Chemex Vs. AeroPress (Which Is Better For You?)

Last Updated on May 21, 2022 by John Moretti

There is a wide range of coffee brewers on the market today, but there are no two brewers that stand out more than the Chemex and the AeroPress. These two iconic brewers are in a league of their own, but how do they compare with one another? Is one of these brewers better than the other? Which brewer is better for you?

The Chemex is a stylish pour-over brewer that yields good coffee if the right methods are used. The AeroPress is a rugged piston-brewer that produces small strong coffee, similar to espresso. The AeroPress takes practice, and the Chemex is challenging, but both are good brewers. 

The Chemex and the AeroPress are both great brewers, both of which as well known internationally to brew very high standard coffee, but these brewers could not be more different from one another. Let’s compare the Chemex and the AeroPress, answer questions along the way, and help you determine which is a better brewer for you.  

The Chemex

In the world of pour-over brewers, there is nothing more iconic nor recognizable than the Chemex pour-over brewer. This brewer is iconic, it is a symbol of status and style, and it creates some of the very best pour-over style coffee ever brewed. 

Everyone who enjoys coffee has seen and coveted a Chemex at some point, and whether you end up loving or hating this brewer, there is no denying that it is one of the best there is. 

The Chemex itself is a large, glass pour-over coffee brewer and carafe that is designed to work with Chemex brand coffee filters. This brewer is very large and can accommodate very large coffee brews. 

This brewer sets itself apart from other pour-over brewers by the fact that it is a carafe as well as a brewer, and there is no need to brew into a separate receptacle before decanting the brewed coffee into mugs for drinking. 

The Chemex is an excellent brewer, but it is also a statement of style. This brewer is nothing short of beautiful, and it features a well-made wood collar handle for extra pleasing aesthetics. 

Every Chemex is a thing of sculpted beauty, and there is nothing like the brewing experience provided by the Chemex. However, in the end of it, the Chemex is simply a very expensive pour-over brewer, and it does not make coffee that stands out compared to other brewers of this type. 

This brewer is expensive, and other cheaper brewers have the same capabilities, but no other brewer is as special or eye-catching as the Chemex pour-over. 

The AeroPress

In the world of coffee brewers, nothing is more unique and out-of-the-box than AeroPress. This was the very first brewer that made it possible to brew an espresso-like beverage without any form of the espresso machine. This small, manual piston-style brewer changed the game for everyone who enjoys coffee. 

The AeroPress has a unique design that allows it to be used in various ways. This means that this brewer can be used to prepare small, strong drinks that are similar to espresso, which can then be used as a base for other drinks such as the Cappuccino or the Flat white. 

This brewer can also prepare filter coffee-style drinks and even slightly larger brews that are similar to a large Americano. The AeroPress is among the most versatile brewers out there, which makes it perfect for the coffee lover who enjoys variety. 

With that being said, AeroPress is not the easiest brewer to use. There are several different methods and techniques for brewing with an AeroPress, so many in fact that there is an entire World AeroPress Championship competition held every year. 

Brewing with this device takes practice and finding the best brewing method for you is a challenge. However, when you do find the best method for your style, you may well experience the best cups of coffee you have ever brewed. 

The AeroPress is a small piston brewer that uses manual pressure to force water through the ground coffee and a paper filter to produce a small but very strong coffee. Buying an AeroPress provides everything the user needs to brew, including paper filters, a stirrer, a coffee scoop, a funnel, and even a tote bag if you so choose. 

How Do These Brewers Compare?

Comparing the Chemex and the AeroPress is like comparing a French press to an espresso machine. Both of these coffee brewers are effective and produce delicious coffee, but they are vastly different from one another. 

The Chemex brewer is a pour-over brewer. This means that the coffee is made with pour-over methods, and the coffee that is produced is larger in volume, very smooth, light, clear, and has an intensity that is directly proportionate to the way the coffee is brewed. 

The AeroPress is a piston-stye brewer that uses pressure to brew coffee very quickly, somewhat similar to espresso, but it only produces a small amount of coffee at once. This coffee, however, is strong and intense and is excellent for use in other drinks or enjoyed in a way similar to a shot of espresso. 

The coffee from a Chemex is best enjoyed black or with a little milk, but this type of coffee is not particularly intense. Using a Chemex takes some time, and the coffee that is produced is only as good as the technique of the person making the coffee. 

Using the AeroPress takes some practice, but once you get used to it, this brewer is very consistent, and almost anyone can produce delicious coffee with very little effort. These brewers could not be more different from one another. 

Which Brewer Is Better For You?

Ultimately, the better brewer for you is dependent on the type of coffee you like to drink and the brewing processes that you enjoy. If you prefer to drink mugs of black coffee and you enjoy the slow process of using a pour-over brewer, then the Chemex is the better option for you. 

If you prefer espresso-type coffee and espresso-based drinks, or if you would rather have your coffee brewed in a short time, then the AeroPress is ideal for you. This brewer is also better for camping, travel, and other excursions, while the Chemex is likely to be damaged on such adventures. 


The Chemex and the AeroPress are very different. There are almost no two brewers that are more different, but they are both great in their own way. Brewing with a Chemex is an event that takes time and effort to do well, but it yields great results. Brewing with an AeroPress is tricky, but practice will produce excellent brews every time. 

Take the tie to examine your own coffee needs and preferences and decide which is best for you based on what you discover about yourself. Both brewers are excellent, but only one is the better option for you!