7 Helpful Tips For Choosing The Best Coffee Beans For Yourself

Last Updated on January 27, 2022 by John Moretti

There are so many coffee beans available right now that choosing the best beans for yourself can be a challenge. This is especially true if specialty coffee is new to you or if you have just learned that there are many varieties of coffee available everywhere. How do you determine the right coffee beans for you?

Choosing the best coffee beans for you begins with learning to taste the differences between coffee beans, establishing the flavor profiles you enjoy, experimenting with beverages, and learning about different coffee origins. The time and effort are worthwhile when you find your ideal coffee beans.

Choosing which coffee beans to buy is a personal preference, but how do you learn which coffee is your preference? What should you look for when deciding on coffee beans, and how do you distinguish good coffee beans from bad coffee beans? Let’s find out!

Choosing The Best Coffee Beans

On the journey to find the best coffee bean for yourself, there are some ways to make the process easier, helping you come to your preferred conclusion more quickly. The biggest tip is to enjoy the process. Don’t rush and learn to enjoy the coffee that you taste along the way.

With that being said, here are seven vital tips to help you decide on which are the best coffee beans for you.

1. Taste As Many Coffee Varieties As Possible

The best way to begin learning which coffee beans you prefer among the seas of endless options is to try as many coffee bean varieties as possible. The easiest way to do this is to go to a local supermarket and buy a selection of coffee beans that you think seem interesting.

A supermarket is not generally considered to be the best place for buying coffee beans, but they always have a very large range to choose from, and even if the coffee is not very good, it will give you a good idea of what general types of coffee beans you prefer.

Choose a variety of dark, medium, and lightly roasted coffee beans and anything in between. Buy coffee beans from different origin countries as far apart as you can find and look at the flavors listed in the description of the coffee on the back of the bag.

As you taste your way through this selection of coffee, you will quickly learn which type of roast you prefer, which general region you enjoy coffee from, and what flavor notes you like to look for in coffee. This provides a solid foundation to move forward.

2. Begin with Coffees From Different Continents

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The next good idea is to try coffee beans from different continents, if possible. For this, you may need to locate a coffee shop that supplies coffee beans from various origin countries.

Even buying single cups of brewed coffee from specialty coffee shops is a good way to do this, but the reason why trying coffee from different continents is important is because coffees from similar countries tend to taste similar.

For example, Brazilian and Colombian coffee beans have similar flavor profiles because their coffee-growing climates are so similar. The same is true with all coffee-growing regions.

For this reason, try to taste coffee beans from South America, Central Africa, and Southeast Asia. African coffee beans taste very intense and fruity, South American coffee beans taste very sweet and chocolatey, and coffee beans from Southeast Asia tend to taste very intense and strong with nutty and fruity flavors.

Based on the flavors of the beans that you try from these continents, you will be able to build an idea of where you prefer your coffee beans to come from.

3. Learn To Taste The Differences Between Coffee Beans

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Among the biggest hurdles facing anyone trying to determine their favorite coffee beans is learning to taste the difference between coffee beans. 

In the beginning, most coffee beans taste the same to everyone. Time, effort, practice, and good observations are required to learn to taste the subtle differences between various coffee beans.

Take your time when tasting your coffee, and really pay attention to what you taste. Taste with intentionality, and you will soon discover the flavor differences held within various coffee beans.

4. Try Different Coffee Drinks

Best Coffee Beans For Yourself

Another mistake that many coffee drinkers make is assuming that coffee beans taste the same in every coffee drink. The addition of milk, sugars, syrups, and other ingredients drastically change the way coffee tastes.

For this reason, when tasting different coffee beans, it is important to try various beverages along with the beans to find the best way to prepare a drink with those particular beans.

Some beans taste best when softened by some sweet milk, and others shine when they are drunk without any additional ingredients

5. Buy the Best Coffee You Can Get

When finding the best beans for you, after determining the general type of coffee beans that you prefer, it is time to begin buying from local roasters rather than coffee shops and supermarkets.

Buying the best coffee that you can find and coffee that is freshly roasted is an excellent way to taste the differences between coffee beans and really home in on what makes a particular coffee bean delicious. You will very quickly taste the differences between coffee beans, and your favorites will become quickly apparent.

6. Brew The Coffee Well


The final step in determining which coffee beans are best for you is to always brew your coffee well and consistently. It is very easy to write coffee beans off as being bad when they were only brewed poorly, and there is much more to the beans that you were able to draw from them with a bad brewing method or technique.

Always take the time to brew your coffee well, and finding the best coffee beans for you will be far easier, as you will be able to taste all of the subtle flavors and nuances of the coffee beans more easily, and every cup will be more enjoyable.

7. Don’t Give Up!

Tips For Choosing The Best Coffee Beans For Yourself

Finally, the last important tip for this journey is to not give up. Finding the best coffee for you can seem tedious, and there are thousands of coffee varieties to try, but once you find the one that is perfect for you, the time and effort will be well worthwhile!


Finding the perfect coffee beans for you is a challenge, but if you take the time and apply the effort to really find out what you like in coffee, the journey is a joy, and the destination is a pleasure.

There is nothing like the perfect cup of coffee, so do your best to find the perfect beans for you, and you will never be disappointed with your coffee again!