How to Clean an AeroPress (Guide And Tips)

Last Updated on April 30, 2022 by John Moretti

I have been a loyal fan of AeroPress since I got my first one around three years ago. This little coffee companion has helped me make a morning brew for any occasion, including hiking and camping trips. However, some have noted that your coffee can have a bit of an off taste if you do not clean it regularly enough. But how do you clean an AeroPress?

Start by disposing of any ground coffee in the chamber by unscrewing the filter cap. After that, remove the plunger from the chamber. Rinse both the chamber and plunger thoroughly, and ensure no ground coffee remains on the filter cap. Dry your AeroPress or let it drip dry before using it again.

Keeping your AeroPress clean is essential if you want to enjoy the coffee you make with it. By not cleaning your equipment regularly and adequately, you might cause the extracted coffee to become less appealing. You might also mix older coffee oils with the new coffee if you’re not careful. That’s why I’ve made an easy-to-follow guide to help you achieve the best results.

Step By Step Guide To Cleaning Your AeroPress

Though I have explained how you can clean your AeroPress above, you might still be uncertain about the precise steps. It is essential to know that there are two ways to wash your AeroPress. The first way is called the after-use rinse. The second way is the AeroPress deep-clean method.

After Use Rinse

Picture of disassembled aeropress on  a table
  1. Discard of ground coffee – The first thing you should do before rinsing your AeroPress is to remove any used coffee grounds in the chamber. You can do this by unscrewing the filter cap off your AeroPress and shaking or cleaning out the filter and used coffee.
  2. Disassemble your AeroPress – After the used coffee is out, disassemble your AeroPress by removing the plunger and keeping the filter cap unscrewed.
  3. Rinse the plunger – Some people unclip the rubber end of the plunger part of their AeroPress before rinsing. Other users say that you do not have to. Either way, rinse your plunger with warm water, and if you want to clean the rubber, you can rinse that as well.
  4. Rinse the chamber – Using warm water, rinse the inside of your AeroPress. You can use a cloth or your fingers to remove any coffee grinds that might not come out without help. You can also rinse the outside of your AeroPress chamber.
  5. Rinse and clean the filter cap – With the filter cap still disconnected from the rest of the chamber, rinse it under warm water. If there are coffee grounds in the filter, you can use a brush or your fingers to remove the left-over ground coffee.
  1. Allow your AeroPress to dry – Once your AeroPress has been rinsed and cleaned, you can either dry it with a cloth or let it drip dry. 

Step By Step AeroPress Deep Clean

  1. Disassemble your AeroPress – Remove the plunger from the AeroPress chamber and unscrew the filter cap. You should also remove the rubber tip of the plunger to clean any coffee oils from the rubber’s inner.
  2. Fill a bowl or sink – You can fill a bowl or sink with hot water and dishwashing liquid. You can also use citric acid or vinegar to make a water mixture instead of dishwashing liquid.
  3. Soak the AeroPress – Once you have prepared the water and disassembled the AeroPress, place all the parts in the water. Allow Your AeroPress and all its pieces to soak in the water mixture for between thirty and sixty minutes.
  4. Clean the parts – After your AeroPress has soaked for a sufficient amount of time, you can use a brush and cloth to wash the parts more intensively. Be sure to clean the inside of the rubber end.
  5. Let it dry – Once you have cleaned your AeroPress correctly, you can allow it to dry. You can dry your AeroPress by using a cloth or allowing it to drip try before reassembling it.

Can You Wash Your AeroPress In A Dishwasher?

Image showing the upper part of dishwasher with a hand arranging the cup

As discussed above, you can simply rinse your AeroPress for the most part. However, you can put your AeroPress on the top shelf of a dishwasher if you wish. 

Putting your AeroPress in the dishwasher should do a job similar to that of a proper deep-clean. It is unnecessary to put your AeroPress in the dishwasher, and I recommend that you simply rinse it when doing an after-use cleaning. If a specific part of your AeroPress is dirtier than the rest, you can put just that part in the dishwasher if you wish.

How Often Should You Wash Your AeroPress?

After researching the matter, I have found that how often you wash your AeroPress depends only on yourself. However, this more commonly refers to how often you should deep clean rather than after-use rinsing.

I would highly recommend cleaning your AeroPress after every use by rinsing it thoroughly. After-use rinsing ensures there is no left-over coffee or grinds in the device when you brew your next cup of coffee. This type of cleaning also helps you keep the taste of your coffee pure and clean as it eliminates any extra coffee oils that could produce a bad taste.

Deep cleaning your AeroPress, however, is a different story. There are accounts of people only washing deep cleaning their AeroPress after months of use, and some only do this when the taste of their newly brewed coffee is becoming “off.” That said, in my opinion, it is best to deep-clean your AeroPress at least once every two weeks or after ten uses.

Deep-cleaning your AeroPress more often will help you keep your coffee tasting fresh, and the plastic of the device will have less chance to absorb any complicated to remove coffee oils.

Other Cleaning Tips For AeroPress

Some other tips might help you preserve and clean your AeroPress. Below is a list of care tips from other users as well as AeroPress and their distributors:

  • Use the plunger – Using the plunger part of your AeroPress to clean the inside of the chamber while rinsing is a great and easy way to keep your AeroPress in excellent and clean condition.
  • Clean the rubber seal – If you’re struggling to press your plunger down, you might have some built-up coffee oils or sediment that could be hindering the process of brewing. The easiest way to get rid of any unwanted build-up is to boil water with soap and let the rubber soak for 5 minutes after removing it from heat. After soaking, wipe it down with a cloth.
  • Clean the filter and cap – Keeping the filter cap clean is essential whether you are using a reusable or paper filter. Simply soak your filter cap in hot water with dishwashing liquid and use a brush if there are any left-over grinds.

    If you are using a reusable AeroPress filter, it is also essential that you follow proper cleaning procedures to ensure the best results. If your reusable filter is clogged, you might struggle to produce pure-tasting coffee. You might also struggle to “plunge” your AeroPress if the filter is clogged.


Keeping your AeroPress clean and in good condition is essential for the long-term use of this wonderful device. If you look after your AeroPress correctly, you should make coffee with it for many years to come. Be sure to rinse your AeroPress after using it, and never forget to do a deep-clean every so often.