However, enjoying the best coffee often comes with a cost, which leads many people to compare coffee that they can make at home and coffee from a coffee shop.

Coffee at home is brewed according to personal preferences, and the coffee lover is in complete control of their coffee. Coffee shops offer a wide variety and produce coffee that is not always possible at home. Which is best is determined by personal preference.

Brewing and drinking coffee at home does have some advantages, but it does not always offer the variety of a coffee shop. Some coffees are worth brewing at home, while others require a trip to a café to enjoy properly. Let’s compare drinking coffee at home and drinking coffee in a coffee shop.

Coffee At Home Vs. Coffee Shop

Coffee At Home Vs. Coffee From A Coffee Shop; Which One is Better?

Coffee at home and coffee from a coffee shop should are not necessarily better or worse than one another.

There are several aspects to consider, and how the coffee is prepared and the quality of coffee that is produced is entirely dependent on the person who prepares the coffee, their skills, their level of commitment, their taste, and their method preferences.

Coffee from a café is often better than coffee brewed at home, but this also depends on who is brewing the coffee, their brewing ability, and the coffee that is used for brewing.

It is impossible to say which coffee is better. It is best for you to make your own judgments based on your own coffee brewing abilities and your experiences with the coffee from coffee shops in your area.

Ultimately, some coffee will be better brewed at home, such as pour-over coffee, and others that are better from a coffee, such as an espresso. Let’s take a closer look at both.

Coffee At Home 

Drinking Coffee at Home

There is nothing like brewing coffee at home. If you are the sort of person who enjoys a good cup of coffee, there is a certain level of delight that comes from the process of brewing your own coffee and enjoying the work of your own hands.

Brewing coffee at home allows the coffee lover to brew their coffee precisely how they like it. They are in control of every tiny aspect of the brewing process, and even the exact coffee beans that are used are their own decision.

However, this means that it requires considerable practice and knowledge to brew a cup of coffee well, and some brew methods are significantly more challenging than others.

Brewing coffee at home can be exciting and fun, but it can also be a chore and feel like nothing but a lot of work for minor returns.

Brewing  Coffee at Home

How you brew and drink your coffee at home is entirely dependent on how into coffee you are. A coffee person will enjoy deciding on the brew method, buying the best fresh coffee beans, grinding the precise amount of beans required, brewing the coffee, and following a precise method and recipe to produce an excellent cup of coffee.

Others would rather buy a coffee than make one at home but are often left with no choice but to brew coffee themselves. There are pros and cons to coffee at home, and it all depends on your own coffee preferences.

Coffee Shop Brews

Coffee Shop Brews

Buying a coffee from a coffee shop or cafe is the answer to those who do not enjoy brewing coffee at home, and it offers everyone a good cup of coffee for very little money, regardless of your own skills as a barista.

Coffee shops make excellent coffee, and they often provide a variety of drinks that even the most skilled home barista cannot manage in their own brewing setup.

This means that coffee shops are enjoyed by both types of coffee drinkers, and there is something for everyone here.

Coffee shop coffee

However, the downside of drinking coffee from a coffee shop is that the quality of the coffee is highly dependent on who prepares the coffee, the type of beans that are used, and the process and recipe that is followed to make a cup of coffee.

If the barista is unskilled and if the beans are poorly roasted and improperly ground, if the technique and method for preparing the coffee are sloppy, and if the recipe is off, the coffee will not be very good.

For this reason, many people prefer to brew coffee at home, where the entire process is under their own control, and they can brew coffee how they like it.

However, coffee shops have access to machines and equipment that very few home coffee drinkers do, and this allows coffee shops a far greater variety of coffee drink options and generally means that they produce quite good coffee. 

Should You Compare Coffee At Home Vs. Coffee Shop?

Coffee at home vs Coffee shop

The question of comparison between coffee and home and coffee from a coffee shop is a challenging one. 

Coffee shops are home to baristas who are trained to make coffee well and who have access to a host of coffee brewing equipment that is not typically available in the home.

Home coffee setups are usually built and curated by the person who will brew the coffee according to their own preferences. This means that while there is little variety in every home coffee set up, the coffee is always very carefully made to the liking of the person who drinks it, rather than made by following a general recipe.

This all means that brewing coffee at home should be done to the preferences of each coffee drinker. Each coffee lover should have their own coffee brewing set up that suits their own requirements, skill level, taste preferences, and coffee needs.


Simultaneously, every coffee lover should find a coffee shop that they enjoy and trust to prepare good coffee. This coffee shop will offer a meeting place for friends and provide a variety of coffee that is not possible at home.

Coffee shops and home coffee brewing are separate things, and so they should remain.


Brewing coffee at home allows the coffee lover to brew coffee exactly according to their own preferences with the new method that they prefer and the beans that they like the best.

Coffee from a coffee shop provides convenience and a very wide variety that is not possible at home. 

Some coffee from coffee shops is usually better than at homes, such as espresso and espresso-based drinks, while other brew methods are easier to do correctly at home, such as pour-over methods.